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I tried sketching semi-realistic again and decided on Mito Jujo as my next test subject for this little experiment. 

To be honest, I like the way it turned out since her eyes kinda fascinate me in this style, but I most likely won’t stick with it. The original style simply fascinates me more than this one does.

  • What boys say: Sit down you're so tall!
  • Why are you wearing heels you're taller than me!!
  • Why are you so tall?!!!
  • Why are you getting offended? it's not like I'm calling you Sasquatch or anything!!!!
  • What I hear: you're height is threatening my masculinity! Sit down so I can feel like a man again! Oh no I don't fit into society's image of how a man should look like so now my ego is shot!
  • Me before a game: I'm gonna watch the game in a very chill mood. I'm not gonna get mad, just enjoy the game. Just chill, love and peace.

Whenever a guy asks if I’ve ever had a boyfriend I always lie and say no, because I genuinely can’t stand to hear the phrase “babe, not all guys are like him.” As if I’m a lesbian because I’ve been ‘wronged’ some how.

I’m gay because I’m gay.

Take your ego and go stuff it up yer arse.

10 Things I Hate About You (Part Seven) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: hello again, my dearies! :D we meet again! :D I won’t bore you with lame excuses so I’m just going to jump right into it :D so, here it is! :D special thanks to @lilmadhatter213 for your amazing help! and to all of you guys for liking this story so much!! and thanks for the people that sent me suggestions and everything! :D and now, ladies and gents, I give you… chapter 7! :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate it when you lie

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“Do you think I’m crazy for doing this, Lils?”

(Y/N) blurted the question to her friend as she worked on her makeup for her date with Sirius. The redhead witch stopped and smiled politely at her.

“I honestly don’t know, (Y/N). I mean, I told you I saw the changes between you and Sirius but that doesn’t mean that Sirius has changed. He’s been from girl to girl ever since we can remember” she said honestly. (Y/N) sighed sadly. She was nervous enough as it is and she knew that if someone would be completely honest with her, it was Lily. “(Y/N), I just don’t want you to get hurt” she said concerned.

“I know” she replied quietly. “Maybe James is right” she said letting out a nervous laugh. “This is too much.”

“Your brother is rarely right” Lily said giggling. “But (Y/N), if you don’t feel completely sure about this, then maybe you shouldn’t do it.”

“But that’s the thing” (Y/N) said frustrated. “I’m dying to do it. Lily, I have no idea what it is, I honestly don’t even know where this came from but… I just… I felt something when he kissed me and I… ugh I can’t believe I’m just one of Sirius’ Black’s groupies” she sighed throwing herself on her back on her bed.

“(Y/N), stop it” Lily said pulling her back up. “You are not one of Sirius Black’s groupies. Sirius has never done something like this for a girl” she pointed out. “And he even talked to your brother about it, risking their friendship, and probably his life, in the process” she explained. “I don’t know what it is, or how it started but I actually think you mean something to him… something different from all of the girls he dated” she said.

(Y/N) sighed looking at her still unsure. “I guess you’re right” she said trying to smile.

“There, all done” Lily said finishing her makeup. (Y/N) looked at herself in the mirror and smiled again. “You look beautiful.”

“Thanks so much, Lily” she said hugging her friend. “For everything!”

“Anytime, (Y/N)” Lily said as they pulled away. “Now, go. Sirius is probably already waiting for you” she said as (Y/N) grabbed her bag.

“I’m really doing this” (Y/N) said taking a deep breath.

“You’re really doing this” Lily reassured her. “Just let him know that if he does anything to you I will hex him worse than I’ve ever hexed your brother” she said with a completely serious tone.

“Noted” (Y/N) said smiling. “Wish me luck” she said opening the door and leaving the dorm.

(Y/N) walked down the stairs getting more nervous with each step. Once she made it down to the Common Room, she saw Sirius standing there waiting for her looking as handsome as always. When he turned around, he stared stunned at her.

“Um, hi” (Y/N) said nervously.

“Y-you- you l-look…” Beautiful, say beautiful! No, wait, Sirius Black does not say ‘beautiful’! “Um- really good” was everything that came out of his mouth. While he silently cursed himself, (Y/N) let out a small laugh.

“Well, thanks Sirius, you clean up good yourself” she said smiling.

I’m an idiot. “Uh- thanks” he said with a nervous laugh. What the hell was wrong with him? He was Sirius Black. He didn’t get nervous. He put out his hand for her to take. “Shall we?”

(Y/N) nodded happily as she grabbed it and they walked out of the Common Room with more than a few stares (and glares) thrown their way.

“Just ignore them” Sirius said squeezing her hand. “They’re just jealous.”

“Right, cause I’m out with the mighty Sirius Black” she mocked him a little and Sirius let out a small laugh.

“I was actually talking about the guys glaring my way” he pointed out. (Y/N) frowned her eyebrows in confusion before she looked around and noticed that, in fact, some boys were glaring their way as well. “You can’t really blame them” Sirius continued. “I managed to date the prettiest girl in school” he said with a big smile making her cheeks burn just a little.

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