every girl needs to see this

I am filled with your love. 

I am literally drowning in your care and kindness. You are the girl I have been waiting for. Every single day emits positive things. Just being with you is all that matters. With you, my day is made. Your love is full and selfless, showing me that such love exists. You remind me of how lucky I am to have you in my gloom-filled life. You are my sunshine after the rain. You are the rainbow I see after every catastrophe. That reserved smile you got is all I need to see to bring myself up again in trials after trials I face. You are the reassurance that even if I commit a mistake, you would still accept me as imperfect as I am. Your heart beats in a unique rhythm. It is full of happiness and joy. Every time I am with you, I still blush whenever you would hold my hand for I still can’t believe that you are mine. The road has not been easy but I won your heart and love in the end. You are my most special girl, always remember that. You deserve all the affection in the world. I am really thankful that you chose me. Every day I would remind you of that. We have both been in unfortunate relationships in the past but they are in the past. What is important is the present, a new beginning to create wonderful memories. What is important is you. This is premature to say but I want to spend every single day of my life with you. 

I am filled with your love, now and forever.

ok you know that ‘make the princess laugh and you can have her hand in marriage’ thing?

imagine so many come in.

they try, so hard, to make her laugh.

she just sits there, morose, ignoring every man who tries to coax a smile.

one day she’s sitting on the balcony. she just looks so sad.

of course that little thief tries to make her smile.

a girl who goes through the (semi public) royal gardens every day to pick flowers, even though technically only the royal family is allowed to do that. 

she sees the princess while she’s picking them up to sell on the streets, and she’s just… so sad. this princess needs someone to cheer her up.

and she tries. she’ll do silly dances when she comes in, she’ll bring up frogs from ponds and act out comedies, she’ll make flower crowns and exaggerate just how hard it is.

the first few days, the princess doesn’t even look at her.

then she starts noticing. this girl, trying so hard to cheer her up. she probably hasn’t even heard of the hand in marriage thing, she doesn’t know she’s trying so hard for nothing.

but she does it anyway.

one day, the princess starts talking to her as she does these things. “You do know that it’s useless?”

“What?” the thief says. “No way! I’m going to get you to laugh!”

“The best jesters in the kingdom have tried, don’t bother,” the princess declared pessimistically, staring down at the girl.

Then the thief puffs out her chest, “Of course I am! I’ll find the best jokes, even better than the jesters have found! I’ll… fight a fire breathing dog for them!”

There’s no laugh, but the corner of the princess’s mouth twitches. it’s sad how she thinks she can make me laugh…

the girl keeps trying, for years, making more silly stories and trading flowers for jokes rather than food or money. the princess slowly realizes the girl is getting closer and closer, asking her for responses in knock knock jokes and encouraging her to speak when she wouldn’t respond immediately.

the princess eventually had the girl hanging from her balcony, holding on tight to the rail and feet wedged between the columns, grinning and telling yet another iteration of that already old chicken joke.

the princess has been smiling, slightly, but she mostly just looks unresponsive. the girl is happy, it’s better than looking so sad, like she had been years before.

the girl moves on to puns, pointing at the exotic lunch the princess was eating. “Why do the melons have to go to get married? They cantaloupe!”

“You only know that word because of me,” the princess snarks, but there’s a small smile there, a bit of happiness. This little flower girl, this thief has grown into an amazing friend, a wonderful person who genuinely just wants to help. she doesn’t know of the deal, only nobles and jesters could know, not the commonfolk.

“Well, it makes quite the pun,” the girl says, proud of her joke. a smile! what an accomplishment!

“Say…” she continued, “What would you call a princess who got swept up in conversation a thief?” she pulled a flower out of her pocket, waving it in front of the princess’s face. the princess’s eyes crossed to see the flower before they rolled at the obvious setup.

though, it was interesting that it obviously involved them.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, sighing in preparation for another horrible pun. “What?”

the girl grinned. “A pretty theft!” she exclaimed, ticking the flower against the princess’s nose.

the princess froze for a moment, stunned. she had been complimented a million times over, called graceful by etiquette instructors, been called beautiful by many a suitor, been called wonderful by her mother before… she stopped thinking about that. 

she had never been called pretty.

she burst into laughter at the commonplace compliment, as if she was some sort of milkmaid who had somehow grown up to be good looking! it was ridiculous, the notion, yet somehow it had her blushing all the same.

then she suddenly stopped, realizing what she’d done.

the flower thief was staring at her in amazement, a blush of her own speckling her cheeks. her flower tilted out from in front of the princess’s nose, as if it had it’s own amazement.

“Wow…” the girl breathed. she’d never heard something so beautiful in her life.

The princess was silent, knowing what she had just done. She had just laughed for the first time in years.

The girl may not have been aware of the arrangement, but she was quickly swept up in it. A maid had heard the laughter and burst in, to find the thief and the princess, caught up in each other’s eyes, reveling in what had just happened.

The wedding was beautiful, a flower filled affair, a wonderful nod to how it happened. The king was so happy to see his daughter with someone who made her smile for once, tearing up as they were wed.

The princess’s laugh was still incredibly rare. She still had a hard time smiling. But a well timed joke from the girl– no, her wife– and another flower that had a hidden meaning behind it, than maybe, maybe you would hear it.

After all, the princess had finally laughed with the one she loved.

The signs as my students

Aries: The girl who answered the question “what’s something that’s magnetic?” with “Beyonce” 

Taurus: The boy who ran around at recess screaming “I LIVE TO DIE”

Gemini: The kid who thought snapchat face filters were just some cool game and was always asking if he could ‘play snapchat’

Cancer: The student who looked me straight in the eyes and said “I can see things other people can’t” and then went right back to drawing velociraptors.

Leo: The girl who wrote a full-page story about a woman who fell in love with a giant ear of corn. The best line of the story being “The corn was always there for her.”

Virgo: The kid who would call me over to fill me in on the latest third grade gossip every morning

Libra: The student who dramatically sat down across from me after school and said, “Miss we need to talk business” when asked what kind of business replied, “Chip business”

Scorpio: The student who was not actually in my class at all but was somehow always in the classroom anyway

Sagittarius: The boy who during aftercare somehow snuck out of the school, walked to the 7-11, and then came back with a huge bag of chips

Capricorn: The boy who grabbed my hands one day, started humming tango music, and proceeded to pull me away to dance around the room with him

Aquarius: The kid that called me over in the middle of silent reading time to tell me that moth man did nothing wrong and was just a guy trying his best

Pieces: The little girl who every time she saw me would scream “warning you!” before jumping onto me and expecting me to catch her

Queer tv series couple: *are together for more than 5 years*

Heteronormarive fans: “Ugh why they are shoving this  forced gay shit in our faces”

Hetero tv series couple: *girl and boy have just met, have sex, immediately become a couple.

Heteronormative fans: “Ah, what a lovely couple! I ship them so hard, they are so perfect!

Queer tv series couple #2: *boy meets boy, they blush, touch each other’s hands, months later become a couple*

Heteronormative fans: “Why they are forcing this gay shit again? Why everyone needs to be gay nowaydays?

Hetero tv series couple #2: *girl in the bus, guy seats next to her and blushes. One stop after, she is gone, they never see each other again.

Heteronormative fans: "Oh my god, they are so cute!!

Queer character: *I’m a girl who likes girls, and I’m okay with that.

Heteronormative fans: ” Not every character needs to be gay!“

Hetero character: *I’m a girl who loves boys, I’m not like the other girls, because I’m cute, popular and funny*

Heteronormative fans: "Aw, she’s so sweet!!

Queer tv series couple #3: *give a couple of pecks and pull apart.

Heteronormative fans: "Disgusting, I don’t wanna see that pornographic shit in my TV”

Hetero tv series couple #3: *literally have sex in an open field*

Heteronormative fans: “Wow, so much chemistry, they are perfect together!!

Queer character: *dies*

Queer fans: "We are tired of seeing the only representation we have being killed off! Stop killing us in real life and in fiction, please

Heteronormative fans: "Stop playing the victims! In this show, everyone dies! It has nothing to do with the fact that they are queer!!”

Hetero character: *dies*

Heteronormative fans: “I’m not watching this show anymore! If "x” character (white,cis,hetero) dies, we riot!!“

If you like or support Chris brown BLOCK ME NOW...

Cause I will find out & I will block you

I’m seeing women defending this man… and I’m disgusted.. especially black women, this man has said out his mouth he’s the type to not let his exes be happy and will stalk and threaten them, y'all got former neighbors confirming he used to assault this girl, even had to call the cops on him. He has stalked her to her home 3 am in the morning before, takes every chance he has to to verbally assault her on social media, and has a past of abusing women… and it’s so far-fetched for y'all to think he threatened to kill this girl… furthermore think of all the shit he’s done to this girl and she didn’t report him, he must have did some wild shit to make her say enough is enough, & y'all really making it seem like as if this girl shouldn’t have reported him even if she felt like her life was at risk because “he’s already got a bad rep & why we gotta do this to our black men”, the role of a black woman isnt to pacify black men and ignore their damaging behavior, y'all need to go tell Chris to seek the medical attention he clearly needs, and leave this girl alone. If you support Chris you’re trash girl and he’d probably beat your ass too…. but anyways

We may not get to see each other everyday. I am unable to hold you in my arms every night. But my heart knows that you are the one, and I will never let go.

AU where Mandy and Jenny put out any fire in the Haus before it can even be noticed by the Boys. 

Sometimes it’s not an easy job.

 It’s April 26th, why do you need to be setting off fireworks you hot mess of a human being? All the Haus sees is a broken window as a large firework blasts through the door.

And there was that one time where Ransom went a little crazy with the retail therapy and bought, like, 50 yankee candles from the girl going door to door fundraising. You don’t light them all at once boy, ffs. Mandy and Jenny are pleased when Jack pulls out the Sin Bin and makes him put in 20 bucks for the unholy mixing of scents which permeated every inch of the Haus. 

They get why the new kid likes the oven. It was really the first thing that helped him connect with his teammates in a way that didn’t terrify them. They saw the way he entered the house with his shoulders hunched up almost all the way to his ears, afraid that something could go wrong at any moment. Then he saw the kitchen, and decided that he would make it his. So yeah, Mandy and Jenny get it. 
But Good ol Betsy is a becoming something of a hazard. Mandy and Jenny had to snuff out a flame that would have burned the whole house down in no time. Bitty would only see a burned dish waiting for him when he returned. 

After a night of arguing, Mandy and Jenny agreed that it would be best that Betsy be put to rest. The oven doesn’t turn on after then no matter how hard Dex tries. 

Summers were quiet. Everyone was out and Mandy and Jenny could just relax for three whole months without too much responsibility. Really, they’ve done their best to try to give these boys common sense. They’ve added several shows about fires onto Jacks list of “to watch” documentaries, which should be noted is hand written and very meticulous. After he watched them, Jack made the Haus do one fire drill. One. Jack woke them up at 3am and had made them practice evacuating three different times. Because “No Bittle you do not need to your recipe book with you it’s a drill”
“You said that you have to practice like it’s the real deal, Jack. I’m not letting moomaw’s secrets go like that”. 

And the danger of fire has been a lot less since Jack got that fancy new Betsy 2.0. That thing works so nicely. 

So yeah, summer. Not much to worry about that they haven’t seen before. The Haus is quiet, and then it’s a little less quiet as Bittle enters the Haus, changes out of his suit and into his comfy clothes and enters Chowder’s new room to finish up some laundry. He doesn’t make it very far before Mandy and Jenny realize that he is not Ok. 

His face is all blotched and he’s sniffling. Mandy and Jenny don’t really know how to cheer him up. Fixing heartbreak is hard to do non-corporeally. So they look at his phone and queue up the song that he’s always singing in the shower. Maybe that will help him just cry it out. 

The song comes on and he immediately blasts it to where that’s the only thing he can hear around him. There’s nothing that Mandy and Jenny can do to get Bittle to notice when Jack bursts up the stairs and shouts his name into his room. All they want to do is scream “he’s over here!” at Jack, who is looking into Bitty’s room like he’s already making a sad mixtape titled “Love Lost” in his head. 

Then there’s a sniffle from Bitty, and Jack turns around. And he kisses him. And kisses him again. And again. 

For the first time in 22 years, Mandy and Jenny don’t have to worry about the sparks flying in the Haus. 


#SAVEGMW challenge
↳ 10 characters » riley matthews

you don’t need an america booth when you come from here. this country is one big cultural fair. every day i walk through different neighborhoods, different communities, and becoming a part of them is as easy as stopping by to say hello.  i am this girl right here. we all are. a combination of everyone we see every day. once upon a time, riley matthews lived in new york city, and because of that, she lives everywhere. that’s my story.

sports anime: a summary from my experience
  • a small lesser-known team pulls itself together with some promising new athletes and lots of spirit and unexpectedly start rising through the ranks to make a name for itself
  • you barely ever see any of their parents because who needs actual family when you have the team
  • everything is very important, like life or death important. It doesn’t matter if this is a little high school team at a local tournament that literally no-one gives a fuck about, there will undoubtedly be lots of crying and fighting and inspirational speeches like they’re about to go to battle
  • the team is all guys but there is always a cute female manager/coach
  • one game/match/race or whatever takes about 8 episodes, because of all the slow motion shots and the fact that apparently we need to see the exact reactions of literally every person in the room
  • lots of gay
  • no like really, lots of gay
  • every team has a mom
  • every team has a smol baby who needs to be protected
  • there is at least one hotshot athlete on an opposing team who’s cocky and arrogant and all the girls love him but in reality he’s just a dorky little shit
  • two main characters who fight a lot or have lots of tension but we all know they love each other
  • did i mention that it’s gay
To all my followers who voted Trump or 3rd Party

This is for you. I know at least some of you did. This is going on all my blogs meaning that 70 000 people are going to see this.

You made your point. Never Hillary had nothing to do with Hillary. You meant Never A Woman.

Because say what you will about Hillary, never in the history of the United States has one candidate been so heinously under qualified. Hillary Clinton had problems but all it takes to vote for her is an IQ over 40

Maybe I don’t get a say in this. You all know I’m not American. I’m just a little terrified Canadian girl.

But maybe this election goes out to every person who said “we don’t need feminism anymore”.

Yes we do. Now more than ever. A known (child) rapist, tax evader, and hateful bigot is now in charge of one of the Superpowers of the new world. If that doesn’t terrify you, well, my bet is you’re a straight white male.

We are all in danger now.

And here’s the truth. All my Trump supporting or 3rd party voters, I want you to unfollow me right now.

I truly hope bad things happen to you as are going to happen to the women, poc (particularly woc), and lgbt citizens of the world now that Trump is president.

But the difference between you and me?

I would never vote to make bad things happen to you. I would never endanger you like that.

because modern day dregs is my favorite au and i’m not sorry?


  • she works at a clothing boutique. she only applied for the job in order to get the employee’s discount
  • she’s the girl to call if you’re going to be sick and can’t come into work because she’s always looking for more shifts. turns out she needs the extra cash since all of her paychecks go to new shoes
  • she has expensive tastes for someone with a minimum wage job
  • she owns every shade of red lipstick on the planet. if you ask her what the difference is between ablaze and bright red she will proceed to point out colors throughout the day and ask you what color you see because clearly your eyes are impaired and she’s quite worried
  • she signs up for all the improv classes
  • she’s watched every single rom com netflix offers. even foreign ones. sometimes she watches without subtitles and everyone is like when did you learn THIS language, too???
  • she’s an avid user of emojis. sometimes she uses them as responses and you have to spend five minutes trying to decipher what the heck they all mean as a sentence. you might randomly receive a scene created with emojis in the middle of the day because she’s bored
  • she knows every pop song. every single mainstream song on the radio. if you get into her car you’ll be attending a concert. she screams the lyrics, even when she doesn’t know them, she’ll make them up. she’ll also substitute any of her passengers into the song.
  • also that car? it’s a piece of junk. you have to use your elbows to open the doors. literally. there’s a technique, thump with your fist, a swift kick, a wriggle of the handle, a tap with your elbow. tada. yes it’s dramatic, yes it’s mostly for show, but she definitely enjoys doing it. she wouldn’t be nina if she didn’t like a scene?? also it’s fun to watch the other dregs do it
    • though matthias somehow just yanks the door open with no problem and kaz never goes anywhere near her car (he’s a car snob)

no but just imagine an AU where Dean and Sam are able to see the wings of every angel, and both of them have always wondered why Cas spreads them wide whenever he’s near Dean and not with Sam. And Dean keeps asking him why that is but Cas just ignores the question and blushes like a little school girl. But then one day, Sam enters the main area in the bunker where Dean and Cas are sitting and talking, and he goes “so get this; just read a little something about angels. Apparently they have no control over their wings and they spread wide when they are attracted to a human because it’s their way of seducing them…”

dean spits out his coffee and cas is hiding his face in shame.

Alex Morgan.

Seeing everyone disrespect one of my all time favourite footballers just because she’s gone to see what playing overseas might be like is ridiculous. People saying things like they’re happy that she won’t be back for USWNT stuff, you’re absolutely dense. Not only do flights exist, but the USWNT needs Alex. If you don’t agree about her skill, whatever, but her general presence is needed because every little girl wants to grow up and be like Alex Morgan. The USWNT and USSoccer are driven by money. She brings in a hefty amount of money. People saying that they’re angry that Alex is turning her back on the NWSL and trying to grow the sport in Orlando, she’s literally just gone for a visit. She’s going to see how things are there. Nothing is set in stone. And, even if it is, who the fuck are you to dictate what she has to do? Grow up. Not everything can be done the way you want it to be done. It’s a lot of pressure to be the face of women’s football, be the face of the NWSL, and also be one of the lead women in the fight against US Soccer. Maybe, she’s going to see how it could help her improve her game or take on a new challenge? We don’t know. But, we have to respect. My own take on this is that I love Alex so much. She’s impacted my life in such a way. She’s always, along with the USWNT, always encouraged me to be proud of myself as a woman. Their work ethic, their passion, just them, it’s amazing how much they’ve inspired me. And, Alex has always resonated with me because I feel like I can relate to her, in such small, weird ways that I know only matter to me. Back to what matters… Would I be sad if she didn’t return to Orlando Pride for the NWSL? Yes. Would I be sad enough to stop stanning her? No. Would I be an idiot and send her tweets telling her that she’s a snake, that she’s not good enough for the USWNT, or that she should leave her husband? Or whatever else people have been saying? No. Just please respect each and every player, even if they do things you might not like. It’s their life, not yours. And, Alex is an incredible player, to me. You may disagree, and you’re entitled to that opinion. I may think it’s wrong, but I’m not here to battle based off of my beliefs on whether Alex is a good player or not. I’m here to tell everyone to take their head out of their own asses. Stop feeling entitled. You saying that you’re glad that the USWNT might not call her back as often excites you? Guess what, almost certainly untrue and frankly quite rude. Alex has dedicated her life to this sport. She could read you hating on her, and she’s a person, too. This could most definitely hurt her feelings. Have you thought about that? Calling her a snake? Definitely hurts her feelings because she’s done a lot for the NWSL since being handed the pressure of being the face for the league at a young age as a young player. I hate being rude, and I don’t like confrontation, but I love Alex Morgan. And, I can’t handle it when people talk bad about things and people I love. It hurts me. Reading all this hate towards her almost brought tears. I know she’ll never know of this, but God, I love her. And, I just want the best for her. Regardless of what that could entail. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone at all. I’m just heated and I love Alex. I just don’t want people to start attacking her. Please just respect each and every person. Alex Morgan is a person and deserves respect. Stop hating on others. Even, if they are someone who might not read your nasty tweets to them. Good luck, Alex. With each and every endeavour life may take you on. I love you so much. Thank you for being a role model.

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am selek, means beet in hebrew! used to be stray kitty when was smol kitten, then hoomann brought me home. grandma likes me, but my momma loves me the mostest! she kiss me and pet me and hold me and give me treats, calls me good, kind, gentle girl, the most beautiful girl she ever see, the love of her life. i love my mama and i sleep with her every night. if i need anything, i just go to mama and ask, and she gives me. i follow moma everywhere she goes. i am happy kitty! soft and warm like mashed potatoe!!!!

C: Every single time I see a black girl with only white girls as friends, I can’t help but to feel sorry because that used to be me. I know what it feels like firsthand to be in that position. Every black woman needs a squad of black girls. I don’t care who takes offense to this. There are certain things (aka most things) that only a black woman can relate to. I’m striving to find this type of friendship in 2017.

misc headcanons

-jet can pole dance, he used to do it at club starship but will do it now and again

-show pony can lick their elbow and their nose

-kobra secretly takes pictures of everyone to make sure the memories last

-jet can juggle, but no ghoul he will not juggle chainsaws

-tommy has on multiple occasions offered to buy party in exchange for a months worth of whatever the rest of the four want, ghoul almost got a month of smokes before jet intervened

-Dr.D has a notebook that keeps track of every stupid thing he’s seen people do in case he needs to blackmail them

-one of the entries is when kobra licked a cactus to see if he could “be one with nature”

-the girl likes to start rumors about the fab four so she can watch the chaos when they find out about them

-her favorite rumor is that party once made out with the witch and that’s why they can’t die, followed closely by kobra having a live snake in his pants 24/7

-mad gear and the missile kid have songs ranging from screaming for 20 minutes to so soulful you can’t help but cry

that’s all for today folks!

Fate. (Harrison Osterfield.)

Requested – Yes.

Prompt – Tom and you have been longtime Internet friends and Harrison has a crush on you but you and Harrison have never met. Tom starts thinking of ways to hook the two of you up.

Warning – Harrison feels.

Words – 1,305.


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