every girl knows the type

I'm Fire

They ask me why I’m single and I catch the breath I’m about to swallow and I hold back from explaining how my first girlfriend loved to fight and when I say fight, I’m talking knock down drag out, with me. And when I gave her a chance ten years later, she did it again. Or that my last boyfriend refused to talk about marriage 4 years deep into a relationship, how I was simply a placeholder for his depression, and not a lifelong decision. How my best friend of four years fell in love with me, but I looked at her like family. And I creeped myself out replaying all the times I ever undressed in front of her thinking she looked at me like a sister. When every guy I’ve ever kissed tries to go straight to home plate. No time wasted. When every girl reveals her crazy side..you know, the stalker types. When they ask me why I’m single all I can say is “I’m fire”. Because like fire, I will burn your crazy, fighting, no marrying ass on the stake, in my poems. I’ll shame you in letters dripping from pages. I’m single because I deserve better. I deserve the best and I ‘ain’t got’ time for that shit.

NCT 127 Reaction when you are jealous of a girl that appeared in their mv and said they are her ideal type (Quando você está com ciumes da garota que apareceu no mv deles e disse que eles são o tipo ideal dela)


~Adm Rabbit~

Taeil: Don’t get jealous jagi, i know its hard have a man like me as a boyfriend! All the girls want to touch! //Não fique com ciumes jagi, eu sei que é difícil ter um homem como eu de namorado! Todas as garotas querem tocar!

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Taeyong: Why are you mad with me, i did nothing! *Nervous laugh* // Por que você está brava comigo, eu não fiz nada! * Risada nervosa*  

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Yuta: Everybody wants my yakisoba, but my yakisoba just wants you! // Todo mundo quer meu yakisoba, mas meu yakisoba só quer você!

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Jaehyun: Aigoo, my princess is jealous? So cute! // Aigoo, minha princesa está com ciumes? Tão fofa!

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WinWin: I don’t know why she chose me i swear, we barely talked in the back stages! // Eu não sei por que ela me escolheu eu juro, nós mal nos falamos nos bastidores!

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Mark: Its just a show she talked my name by mistake, i have sure she tried to say Mark Tuan! // É só um show ela disse meu nome por engano, eu tenho certeza que ela quis dizer Mark Tuan!

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Haechan: You should know that i’m the ideal type of every girl : gently, smart, funny and beautiful! // Você deveria saber que eu sou o tipo ideal de toda garota: gentil, inteligente, engraçado e lindo!

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Does anyone else get really really annoyed when seeing titles like:

“10 life lessons every girl should learn before 25″

“10 wardrobe staples every girl should own”

“5 make up tricks every girl should know”

“8 types of relationships every girl should have before 30″ ?

My reactions to this type of crap can be summed up in a few gifs

Seriously, what is with the flood of this bullshit? And often in blogs run by women, which is totally baffling to me. These unrealistic goals for what “we all should do”. Yes, because we’re like the fucking Borg, all the same, one collective conscience that needs to learn, experience and own the same crap. And who made you the fucking boss of entire womankind and let you set the bar for basic requirements to be a woman? Oh, and of course, basic requirements before the age of 25-30. Because at 30 a woman’s life stops, everyone knows that, duh!. You learned what you learned, experienced what you experienced, and after that the story is done. You hit your expiration date like a forgotten yoghurt in a fridge, and you’re good for nothing after that.

God it makes me so annoyed.

The thing is, guys don’t know girls. Like they really don’t. They’ll see a girl, any girl and be nice to her/talk to her, but it doesn’t mean they know her. Girls on the other hand, know girls very well. We know every type of girl out there, and if we see one of a certain type that we don’t like, we’ll be sure to let you know. Girls aren’t catty for no reason. They know what they’re dealing with.
Trust a girl’s intuition when it comes to other girls. They’re usually right.