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6 Reasons Louis Tomlinson's "Back to You" Will Be Your Fave Summer Jam
It's finally here, Louis Tomlinson fans! We finally got new Louis music, and it's even better than I could have imagined. Hitting the world promptly at
By Hedy Phillips

It’s finally here, Louis Tomlinson fans! We finally got new Louis music, and it’s even better than I could have imagined. Hitting the world promptly at midnight in every time zone on Friday, “Back to You,” Louis’s collaboration with Bebe Rexha, has burrowed into our earholes and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And to add icing to the Louis-shaped cake, he also dropped the official video today, so it’s a full sensory experience.

This debut single, from Louis’s as-yet-unnamed solo album coming (hopefully) later this year, follows Louis’s last solo effort, “Just Hold On” with Steve Aoki. This new track is bound to be a jam for the Summer, at least on my radio, with its lilting beat and catchy chorus.

Get ready, fam, because our group of Louis fans is about to get bigger as we watch our favorite lad take over the air waves and show the world what a talented musician he is. Not that any of us needs any convincing to look at some beautiful GIFs of Louis’s face, but here are some anyway, as well as the music video.

1. It has a sick beat

Louis promised us a bop, and he delivered. The beat is slower than I expected, but it makes you want to have a sweaty Summer dance party. 

2. It’s going to make you excited for Louis’s debut album

Unfortunately, we have to wait MONTHS for Louis’s solo album, but between “Just Hold On” with Steve Aoki and this track, we’re getting a taste of what solo Louis might sound like. I don’t know about y'all, but I am pumped. 

3. Louis and Bebe both shine vocally

One of my favorite things about Louis is that he’s brilliant at writing music that’s great for his voice. He also managed to write something that suits Bebe perfectly and really lets her vibrato shine.  

4. You’ll connect with the lyrics

The song is all about having that relationship that’s maybe not the best one for you, and you know what? We’ve all been there. It might not be a good time in your life, but you’ll listen to this song and think, “Holy sh*t, that’s me.”

5. The production is fire

Digital Farm Animals and The Dream Life produced the track and gave it the insane sound that’s going to be stuck in your head all Summer. 

6. The video is damn adorable

Louis took Bebe back to his home of Doncaster, England, to film the video, and he even included cameos from his friends and one of his sisters. The two go around town — mostly the Doncaster Rovers soccer pitch — and play off each other, which is maybe the cutest thing I’ve seen all day.

Perfect Gentleman (Joshua scenario)

Joshua pretending to be innocent but being the devil himself when you two are alone. Requested by @kpopadmin

Sorry it took me so long! I’ll post the other requests soon.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Joshua/ Reader

As it was tradition, you spent every Friday night watching movies with your favorite dorks. Being Joshua’s girlfriend, you saw the boys very often and they all considered you part of the family, always looking after you and babying you, specially Dino who saw in your and Joshua’s perfect relationship what he wanted for himself in a couple of years (fifteen years, Jeonghan would correct him).

You two were just so perfect for each other. You were smart, beautiful and a supportive girlfriend. Joshua, on the other hand was a perfect gentleman…or so everyone thought.

You couldn’t stop smiling at the way your boyfriend interlocked his fingers with yours. You looked at his beautiful features before turning your attention back to the movie when, completely out of context, they showed a very explicit scene.

Half of the group panicked while the other half couldn’t stop laughing and making jokes.

“JUST TURN IT OFF!” Seungkwan yelled over the loud moans coming from the screen.

“I’M TRYING!” claimed a very desperate S.coups.

“STOP LOOKING, DINO” said Jeonghan trying to cover the maknae’s eyes.

“Hyung , c’mon. I’m an adult” replied Dino but didn’t try to fight it, knowing it would be pointless.

“Pff…. We should show them how it’s done, don’t you think?” you said only loud enough for Joshua to hear but the room went suddenly quiet. All eyes were on you, the couple on the T.V. long forgotten.

“Wait a minute, surely that doesn’t mean…. That you two already… “mumbled DK only to be interrupted by Jeonghan’s fake gasp and Seungkwan’s real one.

“I knew it!” Jun said, turning to Minghao who murmured something in Chinese before handing him money.

Everyone started asking Joshua questions but he only sighed, looked and you and said:

“That was a very inappropriate comment, Y/N. Please refrain from saying things like that” then he turned to the others with a stern look. “I’m not answering private questions, guys. Please respect my girlfriend and our relationship.”

Most of them stopped immediately, apologizing in case they had offended you and the ones who continued making comments were soon told of by S.coups. You couldn’t stop blushing during the rest of the night, feeling Joshua’s intense stare on you.

Everyone seemed to forget about what happened after a week (or maybe they didn’t bring it up again because they didn’t want to get yelled at by the dad of the group). The boys were waiting to go onstage and you were talking to Mingyu, complimenting his outfit. That’s when Joshua came in and told the group that they needed to go get their makeup done.

“All of us?” asked Wonwoo.

“Yeah, apparently we don’t have much time” Answered Joshua.

“Did you get yours done already?” asked Vernon.

“Yes, so I’ll just stay here cuddling and telling my girlfriend how much I love h-“ Joshua started being interrupted by Minghao’s “EEEEEWWWWW” and Chan’s “That’s so cool, hyung” before they all left.

You laughed at their reactions but your smile vanished as the door closed and you were left alone with Joshua, his darkened eyes scanning your body. You already knew that look and this was certainly the worst place and moment to give you that look.

“Jisoo, we are-hhmmf” instead of wasting the little time you had, he attached his lips attached to yours, his hands wandering all over your body. “Jisoo, wait a second” you said looking at the door nervously.

“I can’t wait. I need you. Now” he said against the skin of your neck, his arms holding your waist forcefully.

“You’re going onstage soon” you reminded him but you were already giving up. His lips and tongue on your skin felt too good.

“We’ll have to be quick then” he said huskily next to your ear, sending shivers down your spine as you heard his jeans being unzipped. He took your hand and guided it to his clothed member. You blushed and looked at him with uncertainty. His hazed eyes, wet lips, heavy breathing and hard length were too much for you to resist… but you didn’t want the others to see you doing something that intimate. Even though you tended to crack up some dirty jokes, you were very shy…. Unlike Joshua, who most of the time just pretended to be a saint.

“Just… let me lock the door, ok?” you mumbled quietly.

“Oh, but why?” he asked stroking one of your breasts over your clothes while his other hand grabbed your ass.

“Jisoo…” was the only thing you could say, biting your lip and trying to look away when you felt a sharp pain on your butt. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your mouth.

“Answer me, princess. Why should we lock the door?” he asked rubbing the cheek he had just spanked, his voice low and teasing.

“…Because the others could see…” you replied while he pulled your pants down just enough to display your clothed sex and thighs.

“See what?” he asked pressing his hard on covered by his boxers against your wetness. You moaned as he pressed harder, releasing a shaky sigh and dry humping you.

“ U-us…” you managed to say moaning at the way his cock moved against you, making your legs tremble.

“But they see us all the time, princess. They see us holding hands, talking, eating. What’s the problem?” he faked innocence, pulling his boxers down to release his cock, which hit his stomach and bobbed up and down a couple of times. He stroked it and pulled your panties down too, running his finger through your slit.  

You glared at him but you knew how much of a tease he was and that he wouldn’t just drop it.

“They’ll s-see us doing this” you said through gritted teeth.

“Doing. What.” he asked again rubbing the tip of his cock against your clit, leaving a trail of precum. You moaned louder feeling a wave of pleasure but couldn’t say anything coherent.

“Are they going to see you getting fucked, princess?” he asked holding your hips and grinding hard. You could only nod. He seemed to get that you were in no condition to speak and he didn’t have much time left so he went back to kissing you and moving his pelvis against yours moaning heavenly. You whined when his lips suddenly left yours and he turned you around. You managed to press your hands against something to avoid losing your balance…. Was it glass? When you opened your eyes you saw your own reflection. A mirror. You saw Joshua’s eyes looking at you through the mirror, the tip of his cock pushing against your entrance.

“W-we really should lock the d-do-aah” you tried one last time but he slid his cock deep in you, his grip on your hips pulling you closer.

“I thought you wanted to show them how it’s done” he teased you, trying to push his length impossibly deeper while you moaned even louder. “Don’t you want to put on a good show for them?” he asked before pulling almost all the way out and slamming into you again. You whimpered and closed your eyes when he started fucking you fast and hard as you both knew you didn’t have time to waste. “Open your eyes” he commanded and you did just that finding the hottest view ever: his mouth slightly open, his eyebrows furrowed and sweat on his forehead.

“Who is fucking you good, Y/N?” he asked.

“Y-you” you sobbed, feeling your orgasm building up.

“I can’t hear you, princess. Who. Is. Making you. Feel. This good?” he asked marking every word with a sharp thrust.

“YOU-Only you make m-me ooh… f-feel like thi-aaAAH!” you managed to say before he fucked you so hard and fast you would have fallen if he hadn’t been holding your hips, his eyes rolling back in pleasure, both of you moaning loudly, forgetting completely where you were.

“J-Jisoo! I’m almost-“ your words were followed by a silent scream as you felt your orgasm taking over your body, your boyfriend cumming inside of you while breathing heavily at the same time you heard someone else’s voice.

“I’m telling you I’m not wearing this shirt. It makes me look like a-aaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Seungkwan from the door looking at you two before closing it quickly again.

“WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED?” asked S.coups from the other side of the door.


You two looked at each other and Joshua quickly pulled out but your legs couldn’t handle it and you almost fell, Joshua held you quickly with one arm, the other arm pressed against the mirror.

“Just let me get my- No. Nope. I’m out“ Woozi said opening the door and leaving immediately but before he could close it Hoshi rushed in and screamed even louder than Seungkwan, followed by Jun, who turned back to Minghao, who mumbled something in Chinese and gave him money again. Soon everyone was in the room while you tried to put your clothes back on, blushing like crazy.

“A mirror? That’s kinky as fuck!” Vernon said laughing to which Jeonghan gasped, hitting his arm and telling him that a baby shouldn’t be speaking like that.

“Watching anime really made you a pervert” complained Seungkwan fanning himself with his own hand and glaring at Joshua.

“I watch anime sometimes and I’m just fine!” yelled Vernon.

“Yeah, right. Define fine” said Dino.

“DINO WHEN DID YOU GET IN?! YOU CAN’T BE HERE!” yelled Jeonghan pushing him to the corridor and then glaring at S.coups while saying “YOU ARE A TERRIBLE FATHER.”


Jaebum x Reader [featuring GOT7 x BTS]  →  angel!au / demon!au
Warning: violence, language, & mentions/descriptions of death

Masterlist (including teasers)
A/N: chapters are updated every Friday

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anonymous asked:

I go to a lgbt+ youth group every Friday and we where talking about superheroes one week and I kept answering questions with Tony Stark and I got featured in the gay news paper because that was the most I've ever talked in the group. Now everyone thinks I only talk about Tony Stark or not at all.

This is the most hilarious thing I’ve read ever in my life

100 Ways To Say I Love You || 02

100WTSILY Masterlist

WC: 1.2k

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

TW: None

A/N: Hey everyone! So I decided that I am going to be posting 100 Ways To Say I Love You stories every Friday. Hopefully I will be able to get another series started soon so that way you will have more to look forward to. I hope you enjoy Jungkook’s first story and don’t forget that feedback is always welcome.

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I’ve been working on a longer Fanfic piece and finally posted the first chapters on Archive of Our Own! It’s a longer work, so I will be adding a new Chapter every Friday, but the first four are up.

Rise from the Ashes


With Livvy gone and the Clave’s future uncertain, the Blackthorns struggle to survive the aftermath of the Accords Hall.

I would love for you to read it, and leave kudos or comments. If you think others might like it, please reblog. And I’ll post a moodboard for each new chapter after I post it. With two years to go until Queen of Air and Darkness, it’s a long time to make up stories to fill the gap of ‘What happened next?’

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Getaway Pt. 4

A/N: Remember Parts will be posted every Friday until this series is over! If it gets to 100 notes before Friday, I’ll post it sooner! This story will always be written from Calum’s point of view, because things get more interesting that way. Assume it’s Calum’s P.O.V unless stated other wise. Also this is a filler, shit’s about to go down within the next few chapters.

Word Count:

Warnings: Drugs, detailed murder, abuse, gangs, violence, profanity



Part One // Part Two // Part Three

“I’m bored!” Y/n whined from her spot on the couch next to me. We were watching a movie with just Luke, Mike, and Ashton. Not everyone lives here, just us boys, Y/n, and a few of our best men that we might need, but they normally are always here. Today, is one of the few times we get breaks and don’t have to all be together. I sighed and rolled my eyes at her, “Shush, we’re trying to watch a movie.” I told her as she smirked.

“Oh, yeah, because everyone is so interested in this movie.” She said motioning around the room. Ashton sat on the other side of her on his phone doing who knows what, Luke was also on his phone, but he was texting someone. Michael was in the kitchen getting snacks the Ashton requested, and no one besides me was watching the movie.

I huffed, “Fine, I didn’t want to watch this movie anyways."  I said as I shut the movie off and looked over at Y/n. "So what did you want to do?” She looked down with a concentrated face.

She gasped, “Do you want to go swimming?” She asked excitedly. Ashton looked up from his phone and looked at us. “Did you say swimming?”

“Swimming?” Luke and Michael both asked excitedly when they heard Ashton. I nodded with a confused look on my face, “Yeah, swimming.” I said and watched Luke’s face break out into a grin.

“Can I come with you guys? Please? I really want to go swimming, I haven’t swam in ages.” He exaggerated. Y/n started laughing, “You know we’re just going out into the backyard right? You could go swimming anytime you’d like.” She said with a giggle.

Luke pouted, “Yeah, but no one ever wants to go with me, and I don’t want to look like a loser by myself at the pool.” I laughed and shook my head, “You are a loser.” Michael laughed as Luke’s mouth hung open.

“Up top!” Michael called as he ran towards me with his hand up. I gave him a loud, and hard high five with a  laugh. “You know what? Fuck you guys!” Luke laughed as he stuck up the middle finger towards us.

I stuck mine up back at him, and Ashton laughed, “Alright, while you guys do whatever this is, I’m going to get ready.”

“I second that.” Y/n said as she walked upstairs to her room. I nodded, “Yeah, come on, we aren’t waiting for you guys.” I laughed as Luke and Michael looked shocked.

“What do you mean?” Michael laughed, “You were in on it too!” I laughed and shook my head as we all got up to get ready. When I came down after getting my black and red bathing suit bottoms on, I noticed the boys were already in the pool, but there was no trace of Y/n.

“Where’s Y/n at?” I asked with my eyebrows furrowed. “She hasn’t come out yet mate.” Michael said with a beer in his hand as he got into the pool with Ashton and Luke.

I laughed as I got in with a beer as well. “She was the second person to get ready, how does she take so long?” The boys shrugged, and Ashton laughed, “I guess it’s just a girl thing.”

The boys laughed and nodded. I smiled and turned to see the patio doors that I heard being opened. I stared in awe at the beautiful girl that had just walked out to the pool.

“Sorry I took so long boys, I couldn’t find my towel.” Y/n said as she held up her purple towel. She noticed me looking her up and down shamelessly with a smile on my face.

“Hey Hood! My eyes are up here.” She said with a laugh while I rolled my eyes. “I know that, I was just simply admiring you.” I said with a grin as I watched her roll her eyes.

She smiled at me, “Make room, I want to do a flip.” She said while tying her hair up in a messy bun. The boys and I backed away from the diving board area and into the shallow end more. She laughed as she ran to the diving board and did a front flip into the pool.

She came back up screaming with joy, “That was amazing! I missed the pool.” She looked at each of us and started swimming over here to me. “That was really good babe.” I said quietly to her when she reached me.

She giggled and smiled wide, “Thanks, it was so much fun. I love the pool.” I nodded. I took another gulp of my beer and noticed her looking at me intently. I chuckled, “Yes Miss. Y/l/n?” She smiled, “Can I have one?” She asked casually and nodded towards my beer.

I nodded and called over to Michael who was walking back from the cooler, “Hey Mike, Y/n wants a beer.” He looked over at us and shook his head, “I took the last one.” He said as he opened his beer and drank from it.

Y/n laughed, “Fuck you Mike!” She called and his laugh rang throughout the yard, “You wish Y/l/n!” I laughed along with everyone else. Y/n pouted and I cooed at her, “It’s ok Y/n, you can get one next time.” I laughed.

“Can I just have some of yours?” She asked and my eyes widened, “Oh, um, sure, here.” I said and handed her my bottle of beer. She smiled gratefully and gulped some of it down.

“Here, I don’t want to drink all of it, it’s yours.” She said with a smile as she handed the bottle back to me. I chuckled and hoisted myself half way out of the pool to place the beer on the patio.

She looked at me in confusion and I smirked. I cupped my hands and made a huge splash go right in her face. She squealed and I heard the boys laughing. “Calum’s really making her wet now!” Michael yelled and then cackled soon after.

I laughed at his cackled and flipped him off. Y/n laughed as well and shook her head. “Whatever,” She said with a roll of her eyes, and a small smile. She stayed a good amount away from me and I pouted, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to splash you,” I chuckled, “Come back?” I asked as I extended my arms in her direction.

She pondered a bit, then smiled and started swimming to me. “Sike!” She yelled and splashed me right in the face, like I had done to her. I laughed and wiped my face with my hands to get the water droplets off. “That’s it!” I screamed and leaped onto her and pulled her underneath with me.

We came back up shortly after, and started laughing, “Come with me,” She said as she swam into the deeper end of the pool. “now that we’re in the deep end, come under water and look at me ok?” She asked and I nodded.

We held our breaths and went under at the same time. I opened my eyes to see her already close to me. She came in closer and kissed me underwater. The air escaped me through my nose when kissed her back, but I kept where I was.

When I started running out of breath, I swam up, and she followed. We both took hugs gasps for air that filled lungs. It felt good to finally breathe again.

“Damn mate, we thought you two had died or something, we were about to go searching for your dead bodies.” Ashton joked and I laughed, “Thanks mate.” I said with a roll of my eyes. “Anytime.” I heard Y/n snort, I laughed at her face when she realized what she did.

“What was that Y/n?” Michael asked, “It sounded like a dinosaur trying to kill everyone.” Luke was doubling over in laughter and snorted in the process. That sent all of us into a laughing fit.

“Ok, that’s enough, it was only funny when Y/n did it.” Luke said with a slight chuckle. Y/n gasped and stuck her tongue out at him, “Not so funny is it Luke?” She sassed and I laughed as we swam closer to the boys.

“Alright,” Ashton said, “I think I’m all done, I’m getting pruned up.” He said with a laugh and exited the pool. I nodded, “Yeah, we should set up the fire, than get more beer.” I suggested and everyone nodded and left the pool.

After I dried off, I just threw on a black shirt and left my swimming trunks on. When I came outside to set up the fire, I noticed Luke had done the same thing as me and just threw some shirt on himself. I cleaned up the bottles from the patio ground and threw them away.

Luke had set up the fire, so I didn’t have to. I went inside to get some more beer bottles, but then remembered we were all out. Looks like we have to settle for soda cans.

I brought out the Pepsi and Sprite cans to the fire that was set up with chairs all around it. “Good thing it’s starting to get dark out, or else this would have been a dumb idea.” I said as I passed out some sodas and put the rest in the cooler.

I sat in my chair, and Y/n sat to my right in a different chair, Michael sat to my left and Luke sat on the other side on Y/n, with Ashton on the other side of Michael.

Luke had brought out marsh mellows, chocolate bars, and gram crackers to make smores with. We all took a marsh mellow and started making smores. We all instantly went into conversations about the weirdest things. We talked about how Michael’s snores practically shake the house.

“No they do not!” He replied, shaking his head with a grin, “You guys just love to gang up on me. That’s what this is all about isn’t it?” HE yelled with a large smile. We all laughed and shook our heads. “Of course not Mikey.” Y/n assured as she cuddled into my side. “We would never gang up on you.” She winked and he chuckled, “Good, that’s what I thought.” He said.

“But,” She continued with a slight laugh, “You do snore really loudly.” She said and he yelled out a loud “What the fuck? No I don’t!” He laughed and so did everyone else. “Yes you do!” She continued, “I can hear you from my room and I’m two doors down!” She threw her head back in laughter at Michael’s facial expression.

HIs eyes were wide and his mouth was hung agape. He flailed his arms around as her tried to find the words to say. “That’s not fair! Gang up on someone else!” He said and pouted.

 We also talked about how Luke wasn’t allowed to get a milkshake because the McDonald’s machine was broken.

 "Um, I couldn’t get a milkshake at McDonald’s.“ Luke said after Michael told us to talk about something else. I threw my head back and let out a loud laugh. "That’s what you want to talk about Luke?” I asked and he just shrugged with a chuckled.

We got away from that milkshake incident and talked about things that needed to be said. We ranted to each other, and everyone listened intently, that’s why I’m so glad to have a group of friends like this. We’re always there for each other, and we always will be. With Y/n as my girlfriend, and Luke, Mike and Ash as my best friends, I don’t think my life could possibly get any better, because I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. And I think my life is complete, and my life is great.

Today was one of the only days I’ve ever not felt like Calum, the leader of one of the worst gangs out there, but Calum, just Calum Hood, a boy from Australia. And that’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s all thanks to my four favorite people in the world, and nothing could go wrong in this moment.

Islands in the Stream ( ch. 1 ) | Trixya | 3096 words

“Trixie’s rollerskates scuffed quietly on the concrete as she turned a corner to the block across from her own, and she looked down at her feet. She’d worn the yellow ones, the laces brown leather. The sole was wooden, and they made a wonderful clunking sound whenever she took a step. She looked back up, noticing her neighborhood for the hundredth time- the houses on the street were typical of their neighborhood, small, a little dusty around the edges, boring. Every Friday night was spent at the high school, watching their team, run around the little field like mice. Apparently football was still important to the human race, even after they’d managed to go to space.”

-Trixya 70s AU-

Semi-Hiatus...kind of.


No, I mean, wazzup guyz?

Uh, so probably some of you are wondering or probably waiting for THE H2O DELIRIOUS TERMONOLOGY Part 7 or just  a post about H2OVanoss.

Well, I’m still working on it, rewatching the guy videos for some clips to edit into one, and don’t worry, I’ll post the new part as soon as I get enough clips. Or just post something funny or awesome videos about the bois.

And some probably noticed that I rarely post now here, I guess. Here’s the reasons why:

  • I work every Monday to Friday, at 9:30AM to 6:30PM, and usually arrive home before 8PM;
  • I’m usually tired from work;
  • I have shitty internet sometimes so I can’t easily watch some videos or just edit

Sooo…yeah. Just saying. For those who noticed. Well…I’m sorry.

Dear my psychology lecturer,

The only place I’ve ever felt truly at home is in your presence.
I know you don’t understand, but please. 
Just don’t forget me. 
It’s a metaphor, you see, when I saw you in the hallways
And I mumbled something that might sound like hi and kicked myself as I walked away
It is what it is.
We’re just passing each other with a quick glance
Knowing each other briefly, but long enough to give me a chance
To mess it up as I always do
Tragic, I know, but tragically true
I just hope that I will cross your mind every once in a while.
Maybe if you hear the tune I was humming one day,
Or someone says something, that’s something I would say,
Maybe if you pass someone in the street wearing my perfume
You might turn your head out of familiarity, and wonder about the girl you once knew.
I know I’ll think of you every Tuesday and every Friday, when it gets to that time,
And every time I see purple velvet, or meet someone with your name, I won’t be able to stop the corners of my mouth turning up as images of you flash through my mind. 
I know I never told you how I felt.
But for me 
This was real
And even if it’s another six years until I see you again
I pray that I will, I can’t lose you again…
And I’ll still be yours.
I’ll always be yours.

-Your student briefly, yours forever.

I’ve been working on a longer Fanfic piece and finally posted the first chapters on Archive of Our Own! It’s a longer work, so I will be adding a new Chapter every Friday, but the first four are up.

Rise from the Ashes


With Livvy gone and the Clave’s future uncertain, the Blackthorns struggle to survive the aftermath of the Accords Hall.

I would love for you to read it, and leave kudos or comments. If you think others might like it, please reblog. And I’ll post a moodboard for each new chapter after I post it. With two years to go until Queen of Air and Darkness, it’s a long time to make up stories to fill the gap of ‘What happened next?’

Chapter 3 Teaser:

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Fantasy Iwaoi


Queen Penny

Rewind the clock by a couple of decades and I was working as a team lead for an office supply store. This office supply store has a “copy center” where staff members would print, copy, and scan stuff for customers.

Enter “Penny”. Penny was a middle-aged woman who would come in every Friday smelling like wine, dressed somewhat elaborately, and who would make ridiculous demands on the copy center staff. Penny: crazy lady!

Penny’s weekly Friday afternoon visitations had been going on for a while before I ever became aware of her. She would come in with elaborate letters including photos, keepsakes, etc written to England’s Royal Family - various members from the Queen to Prince Charles to Fergie. She would make the copy staff photocopy the letters, demanding perfection to the point where she measured the margins to ensure the contents copied were in the exact center of the page. Then she would make the copy center staff package the letters and, when she did include something such as photos, inspect the packing to ensure the tape was perfectly even and pay the shipping to Buckingham Palace in London. She would frequently make the copy staff read the photocopied letters back to her. When they had initial refused to, she had called district management and complained so this request was honored whenever she asked.

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