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Week 3, memories.

I think it’s worth noting that Stan’s zodiac symbol was a fish. 

So I like to think of Stan’s memories as little salmon, making an incredible journey from the ocean, overcoming any obstacles that lie in their path, and eventually finding their way home.

Just wanted to point out some banter with Varric and Solas

Solas: Is there at least a movement to reunite Orzammar and Kal-Sharok?
Varric: What is it with you, Chuckles? Why do you care so much about the dwarves?
Solas: Once, in the Fade, I saw the memory of a man who lived alone on an island. Most of his tribe had fallen to beasts or disease. His wife had died in childbirth. He was the only one left. He could have struck out on his own to find a new land, new people. But he stayed. He spent every day catching fish in a little boat, every night drinking fermented fruit juice and watching the stars.
Varric: I can think of worse lives.
Solas: How can you be happy surrendering, knowing it will all end with you? How can you not fight?
Varric: I suppose it depends on the quality of the fermented fruit juice.
Solas: So it seems.


Varric: What’s with you and the doom stuff? Are you always this cheery or is the hole in the sky getting to you?
Solas: I’ve no idea what you mean.
Varric: All the “fallen empire” crap you go on about. What’s so great about empires anyway?
Varric: So we lost the Deep Roads, and Orzammar’s too proud to ask for help. So what? We’re not Orzammar and we’re not our empire.
Varric: There are tens of thousands of us living up here in the sunlight now, and it’s not that bad.
Varric: Life goes on. It’s just different than it used to be.
Solas: And you have no concept of what that difference cost you.
Varric: Oh I know what it didn’t cost me. I’m still here, even after all those thaigs fell.
Solas: You truly are content to sit in the sun, never wondering what you could’ve been, never fighting back?
Varric: Ha, you’ve got it all wrong, Chuckles. This is fighting back.
Solas: How does passively accepting your fate constitute a fight?
Varric: In that story of yours—the fisherman watching the stars, dying alone—you thought he gave up right?
Solas: Yes.
Varric: But he went on living. He lost everyone, but he still got up every morning. He made a life, even if it was alone.
Varric: That’s the world. Everything you build, it tears down. Everything you’ve got, it takes—and it’s gone forever.
Varric: The only choices you get are to lie down and die or keep going. He kept going. That’s as close to beating the world as anyone gets.
Solas: Well said. Perhaps I was mistaken.

  • Me: *walks up to fish tank holding random object in my hand*
  • Betta: What my eyes to see?! The FOOD GOD? ! With the FOOD in the HOLDING!!! the FOOD is COMING !! This! Not! DRILL! the FOOD is COMING there is it IS the FOOD and iT IS TO RAIN FROM HEAVENS !! FOOD GOD BRING THE FOOD from the FAR heavens FoOd there is FOOD!! NO DRILL!! FOOD !!!

“Here we are at Sea World, Kiiboard!” he said so thoughtfully, so emphatically. Kiibo was mad. His breasts were sore because he was ragging it hardcore. Ouma was very excited to be at Sea World. He jumped up and down and clapped at every fish tank and screamed and laughed on every ride. “Boy, does Ouma-kun love the Disney World of fish.” Kiibo was disgusted. He hates fish. Ouma turned to him making little gill movements with his hands on his jaw and he said, “What’s wrong, Kiiboard?” And Kiibo said “You inconsiderate eggplant-colored twink! You know I hate fish more than I hate robot discrimination even please lets go.” Ouma got sad. He said, “But Kiiboard, I won free tickets to Sea World and knew I should take you! It was just bound for us! It was a couples ticket anyways. We’re on a date, Kiibo! Besides, you look! The fish love you!” Kiibo-kun turned to see all the fish in the tanks looking at him. He felt his ahoge twitch. “No… No. This… This is impossible. This can’t be! This is tHE WRONG ANIME? NANI KORE WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? YAMETE KUDASAI IM NOT A FUCKING FISH DONT TOUCH ME” He bawled his fists and ran screaming, using his fins as air-paddles to propel himself forwards. Ouma laughed and chased after him with arms wide open. It was a peaceful day.

Tumblr legit needs a feature like facebooks “Unfollow” (but we’d have to call it something different)

On facebook, the way it works is youre still “friends” with the person. You can still see their page, they can see yours. They can still see all YOUR posts, and comment on them.  Basically youre still friends, but you dont see their posts on your feed. 

Its useful for a lot of reasons. (I use it on my grandmother who cant help but always type “Amen” on every sadpost she sees fishing for likes) but I urge people to use it on me if I’m goin on angry rants and they’re going thru their own stuff and just DONT WANNA SEE what I post. 

I think it’d be useful here for mutuals you follow whose fandoms have changed, or maybe your friends with a person but dont rly wanna see what they post for any number of reasons, but you wanna let them still follow you/message you (if you have it set to only allow people who are mutuals with you to IM you). 

People have suggested blacklisting the persons url but that feels REALLY extreme and it also blacklists asks, and blacklist options for mobile are super limited and a LOT of people use tumblr mobile almost exclusively. 

anonymous asked:

Karasuno boys reaction to accidentally hurting their s/o?? Like maybe they were play fighting and accidentally pushed em too hard or something ??

DAICHI | “(Y/n)! Are you okay!?” 

  • Daichi would be so scared that he actually hurt you. He takes pride in being a comforting and protective force in your life, and the fact that he hurt you, even if it was just a silly little accident, would devastate him. Afterwards, he would be extra careful around you, treating you like a princess to make sure it doesn’t happen ever again.

SUGA | “(Y-y/n)! Did that hurt!? I’m so sorry!”

  • Suga mama would immediately fish out every piece of first aid he could get his hands on in the shortest amount of time. Even if wasn’t a big injury, he’d do everything in his power to take care of you. Even when your bruise/scratch/injury has completely healed, he’d still give it a kiss every day “to make it better.”

ASAHI | “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

  • Asahi would be a complete mess, apologizing profusely even if you weren’t hurt that badly.  He’d be so nervous around you for the next couple weeks. You were so precious to him, and he thought of him hurting you was devastating. And now he’d probably never give you another piggyback ride ever again.

NISHINOYA | “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

  • Yuu always has your back, and he took pride in that. Knowing that you trusted him to catch you when you fell gave him a responsibility that filled him with so much pride. But now, he feels like that trust is broken. Even if you tell him that your okay and that everything was fine, he’d still go above and beyond to get that trust back. 

TANAKA | “Shit shit shit!! (Y/n)!?”

  • Ryu would never forgive himself if he accidentally hurt you. He’d try to hide it, but he’d constant beat himself up for being so careless. Weeks after you get hurt, you’d be able to tell that he’s still feels guilty about the incident. Proper treatment for a sad/guilty Tanaka is plenty of kisses, words of encouragement, and a daily dose of hand holding. 

HINATA | “Uuuwooaahhh!!!!!! (Y/n)!!!!”  

  • This poor little sunshine would be a complete mess, holding you tight in his arms as if his hug would magically heal you. He had messed up before and accidentally hit Kageyama with a fair number of volleyballs, but it was different when he accidentally hit you. He’d find a new flame of determination, forcing himself to be more careful with his serves from now on.

KAGEYAMA | “!!!”  

  • Tobio would become a statue. He couldn’t believe that he’d let something like this happen. He’d want to hold you and tell you how sorry he was, but it was as if he couldn’t control his body anymore as he was frozen in place. You’d smile and tell him that it didn’t hurt that bad, but he still felt terrible.

TSUKISHIMA | “Oh my god…”

  • Kei would go into super panic mode. His mind would come up with a million different ways he could have prevented this, but none of that mattered now. You got hurt, and it was his fault. What he should be thinking about is what comes next; how to make you better. He’d do everything in his power to make you heal as quickly as possible, even if it was just a simple bump on the head or a scraped knee.

YAMAGUCHI | “Are you okay!?  W-where does it hurt?” 

  • Tadashi would be flustered, but immediately rush to your side. He doesn’t handle stressful situations very well, and might accidentally touch your bruise a little too roughly, but you’d still feel a bit better because of how frantic he was being.  You meant the world to him, and he’d make sure to be extra careful not to hurt you next time.
Fishkeeping, a common difference

Fishkeeping is such a great hobby. And I don’t mean that just ‘cause it’s cool or calming or anything like that; it brings different people together. I mean, there are so many different ways to do it! Cold water, tropical, saltwater, all entirely different! Then there are sub-categories: betta breeders, koi ponds, goldfish tanks, reef, invertebrates, planted tanks… You could have ten different experienced fishkeepers in a room and none of them share any knowledge beyond the nitrogen cycle. The man who keeps koi ponds is amazed that someone just has a reef in their house! The owner of a goldfish tank questions how someone can keep a planted tank with no fish. Every time we meet another fishkeeper, we have the opportunity to learn something new, something we didn’t even know we didn’t know. Fishkeeping unifies people. Even on Tumblr people are incredibly passionate and helpful. We all care so much about the little creatures, the magnificent animals who are so different from us. It’s amazing.

Oh. Some other woman also complained that there was some black bug hole on her fries. (You know how rarely some potatoes have those black parts?) We explained that it’s a natural part of potatoes and she complained that bugs live in it and we told her we just have batches of frozen fries and throw them in the fryer. We can’t fish out every little one. She said she’s never dealt with a potato and that none of her fries ever have a black hole in it and that we were lying. Oh well. Everyone seems to have issues with fries at my work