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an Anti Mood™ is never being able to go into the main tag no matter how many fucking things you blacklist and trusting very few blogs (most likely your mutuals) as your main source of content for that fandom

@chanyoel agjshdjdjdkd Kelsey it’s something I’ve noticed recently about the fandom?? Like for some reason there isn’t much new content and even if there is they don’t get much attention…Where is my family 😩😩😩😩

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u ship all/urance? sweet!! every anti blog that i follow doesn't ship it and calls them forced and heteronormative..

i may or may not have ended up writing a long ass rant under the cut because this has been building for me since s3 aired lol. my bad! it’s probably not what you were expecting as an answer but…. oh well i can never shut up lol.

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Thank You all for following and supporting this blog. I know I may be a bit much sometimes but I do enjoy being in this Fandom and talking to all of the wonderful people in it. Honestly, You guy make my day.

Special Shoutout To: 1-800-Minkus Because I have no idea if the URL Changed or if the Blog was deleted entirely but I love em so…yeah.

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@ninetaleon tagged me, but I don’t want my dear followers to scroll through the long original post XD

Here goes nothing!

Name: Para Emelyn

Nickname: Emerald probably X3 But I prefer Lynne!

Height: 1.57m (I think so..)

Age: 12.8 >:o I’m not even a teen yet!!!

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio :>

Favourite food: Chocolate!!! And a lot more, I can eat everything :x

Favourite flower: Every flower is pretty :x

Favourite books series: There are a lot of them honestly, too lazy to list them here Xd

OTP: Charisk! But I’m comfortable with every ship <3

Dream trip: hmm… Around the fantasy world too Neon :,> Every world in every fandom I’m in!

Blog created: This and paraemerald

Number of followers: 200!!!!!! :DD Art Raffle coming!!!

well, tagging @georgetheblob, @pauklerlp, @blur-draws@darkersoul and @everyone :3

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Hi can you recommend some Supergirl/Supercorp exclusive blogs? Like no other fandoms please. And no toxic ones. TY!

Hey love, I really don’t know of too many. Honestly almost every SG/SC blog I follow does reblog things from other fandoms and/or interests. But the third part of the request, I definitely got you because I stay far, far away from the toxic blogs! So here is my short list:






I’ve gotten this question before and sadly, with the constraints, I’m never much help. So if anyone knows of any others, please let me know and I’ll add them here!

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I hope you dont leave db fandom there is still good people :(

Well, this blog is multi-fandom to begin with, so I don’t really have any set fandom to “leave”, in a technical sense. But nah, I don’t plan on removing myself from it anytime soon. Besides, fandoms in general tend to be negative and toxic places who suffer from similar problems, so it’s not like leaving or distancing myself would help. 

I’ve met some real cool peeps in this fandom and I appreciate every DB related blog currently following me. Great series that I’ve grown up with and it’s honestly cool to be able to discuss mutual interests with like-minded people. I can ignore the toxic vibes and stick around for you amazing fans. ^^ I’m not that thin-skinned, though I am easily annoyed and aggravated, if that hasn’t become obvious by now.

However, I unfortunately have to admit that I don’t quite blame a lot of popular artists for leaving this fandom and deleting their blogs. After a while, all that negative crap weighs on you and starts messing with your mood. Not a fun feeling and no one deserves that.

I’m home.

Happy New Year, everyone. The wait is finally over. I like to think that, even as Sherlock returns to John, he’s returning to us as well. :) We’ve waited with John Watson, and, while our wait was no doubt less agonizing than his surely was, it was trying in its own right. And yet here we are, still going strong. Cheers fandom. 

And a very happy Sherlock Day to all of you. 

I just realized that Avatar is ending and I haven’t done a follow forever, like ever. So in this year I met a decent amount of people who are supportive and sweet and nice and just cuties. Then there’s just great blogs that you enjoy stalking all the time but you never talk to them. This follow forever includes every fandom blog I follow not just LoK. So here goes nothing.

-people who I stalk-


avatati / avataraddiction / aangsspirit / aangsavedtheworld / avatar-fangirlavatarliciousavatarparallels basingtei / bilbolin / blue-eyed-korra / booliin / benditlikekorra / cloudbabiescloudbendingcloudbenderdakorradeadspacegaldanisnotonfireemberskorraenlai-equalistelementalavatarsfirelorddannyfoofoocuddlypoop-loves-you-toofullsonrainstormflawless-avatarfiirebenderfireferretfuzziesgifbending


hairloopy / heyyymako-oh / korrasamilemon / korraava / korrapted / korranews / korraspirit / korrasane / korrastyle / korrashorts / korralogy / korrality / korralized / korranation / korraah / korrarity / korratea / korrahskorrafied / korramynaga / korramakos / korra-avatastic / korra-naga


linbabefong / linbeifong / legendofkorrafever / lokfanatics / miwakarai / mortal-instruments-divergent-lok / makorra-infinity / mak-o / makos-lightningrod / mako-rp / makorralin / nuktuk / neenuhbee / ohmykorra


projectvoicebend / republicitycaps / suyinbeifong / simkorra / sifuaang / sokkascactusjuice / sokkaswarriorwolftail / shineystars / sherbies


tophsbeifongs / the-rogue-spirit / taylorswift / titanbender / ughkorra / whitejadeflower / turtle-duck 

-people I stalk the most [I love]-

spoopy-korra / thestanwrongsong / desnasbooty / shingekinokataang / thisguydave / andatightlittleskirt / whitehairedken / cnbluedaridu

And on that note, I’d like to say sorry if you might have wanted to be on this list. Love ya’ll. Happy (who am I kidding, we’re all gonna be in tears probably, it’s like a funeral either it’s a good ending or a bad ending) Avatar finale.