every fan girl ever

….does anyone else suddenly have the powerpuff girls theme song stuck in their head

Every fan who has ever seen Louis with a girl in the last 5 years:

They were so cute and didn’t want anyone to see them but they were holding hands and kissing! Sorry, I didn’t get a pic because they wanted privacy. Right after this, they walked behind the floats in the Main Street Disney World parade.

Maureen Corrigan reviewsChang-Rae Lee’s dystopia On Such a Full Sea

Like all dystopian fantasies, On Such a Full Sea requires a high-concept premise, and Lee’s is clever enough: Years before the start of this tale, Earth has been contaminated by rampant industrial development. Chinese workers, eager to flee their dead cities, have been brought over to America to live in labor centers. There, they cultivate food products for the mostly white elite who dwell in heavily fortified “charter” villages that boast the climate controlled amenities of your average suburban mall and hospital center. Beyond the walls of these labor settlements and “charters” stretches a vast wasteland where depravity rules. In accordance with every coming-of-age narrative ever written, our girl Fan is destined to test herself in this wild zone.

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“Every girl want to know, would you ever date a fan?” The interview asked. Once they said it my mind went to a flash back of a few shows back.
“I would but I think you should ask Wesley.” Drew said causing everyone to look at me.
“Wesley what have you been up to with the fans?”
“At a previous meet and great I saw a girl and there was just something about her, she was so gorgeous and kind, she actually stole my heart like it was pounding out.” 
“Did you get her name?”
“Y/N” I said closing my eyes just to remember her eyes that sparkled more than any star in the sky.