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Concept: an immortal who doesn’t shy away from photos or paintings. Draws self portraits on cave walls. Photobombs everything with a pout and a suave pose. Commissions numerous portraits of themself as a literary Romantic before faking their death. Tries to be at least slightly famous every time they have a new identity. Creates a conspiracy blog linking all their past photos together before mysteriously disappearing in mysterious circumstances. Mysteriously. Usually only disappears for 10 to 20 years after “"dying”“ before making another appearance. Everyone else in the immortal community lowkey hates them. “Ah, fuck. You’ll never guess who’s resurfaced again.” “Fucking… Dave?” “Fucking Dave.

I hate the “You’ll never make it big” argument as a deterrent for aspiring writers. Look, I’ve done my research, I know how tiny, tiny, tiny of a chance that I or anyone else will “make it big” is. But listen, my guys, that chance isn’t zero. Every famous author started out with the exact same odds, remember that, don’t let people who shove “you can’t make it big” down your throat deter you.

And if you DO fall into the vast majority and your story doesn’t get that movie you dream of, and it doesn’t sell a million copies, is that really so bad? No matter the scale your book is read on, big or small, someone out there will read it, and someone out there will love it just as much as you do. So write, guys, write. 

The world will never run out of a need for stories, it needs you. 

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis jumping for Philippe Halsman in 1951

“Starting in the early 1950s I asked every famous or important person I photographed to jump for me.  I was motivated by a genuine curiosity.  After all, life has taught us to control and disguise our facial expressions, but it has not taught us to control our jumps.  I wanted to see famous people reveal in a jump their ambition or their lack of it, their self-importance or their insecurity, and many other traits.”  - Philippe Halsman

So I see some of this “Famous Last Words” stuff going around Tumblr. How bout I give it a go?

Niiiiiiiiice! I get to die in a pretty badass way. Hey, Violet, I wonder what yours’ll be?

*tears up*












“A small cute child like you shouldn’t have that much power in your hands…”

I want to be like Hideo Kojima in the sense that I’d be inexplicably friends and acquaintances with every famous person like they’d all be like “I don’t really know what he does but he’s great and my friend”

anonymous asked:

Headcannon for which social media sites some of the boys would be famous on: Phichit - YouTube, Victor - Twitter, Yurio - Tumblr, Yuuri - Vine (rip) What do you think?

Omg I’m totally with you!!

  • I feel like Phichit is famous on every social media platform and has them all linked together.
  • Victor is definitely Twitter and Instagram famous because basically all he posts about is Yuuri Katsuki and people find #Victuuri absolutely adorable.
  • Yurio is Tumblr famous, but nobody knows what his URL is!! It’s a secret
  • Yuuri is Vine famous but it hadn’t even been his idea to start a Vine account – Phichit had made it for him and, to his surprise, he got a lot of followers right away! So he decides to stick with it. Victor is featured in most of his Vines and they’re always v creative! When Vine announces that it’s shutting down, he’s upset, but moves to Instagram.
  • Christophe is Twitter and Instagram famous!!
  • Seung-gil also has an anonymous Tumblr
  • Mari roasts people on Twitter and Yuuko has an aesthetic Instagram
  • Minami has a Tumblr but it’s not anonymous – he freaks out about everything. He also has a Vine because Yuuri has a Vine!

madseason replied to your posttbh I’m very :/ about the whole ‘except rap or…

I’ve found that most of the time when people say they “don’t like rap or country”, it’s because they just haven’t heard enough of that type of music. Same when people say they don’t like classical music. Although the dislike of both rap and country is also tied into a feeling of superiority over the types of people who typically listen to those genres, IMO

it ABSOLUTELY is a superiority thing, considering the former is associated with black culture & the latter is associated with rednecks (that is, folks thought of as poor/uneducated). the classical music sort of goes the other way in my experience, where it’s sort of like… a reflexive backlash against something seen as elitist. kinda like art museums. if you go with friends and laugh about art you find silly, it’s a good experience. if you’re forced to find someone else’s meaning in some super deep allegorical whatever then it’s just tedious. gotta stop seeing opera as dramatic and start seeing it as melodramatic. check that Hot Gossip

literaryreference replied to your posttbh I’m very :/ about the whole ‘except rap or…

This speaks to me so deeply. I don’t think there are any genres of music I categorically dislike, which might be because the entire idea of trying to determine what genre something is confuses and upsets me. “What kind of music do you like?” is high on my list of Least Favorite Questions.

genres have always been weird arbitrary lines that are thin as a gnat’s wing & tends to wiggle all over the place, esp considering there’s a lot of artists who go out of their way to mess with genres and a lot of artists that don’t really confine themselves to specific styles. I’m still, like, confused about. pop. I don’t understand it.


Donnie practiced for his role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2. 

You know, in China they have a type of fiction called wuxia (武俠 - võ hiệp, just like the name of that Donnie’s movie), where people have really exaggerated kungfu skills and interact with each others within their community called wulin (武林 - võ lâm). 

So there is one famous skill every kungfu person has to know that called qinggong (輕功 - khinh công), which basically they “move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, and perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls and mounting trees” (wikipedia). 

Yeah that greatly exaggerated, but looking at those photo of Donnie, I can tell you that he is the closest existence to that type of legendary ability though. 

The signs in a girlband
  • Aries: the one that knows every famous person
  • Taurus: the member with no flaws
  • Gemini: is told to keep quiet in interviews
  • Cancer: everybody's fave
  • Leo: the main one that everybody pretends to hate but secretly is jealous of
  • Virgo: keep everyone in the band in check and calculate every single move they make
  • Libra: stops to talk to every single fan
  • Scorpio: knows what the fans want
  • Sagittarius: the one that everyone actually really and truly hates but oh well, they still get paid
  • Capricorn: goes ghost a lot
  • Aquarius: the one who says the wildest things in interviews
  • Pisces: slept on so much
The Fairest Of Them All

Requested by @skumar402 : Hi! Just wanted to say your writing is fantastic and I love your imagines! I was wondering whether I could submit an imagine for GoT. Could you write an imagine where the reader is the most beautiful woman in Westeros yet her family’s social status is at the bottom but yet all the sons of the noble families want her as their wife. You can choose who she ends up with! Thank you! Xx 

Word count: 873

The wind is warm and makes you smile. You don’t know why you had to put a dress on and brush your dark hair until it’s perfectly straight. Is it about politics? Will you use your beauty to blind someone and make them accept stupid terms? Probably. Your beauty uses to be a curse instead of a blessing. Poems and tributes are made about you, throughout Westeros. Even tough your House isn’t rich or famous, every Lord in Westeros wants you as their wife. You hate them. You wish they knew that you enjoy hunting more than anything in the world; that you love books more than you love people. But no, you’re no more than a beautiful Lady. The most beautiful of Westeros, they say.

“My lady. You look wonderful as always. ”

“Thank you, maester.” You offer him a sweet smile. It’s not his fault, after all. The old man knows how much you hate this, but he needs to follow your father’s commands. “What is it about? Some soldiers are hunting and I wanted to join them.”

“You have a new proposal.”

“Which House is t now? Bolton? Tyrel? Lannister? Martel?” You take a deep breath, mentally  counting how many letters you received this year.

“Stark, my Lady.”

“Good. Send him a Raven with my answer.” You wave your hand at the master, turning your attention back to the big trees outside the walls.

“He didn’t send a Raven. He came here.” The master words make you feel tired immediately. Now you have to deal with the Stark in person.

You meet him in the balcony, talking with you father. When they notice you presence, both come to greet you. You hug your father and let the Stark kiss your hand.

“I’ll leave you to talk.” You father smiles at you and disappears.

“My Lady, I am Robb Stark, first son of Lord Eddard Stark.” The man is very handsome, strong and gentle. You stare at him for a few seconds before moving away, sitting on one of the chairs, staring at the horizon.

“I know who you are. You’re the only Stark that looks like this.”

“Like this?”

“Yes.” You notice him sitting on the chair beside you, his eyes on your face. “Well, my answer is no.”

Behind you, on the hall, you can hear the soldier’s voices. They’re celebrating the hunt, and you can hear perfectly when someone says that it was the best hunt of the year. You sigh, shooting an angry look at Robb, who raise his eyebrows.

“Did I say something?”

“No. You decided to come here to ruin my plans and now I missed the best hunt of the year. Thank you so much, Robb Stark.” You stand up, walking fast to leave him, but Robb is faster and grabs your arm.

“Wait. You go hunting?” He seems impressed, a shadow of a smile on his beautiful lips.

“Yes. And riding and reading and fighting. Are you impressed?”

“I’ll ignore the sarcasm, but yes, I’m impressed. You’re better than I thought.” Robb lets go of your arm, but you stand there, awkwardly staring at him. “They were right about you, you’re the most beautiful woman in Westeros. But I wish someone told me you like this kind of stuff. I’d come earlier.”

 “Go home, Robb Stark.”

 “Would you ride with me? The woods around here are fascinating.”

You think about denying, but something forces you to say yes. You father allows you to go for a ride all alone with Robb, and soon enough you’re both outside, tall trees surrounding you. Robb’s horse walks right beside yours, and the man keeps staring at you with a stupid smile on his face.

“Don’t waste your time, I’m tired of marriage proposals. Being beautiful is a curse for sure.”

“I know, Lady (Y/N). But now I have a new proposal.”

You raise your eyebrows at him. “What kind of proposal?”

“I am very impressed, my Lady. I want to get to know you. You can spend some days with me at Winterfell. The hunts are even better.”

“Winterfell? Do you know that the heir of the Iron Islands, Theon Greyjoy lives there? He sent me dozens of ravens.” Theon tried everything to have you as his wife, declaring that he’ll be Lord of the Iron Islands even tough he lives in Winterfell.

“Theon won’t bother you, I promise.”

You try to hide how much you want to go. Robb is so handsome that you almost said yes when you first saw him. And the way he acts around you is different from anyone. You do want to spend more time with him. There’s something pulling you to him, you can’t deny it.

“I’ll-I’ll accept. Just a few days.”


The days turned into months, and the months turned into a whole year. Robb proved to be everything you ever wanted. He would hunt with you, teach you new moves with a sword and go for long rides with you alone. You fell in love and so did he. His eyes looking at the real you, not just at your pretty face. After two years living in Winterfell, you married him, the happiest day of your life.

A/N: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.