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Why don't we talk about Portugal more?

They decriminalized ALL drugs. Every single one. Yes, even that one. If you get caught w. more than a 10 days supply (what ever that means) of any drug you meet in front of a Doctor, Lawyer and Social worker about drug addiction. They may or may not give you a fine but essentially there’s no penalty.


Potugal has shown us that when we treat drug addiction as a medical/health issue, instead of a moral one, it is more efficient.

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(an extremely wild AU where Michael has a 4-second-moment of genuine sense of guilt and other assorted human emotions the night before the N-Y heist. yeah yeah I know, how far fetched, I’m crazy like that.)

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@banishedquasiroyal left this on one of my posts about pride month discourse and honestly i think it improves the post exponentially. the tasteful misspelling. the blur of the tumblr sensitive content filter, covering what is in fact a perfectly sfw picture of BQ over the bi pride flag. the absolute unintelligible syntax, the kind of simple absurdism some artists strive their whole lives for. the historical monument to BQ’s epic 2-day journey of getting high off of what must have been near lethal quantities of weed. this picture tells a story. it’s one of the best photographs i own.

Can We Still Be Alone? (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This was inspired by two songs Windswept by Crywolf and Daning On My Own By Robyn (the Hunter Plake and Jack Cassidy version). When I heard them the ideas just started flowing. This is very different from anything I have written. I had @minhosmeanhoe on my mind as I wrote this. Not for any particular reason, she’s just my actual soulmate so I’m dedicating this to her. I really hope you guys like this (: Also, I’m pretty sure I proofread this! (Pretty sure)

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Warnings: Smut 

Word Count: 4988

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Those are actually horseshoe crabs and we humans are in fact harvesting their blood, which is blue, like a seasonal Mountain Dew flavor sold in Hell’s worst bodega.

Actually horseshoe crab blood is blue because it contains a lot of copper. They use that particular mineral to do the job that iron does in human (and other animal) blood, and instead of hemoglobin they have something called hemocyanin, which transports oxygen throughout their bodies. Their blood also deals with infection in a way that’s much different than ours, and clots aggressively around any foreign body to the point where it’s easily seen under a microscope – this is what makes their oozing goop absolutely vital to the pharmaceutical industry.

The gel-like substance that surrounds the slightest bacterial infection in horseshoe crabs was co-discovered by the tremendously named scientist Fred Bang. The chemical that causes it to occur, called coagulogen, allows us to very accurately test medications for contamination, can detect anomalies as small as one part per trillion, and is used on just about every single drug that comes out. And the way to get it is to capture a shitload of crabs, jab a needle in their assholes, and subject them to a process called “rack & bleed.”

Uhh, Modern Medicine … You OK?

Talking to you was my favorite drug. Every text from you was a hit, and I found it soon turned into a constant craving. Your smile was my fix and after a while I was willing to do anything to see it, or to experience that wonderful feeling of being high on love and life that only you could instill in me.

But what goes up must come down, or so I’ve been told. For every high there is a low, and for every text there was an hour of staring at your picture and wondering where we’d gone wrong. For every smile there was a morning filled with tears because I had dreamed of you and woken up only to remember it wasn’t real. 

And yet, I go back. Despite the lows I still find myself texting you for stupid reasons, or happening to stand next to you in a group of people. You tear me up from the inside out and I’m still tied around your finger. You did more damage than a real drug could dream of.

—  The Highs and Lows of Loving You

but at least I got you in my head, oh yeah,
at least I got you in my head, in my head…
sleepovers in my bed…

(Fun) facts from Calvin’s stream

1. He’s half Chinese (and half Swedish)
2. Scarce has a fake ID
3. Dylan has a fake ID
3. Calvin’s parents don’t know much about his youtube
4. About a month(?) ago, someone told Calvin that he had a package for him, Calvin denied saying that he didn’t order anything, the person told him to L-E-A-V-E (which spooked him)
5. Billy helped get Calvin laid
6. Billy said Calvin pees with the door open
7. Calvin said it’s because if he’s having a good conversation with someone, he doesn’t want to interrupt them while he’s taking a piss (wow what a gentlemen)
8. He’s confident about his dick (said it was a pretty good size) and doesn’t care if someone stared
9. He got banned on overwatch for leaving games and for talking shit at the end of matches
10. Scarce said he’s still trying to lose weight and Calvin told him that he wasn’t fat
11. Scarce talked about one youtuber bringing coke (not the drink) to a youtube party and that at every party, someone brings drugs

Pls feel free to add more or correct anything that’s wrong! (Sorry for my bad English btw)