every disney movie has a great villain!

Hakuna Matata!

disneydreamer88 and I were have a great idea!

It’s called Disney Sidekicks Week!

Almost every disney movie has a memorable or hilarious sidekick! This is a week to celebrate all types of side kicks! Make sure to follow Disneydreamer88 and I to receive updates on the week! We will post headers soon!

The week

The week runs from Aug. 24th- Aug. 30th with a different theme each day.  

  • Sunday, Aug. 24th - Favorite Brotp (Between the sidekick and the hero)
  • Monday, Aug. 25th - Favorite Underrated Sidekick
  • Tuesday, Aug. 26th - Favorite Sidekick Song
  • Wednesday, Aug. 27th - Favorite Sidekick Scene
  • Thursday, Aug. 28th - Favorite Sidekick Quote
  • Friday, Aug. 29th - Favorite Villain Sidekick
  • Saturday. Aug. 30th - Overall Favorite Sidekick

Please tag anything everything you post as ‘sidekickweek’

Any questions message Michael or me! It should be a fun week!