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thats it thats the show 

everyone go home


I lived in L.A. for seven or eight years, but once I had kids, it got more difficult to get around with the paparazzi being there, and I wanted a more laid-back life for my family. Although I grew up mostly in Melbourne, we live in Byron Bay, a quiet town on the country’s east coast, which is one of my favorite spots on the planet. The beach is beautiful, and we wake up every day to views of the ocean in front of us, but there’s also a big farming community with lots of farmland and tropical rain forest. My wife and I went on a holiday there and fell in love with the area and chose to make it our home. Now, we have a chilled-out existence.

BTS reaction when you’re not wearing bra around them

anon: How would bts react to gf relaxing in their shared apartment and not wearing a bra around them

Thank you for your request! Hope you like it ^^

I feel like they would like this a way too much or it is just me


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It’s 2 months when you’re living with Jin. You feel comfortable with him so without hesitation you’re lieing on lawn chair. When Jin come back from practice, he started to lookig for you. He saw you and get a little suprised by the look that he catch.

J: “Y/NNN! Where are youuu???”

“Right here Jinnie!

J:” Babe you don’t believe what Jung— OMG *gif*.. Ba-ba-babeee. W-w-what are you doing? Not-t-t that I don’t like it because I like but-t-t I’m not a pervert!”


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Satisfied Yoongi is satisfied. You already were perfect for him but noow he’s more convinced that a word “perfect” is too weak for you. At this moment he realise that he’ll have this view every day and he congratulate to himself decision of move in with you.

“Oh girl. You are precious. I think that you have to relax more often Y/N because you’re too stressed and I can help you with that” I


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Hobi, Hobi, Hobi. We all know that he’s one of Bts perverts and this look would turn him on and his imagination which he want to come true.

H:“Y/N.  I think we have to baptized this new apartment”

“But Hobi~ I just-”

H: “ No babe. Right now. Come here”


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You were walking without a bra around him even in his dorm (of course if boys weren’t around) and now, when you two are living together, you’re doing it without any concern about boys or any other stuff. Namjoon? He’s fulfilled with mind that you’re only his.

“Ladies, gentelmens and Y/N. Now is my time!”


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First day of living with eachother. You two just finished unpacking yours bags. You were so exhausted and full of sweat on your body. Like you were doing in this kind of situation, you start to taking off your shirt and bra. Jimin didn’t know abt your “habbit” and just freeze and look surprised at you. When his lovely gf where half naked he just stare and starting to accustom to this and loving this “habbit”.

“What you’re doing? Y/N????” *taking off bra* “Ohhh… OOOOHHH. (No in pervert way. JUST SURPRISED JIMIN). Okay. Fine. I’ll just lie with you and thats it”


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Dirty Kim Taehyung- mode on.

He’s madly in love with the most gorgeous and perfect girl in the world. She’s giving him so much happines. Even her name is ideal “Y/N”. After seeing you without bra, walking around not worrying about him, he was sure that you trust him enought and now he want to make next step in your realtionship.

“Y/N. Thank you and come here. I want to show my love to you.”


I couldn’t choose only one gif so I made kind of “gif story what can happen”>

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~You’re Jimin~

He was playing game in his OWN living-room, on his OWN playstation and in his OWN apartment without hyungs always interruptinh him. And yeah.. I forgot. Living with his OWN girlfriend. First ever gf and he know that the last ever. Sure that you are sleeping he was just playing. He hear steps.. and kiss on the cheak.. and cute voice “Hi Jungkookie~”. After that he just come back to playing game because round its not over and golden maknae can’t lose! But then he look at you and saw you without anything on top. And then he saw his chance.

“Girl. I think that we need to come back to bedroom. AND I think that you don’t need rest of this clothes. Same like me.”

The precise location of the shop is unknown, yet those who need to find it stumble upon it regardless of where they live. Hanamaki and Matsukawa can’t remember when or how they came to own it, nor what they did before. They’re used to waking up to a different view every day and to the maps appearing out of thin air. They always follow them, since whatever they find will probably be the very thing a client requests the next day.

The morning after

short prompt on Robert Small (A.k.a Hot rugged knife dad). It’s just fluff and cuddles don’t worry. 

Robert Small X MC Daddy

I woke up to a mesmerizing view: Robert Small, beside me in bed (HIS BED) sleeping with his arms wrapped around my body.  He holds me tight and close, as if he’s worried I’d leave as soon as I had a chance. I can’t stop staring at his sleeping face, I mean just imagine waking up to this view EVERY DAY. I stay like that for a while, just staring and enjoying the silence of the room. He’s right, silence is so underrated. But as much as I would love to just stay like that, my stomach was begging me to stand up and make breakfast for the two of us. I tried moving out of his hug without waking him up but the more I move the tighter his hug was. I was left with no choice. “Robert, Robert, Robert” I whisper. Nothing. I kissed him on his forehead this time, wishing the contact would wake him up. “Mhhmm… 5 more minutes” he mumbles, still quite asleep. “Good morning sleepy head. I hate to break it to you but I need to make breakfast.” I kissed him on the forehead again, hoping for a better response. “Can’t we just do that later?” He says grabbing me closer to a tighter hug, I can’t move an inch with this position. “Uhm. Robert, I’m hungry.” I say as he places his lips on my neck. WAIT. I’ve stepped into a Dad joke trap have I? I waited for his response and was surprised to get: “So am I.” He starts kissing my neck over and over with small pecks. “No wait- HAHAHAHA- if you do it like that – Stop HAHA” he just giggles at me pushing him away. Finally, I got him to let go. “I’m making breakfast.” I said as I sat up. “We.” he says in reply standing. “Oui? Since when were you French?” I laughed at my own joke, but I’m still quite unsure of what he said. “We, you and me. We’re making breakfast” He said as he kissed me on the forehead then the lips before he headed towards the kitchen. I am left speechless at the gesture.

do y’all have younger siblings who aren’t affected by mental illness and are currently thriving in life and you’re proud of them but also envious because when you were their age you had no motivation and wanted to die every day so you were viewed as lazy and now you wish you could go back in time to change it all because lads let me tell you, that is tonight’s mood


The Melbourne-born actor Chris Hemsworth, 33, will tell you that there is no better place in the world than his native Australia, and he wants everyone else to know this, too: Mr. Hemsworth, who is most famous for playing the Marvel Comics superhero Thor in the 2011 eponymous movie and who is reprising the role in this fall’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” is on a mission to promote his homeland through his role as global ambassador for Tourism Australia, the country’s official tourism organization.

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