every day pokemon life

Things I am going to do when Pokemon Go comes out:

-come up with a goofy catchphrase to say before I start a battle and when I win/lose

-ask strangers for their numbers after we battle so I can call them constantly to tell them how strong my top percentage rattata is

-brush up on my Pokeflute playing skills in case of a Snorlax blocking my path

-start a gym and hand out badges to people who beat me

-scream “THERE’S A TIME AND PLACE FOR EVERYTHING” at people riding bikes in illogical locations

-jump out at unsuspecting civilians when they walk past to battle

-blast inspiring Pokemon music when I travel around or battle people

-cosplay every day

-lose my entire social life

  • niantic: pokemon go is now completely free. the game pays you every day you play. pokemon will physically appear beside you in real life when you catch them and-
  • me: k anyway is tracking fixed yet

even if the pokemon go hype dies down i don’t think i’ll ever forget this surreal experience of all these people who don’t usually play video games trying to talk to me about pokemon as if i’m really on my pokemon journey and they’re just a normal part of everyday life

-my mom showing me her pokemon every day she comes home from work and asking “have you caught this one yet? i found it outside the hospital!” or saying “i’m tired of all these ratatas around our house”

-my orchestra teacher saying “go home after rehearsal. do not wander the school looking for pokemon”

-my friends and i going on “pokeruns” where we all pack into a car and drive to the nearest hub of pokestops

-my 10 year old cousin trying to show me a website she knows about how to efficiently use your candies and lucky eggs

it’s just. wild… and im really happy i got to experience it