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rf10th day one - the first character you fell in love with

rosetta is the love of my life that i never married because rf1 gets very boring after the last boss lmao


NEW! Victorinox SwissCard Lite Pocket Tool

Victorinox, the Swiss army knife manufacturer, has designed a clever multi-tool called SwissCard Lite. Admittedly, this little gadget probably won’t save your life, but it could come in handy in various situations. As the name implies, the SwissCard fits into a standard wallet card slot, meaning that you can easily store it in your wallet or pocket.


Crystals for Sale! NEGOTIABLE PRICES! Trying to find all of these new homes!

All prices include tracked US shipping, I will ship internationally if the cost is covered. Crystals are on a first come first serve basis. Payments will be through PayPal. Orders will be shipped out every three days. Items crossed out are no longer available. Please message me on the instant messaging, I prefer to have a transcript of the conversation to ensure that I send you the right items!!!  If you have any questions please feel free to message me! :)

Picture One
1 small angel aura quartz point cluster  - $25
1 large angel aura quartz cluster - $40
3 large angel aura quartz points - $20 each all 3 for $40
5 medium aqua aura quartz points - $15 each or all 5 for $50

Picture Two
1 amethyst stalactite slice - $35
1 aventurine wand - $20
3 pyrite wands - $20 each or all 3 for $45
1 large clear freestanding quartz point - $25

Picture Three
1 large aqua aura cluster - $40
1 large clear freestanding quartz point - $25
1 large clear freestanding quartz point (long one) - $20
1 small polished freestanding citrine point - $20

Picture Four
1 large freestanding smokey quartz point - $40
1 medium clear freestanding quartz point - $25
1 medium clear freestanding quartz point - $25
1 set of 3 clear quartz points - $15

Picture Five
2 medium angel aura quartz points - $15 each or $25 for both
1 medium fluorite wand - $15
3 large fluorite wands - $20 each or $45 for all 3
1 large polished free formed polished malachite with flat top - $40

1 set of 3 polished clear quartz - $15

Very willing to negotiate pricing, I’m trying to find all of these new homes asap!

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How do you get that much money??? I only have 400 manaa! wtff ??

My French account is 2 years old.

On the US version I sell animal food for 9 mana and every day check which items are needed for bindles and then sell them for cheap.

After a while it goes up. ^-^


This Happens Every Day

Me: *scans item(s)*

Customer: Wait, shouldn’t that be marked down? It’s supposed to be (insert price.)

Me: *double-checks the item(s) for a clearance sticker, checks the computer for any deals on that/those item(s)* No, sorry. It doesn’t seem to be marked down.

Customer: But there are signs right over there *points somewhere* saying it’s on sale/buy one get one (x)% off.

(As I’m apologizing to them, I’m thinking: “You most likely read the sign wrong, or the item was misplaced and you didn’t notice. It’s most likely your fault. I’m not responsible for the item’s price OR for advertising sales. No one tells me about the sales and I have never seen these signs. I’m not responsible for your reading comprehension failure. It. Is. Your. Fault.”)

Customer: *glaring* Well, you need to take those signs down/Tell someone to take those signs down. This is f***ing ridiculous.

(One lady even told me that when this happens, the cashier usually just marks the price down for her. Yeah, right. I may be new to this, but I’m not stupid.)


Breadlord uses a few electronics for every day life!

※ Note: some items that were invented later on such as a computer, television, microwave, and air conditioning have an English pronunciation!  

Lesson: 1: greetings, 2: manners I, 3: manners II, 4: seasons, 5: family I, 6: family II, 7: food, 8: animals, 9: consonants, 10: flowers, 11: vowels, 12: classes, 13: weather, 14: colors, 15: feelings, 16: friends, 17: environmentLunar New Years,Children’s Day,Republic of Korea, Breadlord prototype book!

Pokemon Go Tips!

I’ve seen a few posts like these but some have incorrect info and some are missing a few things I’ve picked up so here we go:

  • Defender icon in the shop: This doesn’t give you free items every day, it gives you coins and items ONLY IF you have at least one pokemon in a gym. The more pokemon you have defending gyms, the more coins you get. There’s a cool-down of 21 hours.
  • Leveling Pokemon: You can’t level pokemon by fighting or training them, the only way is through the “power up” function. It takes star dust and candy. To get more candy, catch the same type pokemon and trade the lower level ones away. That’s 4 candy per catch!
  • Leveling yourself: Evolving pokemon gets you 500 xp, so it’s a good way to quickly level up if you don’t have access to many pokestops/gyms. That means you need to catch EVERY pokemon you see, even if it’s the 100th rattata or pidgey. Those common pokemon only take 12 candies to evolve, so you can level them up them ship ‘em off to Professor Willow for more candy.
  • Getting stupid powerful Pokemon to dominate gyms with: Use the power up function to get the pokemon as high CP as you can. The white arc above the pokemon shows how much more you can level it. This takes a while, since it burns through stardust pretty quickly, but it’s worth it. I turned an eevee into a CP 866 vaporeon by maxing out the eevee’s CP before evolving, and I’ve only been playing a few days.

If you have more tips or corrections, feel free to add them!

5 General Makeup Tips For Spoonies

I love makeup because it makes me feel great. If I could spend 30 minutes on my makeup every day, I would. But because of my chronic illness, I physically can’t some days. So here’s 5 general makeup tips to help speed up your makeup routine. I hope you find them helpful! I’ll be posting a more in depth tutorial soon!

1. Stay organized

I know when I’m having a flare up, I can barely remember little things like where my eyeliner is. The easiest solution is to keep a basket of all of your every day makeup items, including brushes. This saves tons of time and energy. 

2. Avoid matte lipstick

You usually have to exfoliate before wearing matte lipsticks. To speed things up, wear a creamy formula. A creamier formula will glide over dry patches, unlike a matte formula which would cling to them.

3. Stick to neutrals

For days when you don’t have enough time or energy, wear neutrals. They go with everything. They also require less blending than darker colors and don’t appear as obvious when not blended thoroughly. 

4. Use multi-tasking products

It can be annoying when you deal with too many makeup products. Opt for products that can do multiple things. In the above photo, I use my contour palette for eyeshadow, as well as contouring. You can also use highlighter for eyeshadow or vice versa. You can also use lipstick as cream blush, but that could take more time; which leads me to my next tip.

5. Stick to powder products (foundation, eyeshadow, blush, eyebrow powder, ect.)

Unless you have really dry skin, power products are the best option. They don’t require as much blending as creams and liquids, which saves a ton of time. If you have dry skin, then use a BB or CC cream. Their lightweight formula will make it easier to blend.

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Gom as best friend Headcanons :)

  • You feel sad and down? Worry not, they will do the stupidest thing to make you laugh.
  • They will be by your side at every time in your life, making them look like they were your family instead of best friends.
  • They are like little children—like in Teikou—that need someone to keep them in line and since Nijimura isn’t there anymore that role definitely falls on you.
  • Your birthdays are either a surprise or you already know about their small plan one month ahead.
  • They crash at your place/house/apartment at any hour—be it midnight or four in the morning it doesn’t matter. They would usually come alone or bring their friends with them.
  • Murasakibara would often bring you sweets from Akita, saying he already tried and was fed up with them—which would be a total lie.
  • Midorima would give you a lucky item every day, but not directly.
  • Kuroko would often treat you to Vanilla Milkshake which would definitely bring Aomine and Kise along and before you know it you would be playing basketball at the closest playground.
  • Despite Akashi being the most normal one of the squad, he would take the matters in his own hands whenever someone would bully or pressure you, but he would also be by your side nonetheless.

One of the most difficult things about cleaning when you have hoarding tendencies is that it’s always an emotional process as much as it is a physical process.  Everything has a story attached to it, part of me feels like everything matters, because I have so many memories of wearing that old shirt I haven’t touched in three years, but I remember being on the road with it one time–!  And fighting back against that urge to keep it just because of the familiarity of it, the feelings I have invested in it, despite that it’s not actually useful to me anymore, is an uphill battle.  An battle worth fighting, of course, and I’ve made a lot of progress, I’m not a full hoarder, but I have enough of it that I’m exhausted emotionally after a cleaning binge just as much as I am physically.


Star Trek Beyond: Bed, Bath & Beyond I EPIX

Watch as the stars of the new Star Trek Beyond movie interpret every day items for space!

Fuck acquaintances

There’s this woman who i used to attend an art class with in a community center several years ago.

She’s been a few times to my store, but today was the first time she was there while i was at the cash register.

There’s a buy-one-get-one-free on baby wipes.

One of the store’s policies is that a customer can buy up to 4 of the same item every day. If you want more than 4, you have to come back tomorrow.

So on this 1+1 sale, customers can buy 2 pairs.

She asked how many she could buy, i told her 4/day, and she went and grabbed the baby wipes.

She came back to the counter a minute later with 8 packages and i reminded her she could only buy 4.

“Oh, come on, can’t you do something? We know each other. I’ll pay with a different credit card.”

ARGH! Don’t put me in such an awkward situation, don’t make me bend the rules for you, you are not special, i hardly remember your name.

It’s unlikely that i would get fired for something like that, you have to screw up really bad to get fired here, but still.

I like my job better than i like you.

i need to learn how to handle a knife correctly. i need to learn how to shoot a gun correctly. i need to learn how to use every day items to hurt somebody. not because i want to go out injuring people, but because if i’m ever in a life or death situation i need to know how to defend myself.