every day i'm sainting

smoakandarrow  asked:

Hey Marc! Been watching your Twitter flooded w/abusive language, threats, petitions to be fired, etc., I can only shake my head. It's exhausting, I know, & while NO section of this (or any) fandom is "all saints," I do hope that you've gained a better perspective, perhaps, for what Felicity & Olicity fans deal w/every day going on 4 years now. Again, I'm not claiming we're saints, but that daily level of abuse, harassment & stalking literally EXHAUSTS you. Hope things calm down for you guys soon

Thank you.

I admit that I’ve had to take a breather from reading a lot of what’s being said on the Internet.  The posts themselves don’t bother me – I view the petition to have me fired as a petition to get me a vacation – but I am disillusioned by the number of angry people out there who want to vent their spleens at a television show when children are hungry, too many people live in poverty, our climate is changing for the worse, gun violence is claiming innocent lives, women are being sexually assaulted… I could go on and on.  Seriously, if we could just redirect one-tenth of the Internet’s passions towards issues that matter, the world would be a much better place.  (I’ll settle for one-fifth.)