every day i wear those will be a fuckin marvelous day i just know it

Because of @boopifer and Sebastian Stan and the pandas (I CANNOT EVEN HOW IS HE REAL), here, have some Extra Sugar with a panda plushie. (For the record, this was almost MUCH filthier. Like, such that my brain, having had the idea, stopped me from writing it.)


“How’re you doing, sub?” Chris’s voice rumbles low and concerned and loving from Sebastian’s iPad, propped up on the bed. “Feelin’ okay?”

“More or less, yes.” He runs a hand through his hair, knowing it’s a nervous gesture, knowing his Dominant’ll pick that up as well as the cuddly sweats and cozy blanket-burrow. His body’s relaxed—Chris hasn’t been gone that long, and Chris is here, talking to him—but nevertheless. Four days.

This is only day one.

“God, I wish I could be there.” Sincere longing colors Chris’s tone. “This timing fuckin’ sucks.”

“Agreed, sir.” Chris had been invited to open an exhibit in San Francisco; Sebastian’d been planning to come, but timelines and scheduling had shuffled around with his Marvel contract, and then he’d been unexpectedly offered a chance to write the score for not one but three other films, and he’d had to juggle meetings with directors, some of whom were only free that weekend…

He sighs. “I’m handling everything.”

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Happy Birthday, Buck.

A/N: This one is for @yamikurama who asked for Steve in tight, old style Cap pants and seen as it was Bucky’s birthday the other day, I’ve decided to add a little birthday fun. Though, yes it’s late, sorry! 

Back when they were younger and in a time where money was hard to come by (it still was, really), Steve would always be scarce for ideas on what to get Bucky for his birthday. Now, in the twenty first century where there were so many options, he was still at a loss. Before, he’d just cook Bucky’s favourite meal, though he always wanted to do more, Bucky said just being with Steve, happy and safe was enough. Plus, Steve’s mum had passed down her secret recipe for the world’s best chocolate chip cookies and if Bucky got those for every single one of his birthdays, then he was fine with that.

But today was different.

Steve was determined to make sure Bucky knew that. Bucky was getting back around noon from an overnight mission; Steve had organized a small party of just their closest friends in the evening, with movies and Bucky’s favourite ice cream. He’d made his mum’s famous cookies and bought cakes too. Bucky wasn’t really one for big parties anymore, so Steve thought a nice, peaceful birthday would be great. He’d prepared dinner and bought him something nice. However, there was a little problem.

When all was said and done, cake and presents collected, food eaten and music danced to, Steve began to feel nervous. He had a surprise for Bucky, of sorts. He’d already given Bucky his presents, but this one, this one was making him feel like a teenager about to have their first kiss. He was terrified that Bucky would laugh at him.

“Steve?” Bucky asked, walking into their bedroom, fresh from a shower. The pair of shorts he was wearing around his hips were hanging dangerously low, hair wet and disheveled, a short, lush mop of brunette locks falling onto his forehead. Steve gulped.

“Hey Buck,” Steve replied, sitting up on the bed, trying to act like nothing was wrong.

“Baby?” Bucky frowned, crossing the room to kneel in front of Steve, “what’s wrong?”

Steve blushed and shook his head, “nothin’.”


Sighing, the blond shuffled back and pulled down his jeans much to Bucky’s confusion, until they were around his ankles and then Bucky’s expression changed. Steve was wearing a tight fitting pair of pants (U.K. For underwear peeps), that he’d had to wear in the old days of Captain America, right before the performances and they’d go through the outfits – Bucky happened to like the look of Steve’s ass in this one.  

“I found them…and thought –

“Oh, baby,” Bucky cooed, surging forward to pull the other man into his arms, kissing him fiercely on the lips, “oh, doll. Oh, sweetheart. You’re perfect, you know that? So fuckin’ perfect, Stevie, look at you.”

Steve preened under the praise and buried his face in Bucky’s neck, “so, you like them?”

Bucky squeezed the swell of Steve’s ass gently with his flesh hand, chuckling when the blond yelped and burrowed himself deeper into Bucky’s arms, blushing all over.

“I love them, Stevie.”

Steve looked up at Bucky shyly and smiled, “happy birthday Buck.”

Bucky’s heart melted right there, because God, his baby was so thoughtful, “thank you baby doll, I love you so much.”

Steve flushed, playing with the identity tags around Bucky’s neck, “love you too Buck.”

Bucky felt something primal, protective stir within him, fuck his baby doll was so adorable and plaint and in need of him, he could barely stand waiting any longer.

“Wanna go to bed, Stevie?”

Steve looked up with dilated eyes and sniffled into Bucky’s neck, “no. Want you.”

Fuck, did that make Bucky growl, picking Steve up easily (despite not being skinny anymore) and lowering him down onto the bed, “okay, baby. Okay, sweetheart. I’m right here.”

Steve smiled hazily and sighed happily when Bucky’s lips touched his neck. It was safe to say that this had been Bucky’s favourite birthday yet.