every day I love him even more


the day after he left i felt empty. no emotion. i sat in my bed wondering why i didn’t leave before he left me. i always knew i was never enough. i knew he could do better than me. i knew he deserved better than me. but i stayed. because i was selfish, i stayed and let myself fall in love with him even more. i fell in love with every little thing about him. i thought he had been in love with me too. i thought he’d stay, i thought i was most important, i thought i was the only one. after him becoming distant, he tells me he’s leaving. he’s leaving for another girl. after he promised, he promised he’d never leave, he promised he’d never leave especially for another girl. so i let him. i knew it would happen and i let it. i knew i’d end up crying all night, not eating, bursting into tears when someone asked if i was okay. but i love him still. he broke my heart. and i’d let him do it a thousand times more.

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I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

I'm Attracted to You. Part 2 (Chanyeol x Reader)

It has been more than a month since you and Chanyeol exchanged phone numbers and been to several dates. Even though both of you were busy adults, your schedules were luckily very compatible. You were free when he was free, you were busy when he was busy. The more time you spent with him, the more you came to love him. You two were getting along better and better every passing day. He was a charming man, probably the most charming man you have ever meet and seen in your life, yet a kind one. Always opening the door for you, pulling your chair for you and he has done everything you would expect from a gentleman. At the end of your dates you two would exchange small pecks on the lips. But you wanted to do more than sweet pecks, you were desiring him. You have never desired someone else like this in your life, which made you more eager to get him. Today was your day off, so why waste it when you can use it beneficially. This time you were the one who asked to go on a date. “Hey Chanyeol! Well I was wondering if you would like to grab a bite and hangout with me?” He replied to your text immediately. “Hello! Well I am actually working on a song, but you can accompany me and maybe help me to make it better? Honestly I would love you to listen to my song and share your ideas with me.” You texted him back saying you would be more than happy to help him. He sent his address to you. You smiled like an idiot when you saw Chanyeol’s address on your phone screen. You saw the rest of the text and giggled, he was asking whether or not if you can bring Chinese takeout with you on your way to his studio. You texted him positively and went to your bedroom to change your clothes. You wore a big white sweatshirt and light blue ripped jeans, you were casual but chic and check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house. You were a bit anxious when you rang the bell, but relieved in a second when you saw Chanyeol with his arms wide open which were about to wrap your whole body. When he hugged you, you felt like the happiest person on earth. You pulled yourself away from Chanyeol and showed the Chinese takeouts you bought on your way. He laughed and took them. “Come on in.” He welcomed you and leaded you the way to his studio. While he was working on his song, you were eating noodles and reading your mails. When you finished reading them, you side eyed Chanyeol. He was so focused on his work which made him even more attractive. You moved your eyes to his eyes, then his nose and his lips. You admired every part of Chanyeol. You remembered the first night you meet him and blushed when you recalled the kiss. You licked your lips unintentionally. “Stop doing that.” Chanyeol said as he pushed himself from the table. “Stop doing what? Looking at you? If that bothered you I’m sorry.” You said and looked away from Chanyeol’s eyes. He stood up and took a few steps to the couch you were sitting on, now he was standing right in front of you. He kneeled down and touched your lips with his thumb and rubbed it gently. “Stop licking your lips while looking at me with your charming eyes, like you did the first time we saw each other.” You were so lost in his touch that you couldn’t concentrate on the words he was speaking. You opened your eyes and looked at Chanyeol’s eyes which were full of lust. You gapped your mouth and took Chanyeol’s thumb in between you teeth and nibbled it softly, still looking at Chanyeol’s eyes. He pressed his thumb down which made your mouth open, then moved his moved this thumb to your cheek, without raising it and now he was holding your jaw in his hands. He pulled you and inserted his tongue in your mouth. You pulled his hairs with your hands. You moaned softly when he touched the back of your palate with his tongue. He held you from the sides of your hips and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around him and moved your lips from his lips to his neck, he groaned while you were licking and nibbling his neck gently. He slammed you to the wall and now his hands were not on the sides of your hips anymore, they were on the wall beside your ears. His leg was in between your legs, on your core. He held your hand and placed it on his member, and leaned down to your ear. “I can’t wait any longer.” He said while panting. You squeezed his member gently and licked his ear. “Who told you to wait?” You moved you hips on his leg slowly, but rousingly. He unzipped your jeans and moved his hands under your panties and moved his fingers on your vagina. You were panting evert time he moved his hand on you vagina. When you got your pace back you unzipped his jeans as well, when you touched the head of his penis and rubbed it Chanyeol moaned and inserted his index finger in your vagina and moved his finger slowly. You moaned to his ear and touched his hand which was under your panties. “I want it here.” He pulled his head away from your ear to look at your face. You licked your lips again, this time you did intentionally. He smashed his lips against you and gave you a kiss full of passion. He got rid of your jeans and took your panties off. You took his shirt off and threw it somewhere on the floor. When you saw his amazingly built body and bit your lower lip. Your fingertips traveled on his chest. He moaned when you touched around his nipple. He held the hand on his chest and squeezed it. “I can’t hold myself back anymore.” You moved your hand which was in Chanyeol’s hand to your lips and kissed it. “You don’t have to.” Chanyeol took his hard cock out of his boxer and inserted in your vagina without any hesitation. You screamed when he inserted it and wrapped your legs around his hips. Your vision was getting blurry every time he moved his hips deeper. You looked at his shoulder and marked it with your teeth. He groaned when you bit it and moved his hips faster. The corridor was reverberating your and Chanyeol’s pants. You climaxed when he hit your g-spot and, so did he. He took his penis out from your vagina and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You felt his unsteady heartbeats on your chest and giggled. When he got his pace back he carried you like princess took you to the bathroom. You stopped him when he was about to leave you in the bathroom. “Up for another round?” You asked. He smirked and pulled you to him, kissing every place on you face and closed the door behind him. After taking shower you wore Chanyeol’s sweatshirt and his boxer which were way too big for your size. You were so tired and napped for a few hours. When you woke up you went to Chanyeol’s studio. He smiled when you entered the room and patted his lap for you to sit. You sat on his lap. He kissed you on the cheek and opened some files on his computer. “I’m going to show you something but it’s going to be a secret between the two of us.” You gave him a suspicious look and he laughed when he saw your face. “Just listen to it.” He clicked on the file and when you heard yourself and Chanyeol moaning and panting your whole body got heated up, especially your face. “Seems like I forgot to turn the recorder off and it recorded our passionate fun until I came here and turned it off.” He said with a jeer. You smacked his arm playfully. “You are going to erase it right?” You asked. “Hmm, I think I won’t. I’m planning to use it for my next song.” He teased you and when you were about to smack him harder this time he held your hand and pulled you into his embrace. He placed your head on his chest. His heartbeats were so loud and fast. “This is the other sound I’m planning to use it for my next song, too, about my love for you.” You raised your head and locked your eyes to his chocolate brown eyes. “Say it one more time.” You said. He smiled and said “I love you.” Your eyes got teary when you heard those 8 letters and 3 words. He cupped your face and kissed your eye. “Now it’s your turn.” He whispered softly. You inhaled his mesmerizing smell and whispered back, “I love you.” You kissed him softly on the lips and cupped his face back, resting your forehead against his forehead. For a few seconds no one said anything, the only sound was Chanyeol’s and your heartbeats, but then both of you started to laugh. You looked at the Chinese takeout and pouted. “It’s a shame, they are probably all cold now.” He chuckled and patted your head. “We should have used soy sauce as lubricant.” He said waiting for you to get mad. “We will use it next time, maybe while trying something more creative.” You winked at him and he started to laugh out loud. “I’m looking forward to that day.” He said and hugged you tightly.

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Screenshots from My Setup Tour! :D

Okay I loved this video. xD I just found super interesting and fascinating because I love seeing how things are made or like behind the scenes kind of stuff and I loved seeing everything that Jack showed in this video. Even if I don’t understand exactly how certain things work or how I could do some of this stuff myself it’s still super interesting to me. I feel like Jack showed more in this video of how him being consistent with making and posting his videos everyday is very time consuming. Not that I didn’t understand that before but I got more clarity on why that is and honestly that helps me appreciate all the time he puts into doing so much every single day for us and for himself as well. :) 

Plus I could tell that Jack LOVES this kind of stuff! Like building computers or just computers in general and finding more ways to make the quality of his videos better. It really is nice to hear him talk about this stuff because he’s very passionate about all of this and I like seeing another part of him that I seriously think is very smart. This whole video for me felt like being there in his recording room, with him just showing us around the room and showing what almost everything is and does while talking a lot about something you can just tell he’s extremely passionate about and I just love hearing him talk about all of this even if I don’t necessarily understand 100% of it. I love getting to know this person who I’ve considered a friend that I kind of get to hang out with everyday more and sometimes it just makes me wish that I could actually talk to him again and that he could actually hear what I’m saying because I genuinely love hearing Jack talk about the things that are on mind especially the stuff he’s passionate about. I just love hearing people talk about something they love or are passionate about even if I don’t understand everything exactly as they do. You get to know a person so much more by hearing them talk about the things they love to do or that they know a lot about and sometimes seeing that passion from whoever you’re talking to you get to see that special little spark or light inside of them that no other person has and I love seeing those lights from people. ^_^ 

But now I’m just rambling! xD I seriously loved this video and it very interesting for me to see Jack’s set up, his equipment and just seeing more of how how he makes his videos. :) 
Plus I figured out Jack’s headphones have actually been fuzzy this whole time! WHAT THE FUCK?! 

Jade and Jed are together for a while now and they have always been so supportive of each other since day 1, Jed is already friend with Jake and you can tell that he has a good relationship with the girls, he’s always posting picture of Jade and when he can’t be with her because he’s busy with his own band always find the time to actually support her and saying every time how much he’s proud of her. And Jade, of course, she does the same. She wears The Struts merch, writes about how she’s proud of him, post tbt everytime they’re not together, she’s even active on snapchat when she’s with him which is really weird to see more the two snaps in a day bye her (love you Jade) anyway this post was probably unnecessary I just wanted to say that I really like him and he seems perfect for her, I’m happy for her.

Beware not of the monsters, but of the Jopper-ness…

So Stranger Things has almost taken over my life and I needed to write this before it took over completely. I fell in love with the show, then fell in love with this ‘ship. I haven’t ‘shipped this hard since 2008.

I’m not a writer, by the way, just a little sad that there isn’t much Jopper-love on tumblr. Here you go. Probable spoilers. Too much fluff.

Chapter 1 - Sometimes.

Nothing had happened. The day that everyone was dreading had arrived and nothing had happened. It was one year since the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers and everyone went about their daily lives, even Hopper. Then it dawned on him. Today he wouldn’t be seeing Joyce.

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I'm actually happy this situation happen because it open alot of people eyes how much Justin treat women .And open Hailey eyes that she deserve so much better she focus more on herself and her career,plus she seem more happy lately when she not dealing with that little boy .

My thoughts exactly. I unfollowed Justin on every social media account, I was following him. If he doesn’t know how to treat women respectfully and value them, I can’t tolerate following a fuckboy. If I was his mother, I would be so fucking ashamed and embrassed for my son’s behaviour. 

Plus, I’ve realzied, Justin does not even appreciate his fans any more. Back in the days, when he was this troublemaker, he would still nteract with his fans, would say hed love us, but now, he doesn’t give a fuck. all he cares about is money and women.

It proves Hailey, that she needs to find herself a GROWN man, who values her. I feel so sorry for Hailey and Selena. They’ve gotten so much hate, still do get hate for dating him or whatever, but he only asked to stop the hate for sofia. Who the fuck is Sofia???!?!?!! Like omg. Justin needs to get his shit together. He is becoming worse than he was back in the days with the mugshot.


Richard Armitage appeared on the TODAY show with Kathie Lee and Hoda on Weds 5 Dec 2012 to talk about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

200+ Follower Appreciation

So, I just hit 200+ followers the other day and I just wanted to thank each and every one of you who put up with all my shit and especially those who still want to interact with me.


Your an amazing roleplayer and an even more amazing friend. I enjoy every conversation and every thread we have. Your Hima also completes my Neji and allows him to be the best uncle in the world/

@honorofthehyuga/ @hyugaeiji

Not only were you the first person to welcome me to the fandom but you’ve become one of my closest friends. I can’t tell you how much I love our Nejicest threads and of course how much I love talking to you all the time.


I love our ship way too much. I’m constantly finding myself awaiting your responses way too eagerly and thinking up new ideas for our muses to do together.

@byakuganhime/ @mizukasumi

You were my first and favourite Hinata I ever interacted with. You became a treasured friend and of course an amazing rp partner. I look forward to all of our interactions even if we haven’t had many lately and you seemed to abandon Hinata


I love our interactions so much and the fact that you’re always putting up with my mistakes. I love your Sasuke way too much and can’t wait to see what the two of us them have in store for them.

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Allura: So you've been going to the same bar every Wednesday to oogle the guy that sings that day for more than a month and you didn't even notice that he moved into the apartment three doors from you... And has even already made friends with Lance, Hunk and Pidge? Shiro: Basically. Well Just Hunk and Pidge. Lance doesn't like him. Allura: You're a man of science and this flew over your head? Well... a love sick man of science. What next? Shiro:.. I didn't think it'd go this far? Allura: quiznak


Love Poem

A Captive Prince Fanfic

Pairing: Laurent/Damen
Word count: 976 words
Summary: Laurent is an editor who cannot - will not - get through the final meeting with his client who writes the most infuriatingly beautiful love poems of all times. He’s done.
Notes: A very scatterbrained attempt to write a tiny birthday present for Laura. I hope you like this even though it is what it is. ♥
Read on [AO3]

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So every time I give them another chance my parents give me even more reason to cut them off. The other day my dad called me fat and said I look pregnant and stared at my stomach in disgust. When I call him out on it today (after he questioned my competency at my job) this was his response. He’s called me fat my entire life and now that a struggle with my weight it’s my fault.

If anyone else has struggled with their relationships with their parents and eventually cut them off forever is love to hear your stories. This is a really hard time for me where I struggle between “blood is thicker than water” and “fuck them”

Do You Believe in Magic?

TITLE: Do You Believe in Magic?

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Jinxx being a magician who tries to win your affection by using his tricks to impress you



SUMMARY: Jinxx is a street magician and one woman is not impressed by his tricks.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I actually really loved writing this one.

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Nickname: Bernie, Deenie, Jojo 

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw for the win

Avg hrs of sleep: I would say 7-8? I don’t know. I can give you a more accurate number after I get more into college scheduling

Lucky Number: 21 and I don’t know why

Last thing I googled: umm units of measure? I was working on homework and needed conversion charts and things

Favorite character: Idk? Dean Winchester maybe? ProbabIy because I connected with him a lot in his thought process and I always liked him and supernatural is still a love of mine even if I haven’t watched the latest seasons

How many blankets I sleep with: just one, two if its cold

Favorite bands/artists: Bastille (all day every day), Halsey, Hans Zimmer because he is the most beautiful composer to ever grace my ears (I mean I did force y’all to listen to the Interstellar soundtrack that’s in my blog player), Kygo, Daya

Dream job: professional handball player or wedding planner–yet I’m a chemical engineering major bc moneyyyyyy (and chemistry)

Current outfit: piece of shit— jk I mean purple norts and a pink UA shirt bc comfort > cuteness 

Do I get asks on a daily basis: hell no. no one likes me. 

Reason behind my URL: Oh lord. Alright to clear the air, it is not a drug reference. I always want to help people, and people put “heroes” on such high pedestals and I always wanted to just be as helpful as a hero? Like be higher up in helping them? Sorta like holding myself to a higher standard of helping than what people see heroes as. Not like I want the recognition? Idk that probably doesn’t make much sense

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Gah Harry makes me so ridiculously happy, like every single day even when we don't see him there's still something to be excited about and when we do see him, well in this case he's literally wearing a Hawaiian shirt with Mickey and Minnie and hula hula all over it and I've never loved him more lmao

LMAO i feel you tho 🙈😂 he’s just delightful and idk but i don’t require him doing any specific thing to make me happy im literally just so content when he’s hanging with friends and wearing silly shirts and being him yknow like film and music and everything else he’s going to conquer is amazing and so so fun to follow and support but just being harry is enough to make me heart eyes 😍🤗

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Can I request scenario where Iwaizumi shy crush is trying to confess to him after much insistance of her friends but he misunderstand and think she's trying to confess to Oikawa?

aaaa i love writing for iwa!! i really liked writing this one, since i love him so much,,, - admin kimchi

fandom(s): haikyuu!!

pairing(s): iwaizumi x fem!s/o

warning: none!

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