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Tumblr is such a negative place. Every damn time I get on this site, opinions on [some celebrity] have changed.
#bae one day and #awful the next.

EVERY SINGLE CELEBRITY IS PROBLEMATIC. No one is perfect. But when someone says or does something wrong, make a note of it and explain why it wasn’t okay then move the fuck on.

I’m really tired of feeling like I need to hate people.

How The Paladins React to You Being Found.

Prompt: “Can we have a continuation of S/O being found?”

Yes! This is a continuation of one of my older headcanons ‘How the Paladins react to you going missing.’

I had such an aesthetic in my brain for these scenes, and I really enjoyed writing Lance and Hunk, especially. Their reactions, in my head, are always something special.



  • After months of you being gone, he was slowly driving himself insane with planning. Like, he knows what it feels like to be trapped somewhere, and the thought of you having to go through that just upset him so much.

  • So it’s safe to say that whenever you’re found, malnourished, curled up in a ball, all hope lost, he is so, so relieved.

  • When he first finds you, he probably just stands and stares at your cowering figure for a moment. He’s so shocked.

  • He feels his heart shatter a little bit, because you look so scarred emotionally.

  • Once he snaps out of it {it takes Keith yelling at him to hurry up}, he scoops you up in his arms and runs through the building.

  • Suddenly, he’s so violent. Like, people try to grab you out of his arms and he just can’t believe the nerve on them.

  • Like ??? Do they actually know who they’re fucking with?

  • Keith explaining to you later on how he’s never seen Shiro so mad and so eager.

  • When you and Shiro are finally home, he doesn’t let you out of his sight for weeks. It’s not like you mind, though. You feel a little unsafe now being on your own anyway.

  • “Shiro, I’m just getting food.”

  • “Please come back. I can’t handle being without you, we’ve figured out.”

  • Sitting outside of your healing pod for as long as it takes.

  • He doesn’t force you to talk about any of it to him. He knows how hard it is. He’s just there to help you through it, and he wants you to know that.


  • Keith, quite simply, becomes emotionally unavailable for anyone but you.

  • When he sees you curled up in the corner, skinny, pale, nearly knocked out, it’s genuinely like he was the one who had been trapped for months.

  • He literally just completely shuts down because, like, his baby ??? Is dying ???

  • He genuinely despises himself for taking so long to find you.

  • He grabs you, just like Shiro, and uses any form of an exit to get you out of there. He doesn’t care about the danger to himself. He just knows he needs to get you out of there.

  • When the two of you are home, he sits you down in a healing pod and doesn’t leave your side. I mean, literally. The other paladins probably have to bring him food and water, and he barely closes his eyes.

  • “I don’t need sleep. Apparently I did plenty of that when they were missing.”

  • When you wake up, he gets a tad bit emotional.

  • He hugs you so tightly and peppers your face with kisses, refusing to let you go. It’s kind of a humorous moment, with you trying to push him off of you so you can say hello to the others, but him just downright refusing to let go of you.

  • Even though your laughing, Keith means it. He feels like he genuinely can’t let go of you. Not again. He only just got you back.

  • Eventually, you give in and the two of you just collapse onto the floor in each others arms.

  • Internally, Keith thinks you hate him for taking so long. That’s why he hugs you extra close {Keith isn’t big on affection, so this is very shocking to you}.

  • “I never stopped looking for you, Y/N. I never stopped.”

  • Even months later, you still have to assure him that you don’t think it’s his fault you spent so long in the galra prisons.



  • Jesus Christ. He is so shook.

  • When he rounds the corner and sees yo u in the cell, his face drops and he just starts yelling.

  • “Y/N! Y/N! Oh my goodness, thank you Jesus! Guys! Guys! They’re okay! I’ve found her! I’ve found her, oh my! Thank you so much! Blessed! Blessed! Blessed!”

  • Even though you’re half unconscious, he scoops you up in his arms and twirls you around, pressing your sensitive skin with kisses.

  • So. Much. Smiling. Even as the Galra’s chase him down hallways, he is laughing and jumping and skipping the entire way to the exit, holding you and bouncing you in his arms.

  • You drearily smile up at him, his excitement radiating onto you. This makes him smile even brighter.

  • “Woo hoo! My S/O is okay!”

  • He basically just wants to scream to the world that he found you. He found you.

  • He’s so pleased with himself. It wasn’t Shiro, or Keith, or Hunk, or Pidge. It was him. He feels so useful all of a sudden.

  • As exciteable as he is, when you finally wake up from the healing pod and have to tell him what happened, he cries.

  • Our boy cries.

  • Because he’s like… I did something good but, like, it was clearly far too late.

  • Him holding you close at night, inhaling your scent, trailing his hands along every inch of your skin because he just needs to feel you next to him in case you go missing again.


  • “Has anybody seen Y/N?”

  • “She literally just went to the bathroom, Lance. Calm down.”


  • He panics.

  • He sees you in the corner and he just starts bouncing from foot-to-foot, pointing at you, squealing.

  • Like Lance, he’s a little bit shook. But he shows it in the most adorable and heart-wrenching way.

  • Clear tears in his eyes.

  • “Hunk, grab them for crying out loud!”

  • “Oh right.”

  • He scoops you up in his massive arms, but he’s so god damn delicate. It’s genuinely like he’s holding a new born baby.

  • When you’re in the healing pod, he’s constantly asking Coran questions about when you’ll heal up. He just wants to hear your voice.

  • He’s a little ball of anxiety the entire time, waiting for you to heal.

  • When you wake up, he immediately hands you some food he made because of how malnourished you are. The two of you hide out in your room, eating the food before you show yourself to the others.

  • “Y/N’s gone missing!”

  • When you finally have to go to see the others, Hunk is by your side the entire time with his hand protectively on your waist.

  • When the conversation drifts off to other things, Hunk keeps whispering, “Are you okay?” in your ear, just to make sure. Even if you’re not even showing signs of being upset. He just wants to make sure.

  • You feeling completely comfortable with telling Hunk how things went down in the Galra prisons, just because he’s Hunk and he listens so well.

  • He doesn’t give you any reassurance or advice, because he knows he’s not obligated to do so.

  • Instead, he asks Shiro to help you. He begs Shiro to help you.

  • “I think they just need somebody to talk to. I can’t relate to anything she’s saying, but you can.”

  • “God, Hunk. You really care about them, don’t you?”


  • She’s so in the game.

  • Like, she sees you and she just grabs you instantly, talking into her ear piece like, “Yep, we’ve got her. On our way now.”

  • Even though she’s completely screaming on the inside.

  • She gets on the ship, puts you in a healing pod and she is clearly trying to act strong for your sake. She sits in a little plastic chair just outside of the pod, her head in her hands, trying to fight back tears.

  • “You can cry, Pidge.”

  • “She hated it when I cried.”

  • Being super delicate with you when you wake up.

  • Shocked at just how malnourished you are. Silently but urgently telling Coran to get you food {by like roughly pointing towards the kitchen or something like that}.

  • Being completely silent whilst you eat. She just stares at you as you do so, feeling herself falling apart because she never understood just how bad the Galra prisons are.

  • She can see it now, though. She suddenly regrets not moving in quicker.

  • Soft kisses. My writer brain is quaking.

  • When she does kiss you, her hands barely touch you. She’s so afraid of breaking you, god damn it.

  • You having to drag her into you.

  • Long hugs.

  • Silent acknowledgement. She knows you’re hurt. She knows you’re suffering. You don’t need to go into detail with her.

  • Since she’s Pidge, she is obviously secretly making plans to kill every god damn Galra that placed their hands on you.

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Mr. Ibis reached into an inside pocket and pulled out a notebook, which he flipped through until he found the appropriate page, and he read out a summarized version of Mad Sweeney’s life. According to Mr. Ibis, Mad Sweeney had started his life as the guardian of a sacred rock in a small Irish glade, over three thousand years ago. Mr. Ibis told them of Mad Sweeney’s love affairs, his enmities, the madness that gave him his power (“a later version of the tale is still told, although the sacred nature, and the antiquity, of much of the verse has long been forgotten”), the worship and adoration in his own land that slowly transmuted into a guarded respect and then, finally into amusement; he told them the story of the girl from Bantry who came to the New World, and who brought her belief in Mad Sweeney the leprechaun with her, for hadn’t she seen him of a night, down by the pool, and hadn’t he smiled at her and called her by her own true name? She had become a refugee, in the hold of a ship of people who had watched their potatoes turn to black sludge in the ground, who had watched friends and lovers die of hunger, who dreamed of a land of full stomachs. The girl from Bantry Bay dreamed, specifically, of a city where a girl would be able to earn enough to bring her family over to the New World. Many of the Irish coming into America thought of themselves as Catholics, even if they knew nothing of the catechism, even if all they knew of religion was the Bean Sidhe, the banshee, who came to wail at the walls of a house where death soon would be, and Saint Bride, who was once Bridget of the two sisters (each of the three was a Brigid, each was the same woman), and tales of Finn, of Oísin, of Conan the Bald—even of the leprechauns, the little people (and was that not the biggest joke of the Irish, for the leprechauns in their day were the tallest of the mound folk) . . . All this and more Mr. Ibis told them in the kitchen that night. His shadow on the wall was stretched and birdlike, and as the whiskey flowed Shadow imagined it the head of a huge waterfowl, beak long and curved, and it was somewhere in the middle of the second glass that Mad Sweeney himself began to throw both details and irrelevancies into Ibis’s narrative (“. . . such a girl she was, with breasts cream-colored and spackled with freckles, with the tips of them the rich reddish pink of the sunrise on a day when it’ll be bucketing down before noon but glorious again by supper . . .”) and then Sweeney was trying, with both hands, to explain the history of the gods in Ireland, wave after wave of them as they came in from Gaul and from Spain and from every damn place, each wave of them transforming the last gods into trolls and fairies and every damn creature until Holy Mother Church herself arrived and every god in Ireland was transformed into a fairy or a saint or a dead King without so much as a by-your-leave . .
—  American Gods by Neil Gaiman 

I still cannot believe the snarky comments that filled this tag for the last 5 episodes along the lines of “this is not how choice works, Aida” or “yeah well he’s not going to choose you, bitch” are now actual canon like what a show. The running joke of ‘Aida’s self-insert fan-fic’ is literally the entire Framework plot and that scene was somehow more cathartic than Daisy blasting that bitch out of the Triskelion.

Someone Buy Me Roses

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @bipolardonnie. “could you do an imagine where the reader works at a florist and is really shy and sweet and desolation row gerard has THE BIGGEST CRUSH on them? xx”

A/N: I’m just gonna tag @chemicalimagines because there have been too many mentions of both Desolation Row and florist AUs on her blog for this to not be her fault. 

You were standing behind the counter, debating whether to start straightening the calla lilies on display, when the bell rang, drawing attention the strange, black-haired man who had just walked into the flower shop.

He was wearing a leather jacket, and he had a bandage just above on eye. You wondered what he was doing here. He looked like the type of guy who was more likely to buy Black Flag tickets for his girlfriend than a bouquet. Assuming he had one. But, why wouldn’t he? He was gorgeous, in a bad-boy sort of way.

He looked nervous. You knew you should probably ask him if he needed any help, but you were too shy. Maybe I’m a bad fit for the customer service industry, you thought with a frown. I opened this shop because I’ve always loved growing plants, but if I can’t talk to people who come into the store, I’ll never sell anything.

Then, suddenly, you heard sirens in the distance. It sounded like they were getting closer by the minute. The man jumped.

“Hey!” he said, running up to the counter, taking you aback. “Listen! If you let me hide in the backroom, I’ll buy every damn rose in this place, alright?!”

“Wha…..” you gaped, unsure what to say. Why did the man want to hide here? You realized that the police must be after him, and he was trying not to get caught.

“Please,” the stranger pleaded. “I’m serious. I have the money, I’ll do it. Just help me!”

If he did have money for all of your roses, you wondered where he had gotten it from. For all you knew, he could’ve robbed a bank.

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I went on a 6 day camp for Easter and drew this from a a photo of different camp back in July 2016 in Finland with their beautiful lakes.

Baby Blue Rip

He weaved the white cloth over his wrist, around his hand, up to his thumb, his knuckles, until his hand was covered with the wrap. He flexed his fingers, turned his hand over, checking for wrinkles and lumps in the cloth. He repeated the process on his other hand. He stood, hooking his fingers into the collar of his shirt, and pulled the fabric from his body. He pulled his phone and earbuds from his loose-fitting workout shorts; slender fingers unraveling the tangle in the earbuds. The music quickly found its way into his ears. The brooding tone of the melody, the soft yet fierce quality of the lyrics seemed to push him toward the punching bag waiting for him at the center of the room. He filled his mind with every hardship, every monster, every curse that he and Annabeth had endured in that damned place. Every memory of that dark pit that gave him nightmares, woke him up, tears streaming down his face at two in the morning. The place that made his girlfriend afraid of him. He channeled every ounce of anger, fear, sadness, regret, into his fists, pounding relentlessly at the bag in front of him. He pushed himself, needing to feel the pain, needing to forget, even for just a couple moments. The bag’s chains groaned at his constant motion. He loved the sting of sweat in his eyes, the black hair sticking to his forehead and the nape of his neck. The ache in his arms drove him to hit harder, faster. Right jab, back step, left jab, right uppercut. He focused intently for a while, before he felt the familiar tug on his gut. He ignored it, and it gradually grew stronger. Finally, the emergency sprinkler system overhead burst. Everything besides him was slowly getting soaked.

“I guess that’s enough for one day,” he sighed.

listen, i’m not trying to be mean or anything BUT

Of you? Honestly. (M) [Pt. 2]

Bad boy!Jungkook ft. Jimin + High School AU. 2 260-ish words. Smut. Queued.

Part 1 

And maybe you’ve lost your mind to be urging the notorious bad boy, testing his patience, but you could care less, not when you’re reminded of your whereabouts; dull white sheets, cold metal beds, disinfectant induced air and the possibility of either the nurse or Jimin coming back for you.

“Someone might come.” You murmur, panic raising red flags.

“Do you want me to stop?” He lifts a challenging eyebrow, humored by the mere notion.

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Red & Silver (Part 1)

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Pairing: Natasha x Reader, Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: reader befriends Natasha Romanoff in the Red Room, but Natasha has a lucky escape. She manages to join the Avengers, leaving the reader to be recruited by Hydra and turned into an ultimate weapon to replace the one they lost.

Warnings: swearing, violence, torture

Word count: 1523

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A New Way Of Life ch. 16

Warnings: Language. Negan. Does this classify as fluff? I really don’t know. 

Word Count:  2337

A/N: Dream is in italics. Request are still open!!

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“Can we just stay like this forever?” you asked him as you laid your head on his shoulder, rubbing his hairy chest, basking in afterglow. 

You heard him chuckle. “As much as I’d like that doll, we can’t,” came his husky reply. You felt him place a kiss on the top of your head, rubbing you belly. “I can’t believe he’s going to be here in less than two months,” he said propping himself up on his elbow.

You laughed as you readjusted so you could lay against him. It was so cute how worked up he got emotional talking about y'all child. “Negan. You don’t even know if it’s a boy. What if it’s a girl?”

“Shhh. Don’t get my baby boy upset. If it is a girl, then she’d be just as bad ass as her mommy” he said crawled back on top of you.

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Fruits Basket Another

May I just say how much the manga Fruits Basket molded me as a person as I read Tohru’s story as a young adult. The fact that it has been 10+ years since I first read Fruits Basket and this is coming out is just a blessing. So much nostalgia!

I remember a classmate of mine being so hard on Tohru as a character because she always seemed to have the answers. But Tohru was always my favortie and most cherished manga character. This world is a tough place to live in and the pessimist side of me really believes that genuine human connection really only exists in stories nowadays. I want to meet a Tohru in my life and if I can’t meet one I want to send out good vibes just like her.

Fruits Basket is my favorite manga ever and this sequel is amazing to have. I mean, she could write crap and I will just be so happy to revisit the world of Furuba. I’m looking forward to reading about the offspring of my favorite characters.

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Looking for some inspiration lately, so here is another head canon, this time for one of my favorite ships, Nicsen, also known as Nicole and Jensen. Read more about this amazing couple here. Tags under the cut…

When it came to kissing her husband; mmmm, it was delicious. Nicole loved kissing Jensen. It wasn’t just about those plump and perfect lips, no. It was so much more. Jensen kissed like it was art form; an athletic event and he was going to take first place. Every. Damn. Time.

The first time Jensen kissed her, Nicole couldn’t catch her breath. It wasn’t just a first kiss; she realized as his smooth lips glided over hers, this would be her last first kiss. There was no rush as he slotted his lips against hers. There was no urgency, no awkwardness. The kiss just was. It was everything she dreamed and hoped it could be. As far as first kisses went, it would go down as the best first kiss in history. 

The best thing about kissing Jensen was that no matter how many times he kissed her, it always left her feeling like it was the first kiss. Each kiss, however, was different. Whether it was hot and passionate, short and sweet, rushed and needy, kissing Jensen would always be perfect and delicious. 

You may ask…what was Nicole’s favorite kiss with Jensen? The one they shared right after they said “I do.” 

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