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doctor who meme    [4/7] scenes

I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here. Rose, you’ve got to stop this, you’ve got to stop this now! You’ve got the entire vortex running through your head. You’re gonna burn! I want you safe, my Doctor. Protected from the false god.


Court of Cards: Training

[more wonderland AU]        [if you have questions…]

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me: *has very long reading list* 

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I am really curious about the kind of concept nct dream is gonna comeback with

Lance probably has the biggest crush on Steve Harrington from Stranger Things but is too afraid to admit it to Keith because he doesn’t want to be called out for liking the mullet.

This is what happens when you meet Vic/ED. Colleen/Riza, Todd/Ling, and Troy/Greeling.


It was supposed to be a sketch but my love for Furiosa could not be satisfied with a sketch, and suddenly I needed to paint all those belts and that damn mechanical arm, and then part of the Rig wanted to be in there too. Also I’m all for goggles+scarf Furiosa. 

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Trek Meet Up 2k17 OK Edition

I have compiled a few photos of our meetup. There are a ton more pictures but they’re mainly individual photos and I will let @mccoymostly @gracieminabox and @auduna-druitt decide what they want to post. Anywho! A quick run down of our vacay ahead!

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Little Luxuries || Gladiolus Amicitia x Ignis Scientia

So @itshaejinju​ asked me for headcanons. And guess what? It turned into a goddamn fic. I think this is actually one of my longest written fics, with the other being Addicted. Thought o be honest, it was initially going to be just a headcanon ramble. But with how things played out, it turned into a really long fic. But hey, I have no regrets over it, because then I figured out how to finish up/start out Little Luxuries. It was a really weird process on how I actually went about this fic, but I’m okay with the result either way. 

Pardon my usual typos, because I’m a scrub who needs a better proofreader other than myself. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless, Jin! C:

Words: 5191
Pairing(s): Gladiolus Amicitia x Ignis Scientia (Gladnis), Bumbling Bit of Promptis Implied Too
Warnings: Fluff to Angst, Awkward Romantics, A Crying Gladio, Hell of Alot of Reading

“Is it weird to like your best friend?”

Perhaps Gladiolus shouldn’t have asked Prompto of all people about this sudden yet profound realization, because the blond-haired chocobro stammered profusely and tried to justify that he and Noctis were just friends. “I mean, good for you, Prompto, but I’m talking about me.” Gladiolus was far too casual with the question as he sort of stared off and listened to Prompto continue to ramble more about Noctis. Despite his curiosity, he supposed Prompto had more he wanted to talk about.

Besides, all Gladiolus really wanted to talk about was Ignis.

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Louis: *laddy lad, hanging out w/ me mates at the pub, have me a pint or two, big mac and chips please and thanks, “THAT’S YOUR JOB YOU FOOKIN LOOS-HA!” gotta watch me football, “gonna smoke and it’s okay”, mess with my fam or my gf and I will fight you*

Also Louis: *built a winter wonderland for his girlfriend and his sisters in his backyard for Christmas (which fucking included a damn ICE-RINK!), gets his gf’s first initial tattooed on him, got a birthday cake for his girlfriend in the likeness of the Disneyland castle with his girlfriend and him made in fondant, and went on holiday to Jamaica with his girlfriend to watch turtles hatch on the beach*

Rules: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

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Alright, here we go:

1. In the Shallows

So the file with chapter 7 already has over 8k words in it but I’m doing some rearranging and a chunk of that is going to go into the next chapter and I’m going fill in part of the middle. But basically they’re still in Shallow Valley and they’re both still stubborn. There is some archery in this one, which is fun and since it’s been so long since I’ve updated here’s a sneak peek on that:

Clarke, for her part, doesn’t seem to have taken any notice of any of them. It’s like she’s in her own space and none of them exist in this moment to distract her. There is a sheath of arrows at her left side, hooked on to the outside of her thigh. She pulls one out now with measured movements that transition smoothly to line it across her bow.

Lexa looks to see what her target is and sees nothing. She opens her mouth to ask Tahvo when there is a sound like a mechanism being released and something in the distance is launched into the air - a dark smudge that turns head over end quickly.

Clarke’s movements are fast and smooth. In one motion she finds her target, stretch back the bowstring, and releases her shot. The arrow slices through the air with a whistle and Lexa watches it completely annihilate the object in the distance, causing it to disintegrate in mid-air into a cloud of debris.

2. An untitled collection of mystic au drabbles

Not really sure what is going to happen with this. It’s mostly just a space for me to lay down some short scenes or clips of dialogue that come to mind. If I ever do write a sequel or something concrete i’ll probably borrow from this collection.

3. A rom-com clexa au based on The Proposal

Faced with deportation, high-powered book editor Clarke Griffin lies to her company and the government and says she’s engaged to marry Lexa Woods, her assistant. Lexa agrees to the charade upon the realization that she doesn’t have much of a choice given her own employment prospects if she refuses. Convincing the government officials they’re in love will be hard, but the real challenge will be convincing everyone else, including Lexa’s family. Add into the mix that Clarke Griffin is just about the most disliked and difficult person Lexa knows and it’s all a bit of a recipe for disaster.

I have about 7k of it written and I’m hoping to eventually come back to it because it’s a fun one. I do want to finish the whole thing first before any of it gets posted though.

4. “Cadet Clarke” a Military Academy/Cadet Kelly Clexa au

I don’t have much written for this one but I still like the idea. It’s basically Cadet Kelly but I was going to make quite a few modifications.

5. Untitled Surfer!Clarke and Lifeguard!Lexa Clexa au, a.k.a High Tide AU

So I actually really like this au but I have no idea when I’ll get the chance to write more, so I’m just going to give you guys this standalone chunk here because I think it’s cute. (Actually, I might post this separately too and put it under the high tide au tag later). Enjoy!

The megaphone crackles and releases a high-pitched whine as she holds the button down.

“No roughhousing near the swim area.”

She stares the two gangly teenagers down until they reluctantly move along. One of them gives her the finger as they walk away but she ignores him as she clicks the megaphone off and places it back beside her.

Some day she’s sure she’s going to arrive at her lifeguard post and someone will have spray painted “No Fun Police” on the back of her chair.

She sighs, tilting her head up in a brief reprieve from scanning the water. It’s going to be another blistering day if the way the sun is currently glaring down at them has anything to say about it.

Lexa loves Summer. The weather, the water, all of it. But sometimes she could do without the sunburn and peeling skin that comes hand in hand with the season. She shifts in her seat on the outpost and feels her swimsuit chafe against the spot on her back the sunscreen missed yesterday.

It’s the middle of the week in the small coastal town, a unique wedge of time that makes everything slower and more languid than usual. Most of the people in the water are locals, the weekend tourist rush having cleared out for the most part by Monday. She knows they’ll be back in droves by Friday and she’ll have her work cut out for her with the out-of-towners rushing to the quaint town and subsequently into the water to cool off.

The old lifeguard outpost creaks beneath her as she adjusts her seat - like many of the buildings in the small beach town, it’s seen better days. Rumour has it it even had a cover for shade at some point but she’s never seen it the last handful of summers she’s been working at Polis Beach.

Sitting in her elevated chair keeping watch she doesn’t claim to have the most exciting of all the lifeguard duties (much less Baywatch and much more sitting around wishing she could pull out a book), but she doesn’t mind it. It’s always better than patrol duty which typically involves keeping the rowdy day-drinkers from getting out of hand and treating burns from the people that don’t know how to properly start their bonfires and get heavy-handed with the lighter fluid.

No, she’s happiest at her post. Even if most of the time she does feel like she’s babysitting.

A commotion in the shallow cordoned off swim section has her reaching for the megaphone again. She clears her throat, hears the sound crackle and roll out across the sand before her.

“No roughhousing in the swim area. Don’t make me come down there. I will kick you out.”

One of the kids, probably no older than twelve, ignores her completely and shoves his brother beneath the water again, leaving the poor kid sputtering.

Lexa tosses her free hand up in the air.

She clicks the device on again, “What did I just say?”

“Hard at work as ever I see.”

Her next admonishing words are already half out of her mouth when she hears the voice. What she ends up releasing instead is more of a strangled sound of surprise than anything coherent, which, to her dismay, plays out loud and clear to those around thanks to the megaphone.

She cringes and fumbles with it before shutting it off and quickly looking down to the ground beneath her outpost, already knowing what she’ll find.

Or who, rather.

Clarke is standing there, one hand holding up her board and the other shading the morning glare from her eyes as she looks up at Lexa with a smile that could make the sun look dim.

“Hi,” Lexa says, clearing her throat. She sits up a bit straighter at her post.

“Hi, yourself,” Clarke responds in kind, still smiling, and Lexa thinks that someone saying your name shouldn’t be able to sound so good.

Clarke’s gaze looks to take in the water and her eyes take on an appreciative nature. “How’s it looking out there today?”

Lexa tears her eyes away from the small wisps of loose hair that are fluttering around Clarke’s jaw to look to the water, clearing her throat again. 

Lexa knows how to read the tide and the measure of the waves and weather and can give a detailed account to visiting surfers of the best areas for the day. She can give all sorts of detailed and descriptive information.

“Yeah. I mean – yeah it’s good. Good waves.”

She wants to die.

Between the alarming amount of heat racing to her face and the sun overhead she’s sure heatstroke is not far off.

“Can’t argue with that,” Clarke responds, not seeming to notice how badly Lexa wants the ground to open and swallow her up. She’s looking out over the waves with a wistful look on her face and then shakes herself out of it, turning once more to look up at Lexa. “Well I don’t want to keep you from work. I’ll see you around?”

Lexa ignores the way her stomach feels fuzzy at the slight upward inflection at the end of Clarke’s words. It was definitely a question. She tries not to read into it too much but knows she’s failing miserably.

“Yeah, definitely.”

Clarke smiles again and then picks up her board and walks toward the water with one last wave in Lexa’s direction before she wades in and begins paddling out.

Lexa hadn’t even realized she was still staring in that direction until there is a loud crackling sound from the ground beside her post and Anya’s voice comes through her megaphone so loud Lexa nearly jumps out of her skin.

“Hey, hearteyes, stop being gross and get back to work.”

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mayhemmax  asked:

Hey peaches! Is it ok if trans dudes follow you? Cuz I love your art and your comics are funny. (I ask now cuz I don't wanna make you uncomfortable). And I can't wait until I get paid again, I wanna support you on patreon! You deserve it! (I just got a job so now I can lol) and wow this ask is all over the place I'm so sorry haha

What in the worl– yes of course you’re allowed here. What kind of nonsense question?? All are welcome here, what kind of blogs have YOU been following?? Screw any blog that makes you feel unwelcome due to how you identify, gee whizz. 

I love all my followers, be you cis, trans, enby, DOESN’T MATTER I LOVE YOU!

And aw wow, thank you so god damn much, every tiny bit helps and gives you goodies so I sincerely appreciate that!

Welcome welcome welcome !

If you’re looking for a kind, inclusive, positive space to be in comprised of all sorts of people in the LGBTQA+ , check out my Discord, too! 

You definitely sound like you need some nice homies to make you feel warm and fuzzy with friendship! :D