every companion ever

i think you underestimate my ability to love every single companion in dragon age. 





Everybody Lives - Claire Salcedo

I always think it’s odd whenever I type my name next to a song. Like: “hey! That’s my name! Wait, what? I wrote a song? Why did I do that?" 

Rambly tangent aside, this is a combination of the series one episode "The Doctor Dances” and series 4 episode “Forest of the Dead”. I hope you like it! (I’m aware the video quality is not all that good. Sorry!)

And you know, even if you don’t watch Doctor Who, I hope you listen to and like this anyways! (I’m not sure you’d even know if I hadn’t told you. Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows!)

Confession: I have loved every single companion I’ve ever recruited - never missed one, never let them leave - and though some personalities clash with my own, I accept them as is. It makes them people to me, people with their own minds that don’t have to sway to mine or mine to theirs (and in the middle of epic wars and world-destruction, what does it matter if you don’t LIKE a companion, you’re really turning away free help?)