every child a reader

DAD!McCree x child reader

Reader is McCrees’s biological child

You sit up quickly and yelp a tiny bit.

You just had a nightmare. One to scary for your young mind to really comprehend. Tears welled up slightly as you clutched your brown blanket for dear life.

You couldn’t remember what it even was it was so terrifying.

You look around your dark room. The only light source being a cowboy hat night light by the door

You slowly made it out of bed but the second you touched the floor it turned into as much of a sprint a possible before getting to the door and hopping a little to get the handle.

You wanted. No you needed your Dad right now

You poked your head out into the hallways of watchpoint Gibraltar. You had never walked around the island by yourself and you did not want to start now.

Now shivering with fear you looked around. For any familiar face that might lead to your father

“Hm? Y/N” a soothing voice called out putting a delicate hand on your sholder


Mercy looked at you with some concern after you explained why you couldn’t go back to sleep and why you needed your dad

“Ah. Well im sure he wouldn’t mind a visit from his beloved (Your gender) come now. This way” she smiled as she took your hand

Mercy was like an aunt to you. Loving. Caring. Occasionally spoiling you but always in an appropriate way

You felt safe walking with her

Eventually after what felt like an eternity to your young mind you arrived at the meeting hall. Mercy just opening the door without knocking.

“Jesse you have a visitor” she smiles before you make a mad dash to your father. Gabbing hold of his leg as tight as possible

“Mm? What are ya doin outta bed kiddo” he asked softly instantly putting out his cigar. It was a rule of his to NEVER smoke around you

He picked you up lightly sitting back down one hundred percent of his attention on you causing Soldier 76 to clear his throat to get McCree’s attention

“Yea yea hol on a tick” he says pulling you to his lap “Whas wrong lil one” he asked as you pushed your face into his stomach. He was always a perceptive man. But with you especially

“Can’t sleep?” He asked brushing your hair with his fingers

You nod a little bit tearing up and whimpering a little

“Scary dream I take it?” He said frowning “Wanna tell Pa about it?” He asked wiping a tear off your cheek

You shook your head. You honestly were glad you couldn’t remember that dream.

“Alrighty kiddo. Get nice and comfortable” he smiled taking off his serape and wrapping you in it

“Jesse this is not the best place for a child. This is sensitive info and-”

“Far as im concerned Jack. Best place for my kid is on my lap. Now finish up i gots places to be” he said smirking as he wrapped his human arm around you as you slowly drifted off in your fathers arms

Really. Right now was the most comfortable you think you had ever been in. And you loved every second of it

sarieflowers  asked:

When did you started sketching and what inspired you to continue one as if it was a normal task if you know what I mean

I started sketching since I was a child. I drew comics every day after school and my only reader was my younger brother haha. When I left graduate school and got my first job I stopped drawing for a while and it felt horrible. I decided to start again and this blog was my first step in terms on sharing my work openly on the internet. It was scary at first but it’s great to know people can relate to my work. Having that support really motivates me to keep going and the ability to be creative on a regular basis just makes me feel so much better about my life. 

Hope this was useful! x

Here Comes Trouble

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Vasquez x Reader (at least the start of it), Female Reader, Smol Reader, Features the rest of the seven

Requested from @umbra12: Could you write a reader x Vasquez story Where reader is also an outlaw but reader looks harmless and is super deceiving until the group is attacked and reader shows their true colors! (Sam knows of course and sends judging/pitying looks to his group every time they treat reader like they are a child/weak/useless)

A/N: I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I followed the prompt very well, but hopefully you guys still like it.

Word Count: 5.8 K (God damn this got out of hand)

          Vasquez clutched his bloody arm as he rode behind the procession of who the people of Rose Creek had lovingly dubbed “The Magnificent Seven”.  However, at the moment, he wasn’t feeling up to the name. 

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Reading changes your life. Reading unlocks worlds unknown or forgotten, taking travelers around the world and through time. Reading helps you escape the confines of school and pursue your own education. Through characters – the saints and the sinners, real or imagined – reading shows you how to be a better human being.
—  Donalyn Miller; The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child

We know that students need time to read, at school and home, every day. We understand that when particular children love their particular books, reading is more likely to happen during the time set aside for it. And we have learned that the only sure-fire way to induce a love of books is to invite students to select their own. CTL teachers buy the best children’s literature we can find, conduct booktalks and bookwalks, and help our students choose books, develop and refine literary criteria, and carve out identities for themselves as readers. We get that it’s essential for every child to be able to say These are my favorite books, authors, genres, and characters this year, and this is why. Personal preference is the foundation, walls, and ceiling in building a reader for a lifetime.

Starting in kindergarten, free choice of books is a child’s right, not a privilege granted by a kind teacher. Our students have demonstrated that opportunities to consider, select, and reconsider books make reading feel sensible and attractive to children right from the start-that they’ll read more books than we dreamed possible and more challenging books than we dreamed of assigning them.