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Kissing (Damian Wayne headcanon)

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Request: What would be kissing damian be like headcanon!!!!pleaseeee!!!

  • Great boy to kiss let me tell you
  • All his kisses seem to have a lot of love and meaning behind it 
  • Tastes like breath mints or toothpaste
  • His lips are super soft for a guy, and really never chapped
  • You often ask what lip balm he uses
  • He’ll never tell you
  • He takes his time
  • Sometimes smiles into the kiss
  • Best feeling ever, no one can make him smile like you do
  • Will kiss you first thing in the morning
  • Will kiss you on the cheek when you’re in the kitchen cooking
  • kisses you on the cheek or forehead when you’ve fallen asleep on the couch
  • Pretty much takes every chance he gets to kiss you because you mean everything to him. 
  • Kisses you in front of his brothers just to annoy them
  • Loves kissing your knuckles when you seem nervous or anxious
  • The most passionate kisses are when he’s going on patrol or a long mission
  • Never really rushes kisses
  • He show’s his love through them
  • And his love is never rushed!


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EXACTLY Tina and JJ aren't healthy at all. He treats her like garbage every chance he gets. I'm not interested in him "redeeming" himself at this point. Still mad the writers wasted the Tina/Josh storyline when they had the chance

completely agree. at one point i would have been okay with a j ju redemption but this has gone on for too long, he’s treated her poorly too many times, and she deserves so much better

Literally no anime death will be dirtier than the death of Maes Hughes

Like, you set up this guy to be the comic relief–FIRST OFF, that is DIRTY as hell. You don’t KILL the comic relief, THE comic relief is supposed to LIVE (or die a very tragic death)

They set up Maes Hughes to be this family man AGAIN, DIRTY. AS. HELL.

It’s just as bad as that “2 days from retirement” bullshit except WE ACTUALLY SEE HIM doting about his family EVERY SINGLE CHANCE






AND the final NAIL on the coffin, HA-AHAHA_HAHAHA…………


HIs daughter is AT the funeral. AND SHE’S LIKE







one thing I noticed about civil war was this cut where they were all suddenly dressed in their suits so i can only assume


Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together.

Have some fluffy nygmobblepot headcanons.

-Oswald blushing all the fucking time

-Ed being super inappropriate with PDA and Oswald telling him to knock it off under his breath but secretly loving it

-Olga being a protective babushka and waving her wooden spoon at Ed when Os isn’t looking so he knows to stay in line.

-Sleeping in the same room/bed for the first time.

-Fanservicey comedic lovers spats with lots of yelling.

-Ed cleaning the house every chance he gets in hopes Oswald will fire the maid.

-Oswald getting kinda fat and Ed finding it charming and sabotaging his weight loss efforts.

-Ogla telling on Ed and Oswald yelling at him for it, wtf Ed.

-Going obnoxiously overboard on birthdays.

-Being inconveniently mad at each other in a room full of people. Oswald pouts a lot and makes snide double entendres while Ed glares and everyone else is super awkward.

-Zsasz is there, and he just looks around making that one face.

-Ed taking care of drunk one-too-many Oswald and carrying him to his room, reminding him to only sleep on his side, promising to give him a back rub, etc, and Oswald not listening and just trying to kiss him a lot because wow price charming when did you get here.

-Ed having to sleep on the couch whenever they have a bad fight, even though there are a million guest rooms.

-Oswald coming out to the couch in the middle of the night wrapped in a blanket to be with Ed because he can’t stay mad.

-Oswald showing no mercy on anyone who’s mean to Ed, even for little things.

-Oswald fumbling for words when introducing Ed to anyone because he’s never been in a relationship before and doesn’t know what to say.

-Saying “I love you” a lot.

-Oswald being excited to meet Ed’s parents because in his mind parents are perfect, and having to pull himself together for Ed’s sake when it turns out that Ed’s dad is a douche.

-Ed being really tight and uncomfortable around his father but not standing for any attacks on Oswald. At all.

-Both of them all smug and beaming when introducing each other to people they hate.

-Cooking for each other. Ed learns all of Gertrude’s recipes.

-Snuggling by the fire.

-Lots of hand holding. A lot.

-Jim finding out and realizing even Penguin’s love life is going better than his.

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Shiro is the kind of guy who would talk about Allura every chance he gets like “gosh I love her so much what did I do to deserve her” and he would have thousands of pictures of her in his pockets and he’d whip them out to show to everyone like “look at my wife isn’t she so pretty” and he’d cry at their wedding like I can’t stress enough how cheesy Shiro would be about Allura

Can we just talk about

how grossly in love Viktor is with Yuri?? Like, he is so painfully, disgustingly in love with him and not one bit ashamed of it??? He uproots his entire life, moves across the fucking world, only to find that this hot, awkward little shit doesn’t remember what happened between them at the party. And what does Viktor do, then? He waits. He supports Yuri. He tries to get to know him, really know him. He’s patient. He’s kind. He never pushes Yuri into anything he doesn’t really want to do. And once Yuri opens up to him, Viktor meets him right where he is. He kisses the blades of his skates. He touches his lips, every chance he gets. He literally waits with open arms a thousand times, just so Yuri can take that last step into an embrace of his own accord. Viktor Nikiforov doesn’t fall in love, he fucking jumps and he puts his entire heart and soul into it, without expecting anything in return. He’s just so brave and I’m so, so proud of him. 

Being in a relationship with Carl Grimes;

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1. You two constantly getting of task and end up play fighting. 

2. Him sneaking in kisses every chance he gets, even if he’s just passing you in the house or on the street he’ll make sure to at least give you a small peck on the lips.

3. Him being extremely protective over you outside of the walls and doing whatever he has to to protect his girl.

4. You’d love seeing him with Judith and dream of one day having a family of your own with him.

5. You being the only person he talks to about his feelings because he trusts you more than anyone.

6. Always wearing his hat/shirts/hoodies.

7. When things get tough he’d always be there for you and do his best to cheer you up, sometimes he would just hold you until you fall asleep.

8. Talking about a walker-free future together.

9. Him originally feeling very self conscious about taking his bandage of around you but over time becomes comfortable.

10. Rick would love and approve of you dating his son, he thinks you’re the perfect person for Carl and is your #1 shipper right next to Carol.

Happy Tim/Kon things if you need to be happy right now:

-Kon leaves out vitamins for Tim every morning by his coffee just in case he hasn’t been eating properly again or isn’t getting enough sun.

-Tim always brings home cookies from lunch meetings he’s saved for Kon because he knows Kon loves the black and white cookies from the deli they always order from.

-On lazy weekend mornings they like to eat breakfast on the balcony with Kon soaking up the early sunshine and Tim propping his feet up in Kon’s lap while he reads the paper.

-Kon says ‘I love you’ out loud every chance he gets just to make sure Tim hears him and knows, plus it always manages to make Tim smile when they’re out in public.

-During the fall in Smallville they run through corn mazes together and eat fried oreos at the county fair and Kon always wins Tim the biggest teddy bear they have. And yes, Tim keeps them all. He has a special closet for them and rotates them out to sit in the corner of their bedroom bi-monthly.

-Tim has yet to get tired of feeling how warm Kon is whenever they kiss or hug each other. He washes away any chill from his body and it reminds him of how alive they both are, how lucky, and it really does feel exactly like coming home.

Carl Grimes Fluff

I felt the sun beating down on my back as I continued trudging through the fallen leaves. Even with the sun at its highest peak, there was a chill throughout the forest. My hands were shoved into my hoodie attempting to find warmth. I had to make due with what I had after being unable to find winter clothes in all the summer-stocked stores. Carl was a couple steps ahead of me with Judith placed on his shoulders, his hands were wrapped around her feet, ensuring no part of her was cold. Every few minutes or so he would put a little hop in his step, sending Judith into a fit of giggles, soon followed by his own. He would always take every chance he could get to make her laugh, whether it was making a funny face, or just bouncing her around. He was determined to make her childhood as happy as possible since she didn’t have the same opportunities as other kids in the past.
“Maggie do you want to take Judith for a little bit? I think she needs a diaper change and you’re the only one who can figure out her jacket.” With his hands now free, Carl immediately wrapped them around my waist and pulled me in front of him, us both walking in sync now. My arms rested on top of his, and my fingers interlocked with his much bigger ones, ensuring he wouldn’t take away my new source of heat. This was our usual position when we didn’t have time to rest Occasionally if he was up for it, I could get a piggy back ride from him, which I would use as an opportunity to braid his hair in as many ways possible. He never seemed to mind, after a while he even started carrying hair ties around his wrist for whenever I was satisfied with the finished product.
A content sigh escaped me, I took the chance to look up and admire Carl from my angle. His forehead didn’t have the usual crease in it, and his lips were slightly parted taking in small puffs of air. It was nice seeing him so calm. I’d grown used to seeing his face screwed up into a frown with his hands clenched by his side. On the rare occasion that he would let a smile slip, I tried to lock the image into my head not knowing the next time I would see it. He must have noticed that I was staring, because he looked down to meet my gaze. A small smile took over his features and he turned his head slightly to press a small kiss to my lips.
“Are you wearing my chapstick?”
“My lips were dry cause of the wind, and yours smells better than Dads…” A red tint brushed over his cheeks as he spoke. It wasn’t the first time he’s stolen some, I’d noticed him on multiple occasions pulling the small tube out of my pocket then shoving it back when he thought no one was looking. The topic never came up until now, and I planned on taking the opportunity to tease him.
“Aw, you wanted to smell like your girlfriend! I didn’t think you loved me enough to want to be like me.” My hands were on his cheeks squishing them as I talked; also giving them some much needed warmth.
“Oh shut up. I think its actually you who wants to be like me. More often than not, you’re wearing my clothes instead of your own.” To prove his point, he unzipped my hoodie slightly, revealing one of his old t-shirts. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being right, I pulled his arms back around my waist and continued walking. I took every chance I could get to have physical contact with him, with us constantly on the move, we didn’t have much free time to sit and cuddle. It could be something as small as us holding pinkies as we were out on a run, as long as we knew the other was around. The rest of the group would constantly tease us for needing to be by each other’s sides, but that was how we functioned. He watched out for me, and I did the same for him. Glenn stated on multiple occasions that he never saw love as sincere as ours. I guess the end of the world brings out your true self.
There were a couple sniffles from behind me, soon followed by a cough. I knew it was Carl, the past couple of days he had been whining about his throat hurting and not being able to breathe through his nose.
“Did you take the pills I gave you this morning?” My hand came up and reached behind me to run my fingers through his hair. He mentioned to me a while ago that his mom used to do it when he was younger to help him fall asleep, ever since then I would use it to calm him down. I felt him nod and lean into my touch. My fingers continued untangling his hair, since he never seemed to worry about it himself.
“Hey lovebirds, there’s a house up here, come help us clear it.”
After setting up camp for the night and assigning watch, there was a quiet hum throughout the house from multiple conversations. Carl and I claimed the living room couch since it meant we had a reason to be close to each other without the adults teasing us. Judith was blabbering on about something from her makeshift bed on the floor. We were currently on babysitting duty; something about ‘we wouldn’t have time to do anything else with her right next to us’.
“I found some NyQuil in the bathroom, that should help you sleep tonight.”
“You’re too good to me.”
“I can’t use you as a pillow, if you’re coughing and sneezing all night. So drink up” The bottle landed on the pillow next to him. I could already hear him whining in my head about the taste. Thankfully, I had a Gatorade in my bag that I managed to find under a shelf during last weeks run. I threw that to him too.
“Judy looks pretty sleepy, I say we sing her lullaby then call it a night?” It became a nightly tradition for us, singing Judith her song till she eventually fell asleep, then just talking about anything that popped into our heads until we eventually fell asleep. Sometimes it was nice to pretend it wasn’t the end of the world. Just forget what’s going on outside and live life like normal.
“I think that sounds perfect.” Both bottles sat on the floor half open, wrappers just thrown about near them. Daryl had brought us a pillow and some blankets a couple minutes prior, Carl already had them spread out along the couch. I looked down to Judith to see her already staring up at me, her eyes were slowly closing then snapping back open again.
“Come here sleepy girl.” It only took a few seconds of us humming to her for her eyes to fall shut for the night. Most nights she didn’t even need us to sing, she would instantly be out when she was in Carl’s arms.
I could sense Carl getting sleepier, his hands were moving slower up and down my back, and his replies were getting shorter. Our conversation slowly faded into comfortable silence. My ear was placed on Carl’s chest, listening to the steady rhythm of his heart. The sound was a constant reminder that he was here and alive in front of me.

Its the imagine no one asked for! I recently started watching The Walking Dead, and I’m already on season 6. So feel free to send in requests about that as well!

an artist can be racist, sexist, plagiarize from other (BETTER) musician’s creative work, be a complete ass and have his fans defend his behavior because he as anxiety, trash on the band that gave him his millions every chance he gets and he get’s praised for a mediocre song at best 

but 1D gets mocked at for making amazing music and being good men


  • Soldier 76/Reaper: [sitting at a table, eating soup that Reaper made]
  • Soldier 76: This soup is quite thick, for your first try. Very nice.
  • Reaper: Hmm. You know what else is thick?
  • Soldier 76: [eyes widen in horror] DON'T-
  • Reaper: [slams his leg on the table, cracking it and sending the bowls of soup flying] THESE THIIIIIIIIIGHS.
Arin Hanson Appreciation Post

Arin Hanson who got through tough times using a creative outlet like animation.
Arin Hanson who made a lovely life from himself after being in a financially shitty situation for many years.
Arin Hanson who loves and cares for his wife so fucking much. 
Arin Hanson who supports his friends with everything they do.
Arin Hanson who supports small animators by featuring their animations.
Arin Hanson who donates generously every chance he gets. 
Arin Hanson who worked his butt off to create what GameGrumps is today(with the help of his friends ofc) 
Arin Hanson who makes a lot of people laugh when they’re having a bad day. 

Arin Hanson is an adorable, awesome human being and anyone who likes to shit on him for no reason at all, please sTOP. 
Petition for Arin Hanson to become my actual big brother <3

James Sirius uses the “son of the chosen one” literally every single chance he can get, especially after getting caught in the midst of an outlandish prank 

Albus Severus gets angry whenever someone tells him he is the son of the chosen one, because he hates living under that constant pressure

Lily Luna will smile and say, “I’m actually the daughter of the famous Quidditch player, Ginny Weasley”