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someone: you can’t just take the characters and ignore canon? like, canon is where the characters are from, you can’t just be a fan of the characters completely detached from canon

me: *running away with my arms full of ooc characters and ships that make no sense in canon and obscure headcanons and theories* you cant catch me im the gingerbread man

The answer to almost every alter problem

Talk to them




If you can’t find a way to form a civil relationship with each other you won’t be able to move forward in your life.

Your alters exist in the same brain as you. That’s the most in common thing you can ever have with another person! Talk to them. Form a positive relationship.

You have a violent alter? Find someone in the system who can endure them and form a communication. You have a scared little? Find someone who has patience and comfort them. You have a control freak host? Find someone they relax around.

If you can’t find anyone to do that, then it’s up to you to do that job.

There’s no good reason to stall being the person your alters need. You’re scared? Suck it up. You’re hurt? They are, too. You are the only person you can rely on to do this job right.

If you don’t know what kind of people your alters are. That’s your big chance! Your relationship is neutral. Don’t wait until it turns sour. Write hello in a notebook. Say hi to the mirror. Think into the inside word “hey, how are you?” However you manage to do it, start talking. There is no better way to move forward.

If everyone in the system pairs up or finds at least one friend. Or even at least one alter they can communicate with. Your system will be so much better off.

Life is so much better when everyone is holding each other’s hand. There’s no need to wait around for your problems to get worse.


me doing my best to get him to look at the camera

him doing his best to have no part of it


This or That - Walt Disney Studios or Studio Ghibli - for petcanadian

chase2452  asked:

Tony Stark??? Also trans. "self-made man" is the header on every blog he's ever owned. No one misgenders him bc he owns weapons of mass destruction and he'll fuck up anyone who calls him "iron woman".

I literally love you so much for all of these and I want you to know that I’ve queued every single one of the asks you just sent. 

what kind of fool would misgender Tony Stark tbh like rip mate you hecked up big time. 

okay so

i just deleted every post on my blog, ever. basically with this breakup i wanted to remake but not…. remake my blog. if you understand what i mean.

my url prior to this current one was doctor0. by the way.

okay but if you’re alright with me queueing and reblogging posts from your archive. please like this post. thank you

Me @ Tumblr: “Find me some good PLL blogs to follow on my exclusively PLL blog.”

Tumblr: Did you mean “find me every ‘Riverdale’ blog ever, and that one blog still devoted to ‘Gossip Girl’? “

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delete your blog and stop sexualizing real people who are in real relationships. they are people, not your playthings.

You’re right. They are people. They are not playthings. In fact, I want you to spread this to every blog that ever writes fanfiction about anyone ever.

in a way, with how the media sexualizes every facet of humanity… isn’t all art porn… and in a way, with how the government mandated education system has reduced us to mindless sheep… aren’t we all robots… so in a way, you really could say that every blog to ever exist is a pornbot… makes you thi

Every su critic blog ever

Something about lapis skin color and how night colors are the real one.

Clearly one of the people that sent zuku death treats.

Only attacking season 4.

Whining about what ifs as if you can do everything in ten minutes or they don’t have plans later.

Clearly never watch the show, and or missing huge points about it.

Claiming to know better than animators while having zero clue how a budget is done.

Ignoring character depth when it suits them