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Taron Egerton, Golden Boy

Action, explosions and impeccable tailoring, the new Kingsman film has it all. Following the worldwide success of the first film of the franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to hit the big screens this September and packs a star-studded cast. Taron Egerton talks about the excitement of returning to the role of Eggsy for the sequel, his on-screen love interest and what to expect for the highly anticipated release.

Where is Eggsy when we pick up with him?

We meet Eggsy an undisclosed amount of time after the first [film]. But you can see in his mews house that there are three additional Sun headlines on the wall, indicating that he’s done a handful of missions on his own. And he is now going steady, to use a very 1950s term, with – shock horror – the Swedish princess from the first movie. Love blossomed in an unusual place. He’s trying to juggle the lifestyle of being a Kingsman and a full-time spy with also trying to nurture a blossoming relationship with a person who he really loves. He’s basically the same guy, just with a really important job.

He still has those rough edges?

Oh, the rough edges haven’t been sanded off. Eggsy still fucks up. That’s essential for the audience to have a window into the movie, to experience it through his eyes. He still has to escape through a sewer and emerge covered in shit. That’s not Harry Hart. That’s Eggsy. If we’d started the movie with Eggsy being Harry Hart, he wouldn’t have anywhere to go. He’s the rough-around-the-edges lad. We even see him return to an adidas hoodie – that’s who he is on his downtime.

This is your third film now with Matthew Vaughn, who also produced Eddie The Eagle. You clearly work well together – were you in contact with him as he pulled the movie together?

For the whole time he was writing, he always calls and says ideas. There is a real big kid in Matthew. When he has an idea he’s excited about he wants to share it. Just when you think you have a handle on Matthew, who he is and how his creative brain works, he comes in with something else which is really fucking clever. On a daily basis, it’s something I could never have thought of.

The first movie was your first time on a movie set. Did it feel easier this time?

On the first one I thought Matthew could fire me at any moment. I was a bit more tight-lipped and reverential. Now I give as good as I get. It felt easier in that I’ve spent far more time on film sets, and felt more certain of myself and how I function within a film set and this world I now occupy. In other senses, Matthew kept calling it the tough second album, and it is. People shout ‘Eggsy!’ at me in the street sometimes, and that’s quite a thing to reconcile yourself with, that you’re coming back and playing the same role again, and people have a level of expectation from you. They want the same thing again, but they also want it to be new and exciting. Kingsman has totally changed my life, so coming back, the overriding emotion was excitement, and real anticipation. The script was great, and it’s a really great story. I was so excited, and to be doing a sequel to your first film within four years of coming out of drama school, I am the luckiest man on the planet.

Have you changed your approach to the character?

On the first, I was constantly thinking about the accent and it doesn’t cross my mind now. He’s very much a part of me. I don’t think about it for a second now. I’ve played this character from his inception and I feel secure.

The best-kept secret in movies – that Colin Firth is back as Harry Hart – is now out. So what can you say about Eggsy’s relationship with Harry in this movie?

Well… we were on the same set, and we are friends and I love his company, and it was really nice to revisit a job well done. There were a lot of ways Matthew could have gone with the sequel, but in my mind, there was no doubt. I’m not sure how far the movie goes without that Harry and Eggsy relationship. That dynamic, and riffing on that dynamic, is the beating heart of the movie.

Has the relationship changed?

When they are reunited, it’s lovely. It’s very affecting and they’re pleased to see each other. But for undisclosed reasons, a tension grows in their relationship. That’s enormously fun and an interesting dynamic. When Harry and Eggsy’s relationship came to its untimely end in the first one, they weren’t on good terms. It’s quite sad. Eggsy hasn’t dealt with the situation particularly well. So in this movie you expect a reconciliation and you get it, but because of other facts it’s not always harmonious. Matthew knows that’s the key. You’ve got all the guns and fighting and that makes it brilliant, but for me it’s about Harry and Eggsy.

Early in the film, an attack on Kingsman has huge ramifications for Eggsy. What are those ramifications?

What it means for Eggsy is he was disenfranchised at the start of the first one, and aimless and not content. This wacky world he becomes involved with gives him direction and purpose, so to dash it to smithereens at the top end of this second episode is mad. Eggsy doesn’t really know what the hell to do. Sometimes sequels don’t work. This works because we get a reset. Everything was OK, and now it’s not again.

The big new additions to the film are the Statesmen, the American equivalent of Kingsmen, who Eggsy and Merlin discover in the wake of the attack on their own organisation. What can you say about these new arrivals?

The Kingsmen make their money through tailoring and that’s their front, but it’s more limited in terms of reward and finances than selling booze. The Statesmen are a level up. We thought our jet was good, but theirs is a fucking jet. You can see Eggsy being wide-eyed with wonder again.

The cast Vaughn has assembled for this movie is astonishing.

It’s amazing. One minute you’re working in Peacocks and then all of a sudden you’re sat at a table with Jeff Bridges, Colin Firth, Channing Tatum and Halle Berry! It’s a weird thing to be part of. They’re such great characters and so animated and larger than life and played by such great performers.

What’s the relationship like between Eggsy and the Statesmen?

I think to begin with it’s one of mistrust. These organisations aren’t aware of each other. They’re only supposed to become aware of each other in the event of a serious disaster. Eggsy and Merlin find themselves face to face with Agent Tequila, and have a fight… I don’t recommend fighting Channing Tatum. He’s a dancer, but that guy is like an ox. I had a few sore fingers after that.

Talk us through the Statesmen.

Ginger (played by Halle Berry) is the equivalent of Merlin. She’s very clever and you might describe her as bookish, she’s a quieter character. And then there’s Channing Tatum, who has a bit of bravado and is butch and manly. He’s quite gung-ho. He likes his weekend parties. He ends up in stasis, having taken some sort of illicit substance. Jeff as Champagne is really cool. He’s an alcoholic who doesn’t drink, but is forever swilling and spitting whiskey, or he sniffs the whiskey as he’s talking and trying to figure [stuff] out. Then there’s Pedro Pascal, who plays agent Whiskey, and he is a kind of seasoned veteran, their top field agent, who takes me under his wing. For a little while, it begins to feel like he might be a new mentor figure for Eggsy in the absence of Harry Hart, who is not quite what he once was. But you also get the sense that Whiskey might be a little reckless, and a little cold.

And, of course, there’s Julianne Moore as the villain of the piece, Poppy.

She has a dastardly plot that’s every bit as chilling as Valentine’s plot from the first movie. That’s thematic of these two films. There’s a very cold world in which you get what Valentine was saying about global warming. You can also sort of see where Poppy is coming from, depending on how conservative you are. But Julianne is lovely. She’s a children’s author as well and heard that I had two young sisters and she sent some of her books. She’s really great in the movie, really disturbing and saccharine and rotten to the core. The smile never reaches the eyes.

The first film pushed the envelope with its R-rated tone, exploding heads and stylish violence. Does the second follow that up?

You’re not going to be leaving the cinema feeling like Matthew played it safe this time. It takes a character like Matthew’s to be as resolute and uncompromising as that, in the face of all the pressures that come when it’s a commercially viable property. If you call the first one provocative, you’d call this one a punch in the face.

So it’s a movie that may ruffle feathers.

I think it may ruffle feathers more than the first one ruffled feathers.

This is the interview and photos that appeared in M2 Magazine

First kiss - Stenbrough and Reddie

Stenbrough: If you asked Stan, he’d say it was perfect. That it was on his bed under moonlight and that Bills hand was a perfect match in size against Stan’s cheek. But this wasn’t how it went at all. Despite Stan’s possesive desire to have eveything orderly and set out - Stan and Bill’s first kiss was like red wine on a white carpet. Stan’s head collided with the wall on more than one occasion and Bill’s hands roamed everywhere apart from Stan’s face. There was a sloppy trail of kisses upon Bill’s cheeks and Stan’s bed sheets were crumpled and spilling over the side of the bed. After it was over there was no “I love you” to validate, there was an awkward silence followed by a string of harmonised giggles from both boys. It may not have been organised and like a scene from a movie, but it was every bit of perfect Stan could of asked for 

Reddie: Richie always stared at Eddie’s lips whenever he talked. He liked the how they parted when he smiled or how they curled in disgust. On this particular occasion, Eddie was trying to help Richie with his chemistry flash cards, unaware of how absent minded the taller boy was being. Richie already knew this stuff, all of it, but he loved the way Eddies lips moved. Richie wanted to kiss him. But, Richie had never kissed anybody. Not just in a romantic sense, he had never felt the warm embrace of a kiss goodnight, the love of a forhead kiss, the friendliness of a kiss to the cheek. Richie tozier had never been kissed, ever. Eddie glared down at Richie and noticed that he was staring at him again, squinting up at him as if he was the sun. Eddie wanted to kiss him. So when he noticed Richies slender figure coming over to sit next to him, he took no hestiation in planting a short, yet sentimental kiss on richies chapped lips. Richie went home and cried afterwards. His first ever kiss reminded him that no matter how many people don’t love you, there’s always someone out there to love you twice as much. 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Well I’m 25 now so I quite like the idea I might be embarking on a family at that stage. Although apparently you need a partner and I don’t have one of them just yet!

Not content to merely lavish every inch of the IMAX screen with his perfect jawline and swoon-inducing puppy dog eyes, but also acquitting himself competently in a cast that includes Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, and Cillian Murphy, Styles emerges every bit the movie star.
—  The Daily Beast

The actual physical relief I feel right now … I’m relaxing parts of my neck that have been tense for 3 years now and I feel like I’m breathing fresh air for the first time in all my life?? I’m finally free, we’re all finally free!

Like, I’ll always love the show we should have had: the one starring Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills, with her sidekick Ichabod Crane and featuring Orlando Jones, Amandla Stenberg, John Cho and Lyndie Greenwood - the one that was the X-Files for the new millennium and lived on for 10 seasons and 2 movies and lived up to every bit of it’s potential. But that show died a long time ago, probably long before Abbie Mills did, and now finally it can be buried. Along with my hopes and dreams and faith in TV writers not to be fucking assholes. RIP. 

😏Just Friends [Part 1] (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Imagine being best friends with Ethan but hooking up with his brother Grayson. What’s worse? Keeping it from him. You’re 22 while Gray is 18. You guys randomly met while you were hanging out with Ethan and well, things happened. But neither one of you wanted to be in a relationship, so instead you guys decided to just be friends…with benefits.

Warnings: Mild teasing/Fingering [Gifs are not mine]

A/N: I am happy to announce I am working on a new mini series with my babe @cassmoreiraxo aka @4odolans so sit back, relax, and enjoy FWB Grayson

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“It’s always so cold here.” I complained chuckling. Ethan was laughing too. We were baking a cake for a Youtube video on cooking with your best friend and I was basically freezing my nips off.

“I mean I’m hot so if you’re cold just hold me.” He smirked while laughing again. He was mixing some batter for the cake.

“Ethan!” I screamed at my best friend who had just splattered cake batter on me. “What

the hell was that for?” I snapped rolling my eyes. Ethan was just doing his loud laugh when I noticed the batter wasn’t coming off.

“Come on Y/N it was for a prank. If it’s that big of a deal you can go put on one of my shirts or something.” Ethan pointed to his room. I groaned in frustration, but I hated having cake batter on me. It was sticky and started to drip some. I rolled my eyes as I ran off to his room as ruffled through his closet. The only problem with Ethan was he was smaller than me chest wise. I was short and curvy and my bra size was a DD. I had rather large boobs that would not fit in his shirts. I shuffled through until I found one of his football jerseys from forever ago. I took my cake battered shirt off and grabbed the blue jersey until I heard the door open.

“Ah Ethan I’m naked!” I screamed holding the jersey in front of my exposed body. I turned and noticed it was not Ethan standing there gawking at me with his jaw wide open, but it was his twin brother Grayson. “Grayson!” I screamed as I tried to hide my body more. I’ve only hung out with him a few times, but damn he was so attractive. I know Ethan and him look alike, but something about Grayson just drew me in. “What are you doing in here?” I asked, but he just looked at me.

“Is that my football jersey?” He asked with a chuckle.

“What? No it’s Ethan’s. He got cake batter on my clothes so I came in his room to change. Why are you in here?” I asked as I slipped the jersey on. He started laughing.

“Well first of all Y/N, this is my room. And that makes that my jersey.” He said with a smirk. I looked around and noticed that there was no Nicki Minaj poster hanging up. I was in the wrong room.

“Oh my God Gray I’m so sorry.” I stuttered completely embarrassed, but he just chuckled.

“Keep it. It looks good on you.” He said biting his bottom lip with a laugh. I could feel my cheeks start heating up. I was wearing my black yoga shorts with Gray’s giant jersey on me.

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“Y/N!” Ethan shouted as he ran into Grayson’s room. “My room is on the other side. Sorry about that Gray. Y/N just doesn’t know how to listen sometimes.” Ethan laughed.

“Nah it’s cool. See ya around Y/N.” Grayson said as he pulled his shirt off revealing his toned body which caught my attention.

“Gray if you could try and stay clothed until we left, that would be nice.” Ethan laughed as Grayson just shrugged.

“I mean it’s only fair. I saw Y/N shirtless so I figured I would return the favor.” Gray says with a cheeky smile.

“What?!” Ethan snapped which caused us to laugh. As we were walking out of the room I felt a firm grasp on my butt which when I turned around I noticed a smirking Grayson. He bit his bottom lip as he raised an eyebrow at me. “Y/N!” Ethan snapped.

“W-what?” I asked a little caught off guard. Grayson snickered.

“I said pick a movie.” Ethan handed me the controller to the PlayStation for me to pick a movie on Netflix. I picked Something Borrowed as I sat back against the couch. “Do you guys want anything?” Ethan asked Grayson and I. I shook my head.

“Bro it’s a little cold. Can you grab me a blanket?” Ethan nodded at Grayson’s request as he left the room. I looked at Grayson as the movie began. Neither one of us said anything until Ethan came back with a blanket. He chucked the blanket at our direction as Grayson started laughing. He spread the blanket out over his legs while eyeing me. I could tell by his nodding he was offering me some of the blanket. I wrapped up my legs a bit as Ethan plopped on the floor with a bowl of popcorn. I took a handful of popcorn in my mouth as Ethan and I both started laughing. I leaned back against the couch as I pulled the blanket more on my legs. I pulled out my phone as I was scrolling through Instagram.

About thirty minutes into the movie I was starting to feel a little tired. I leaned back against the couch as I let out a yawn, only to feel a hand on my knee. I looked over to where Grayson was sitting. He had a straight face for the most part, but he had a smirk slightly appearing on his face as his hand slowly slipped up my thigh. I swallowed my breath as his hand went in between my thigh. His thumb rubbed circles on the outside of my shorts as I gave him a look of irritation and shock. I was irritated he was doing this right here and right now. Ethan was less than 5 feet from us and Grayson was really doing this. It was taking every bit of my attention off of the movie too. Ethan would flip if he knew what was happening. He always warned me about being with Grayson, but I was never worried until now.

“Come here.” Grayson’s arm had snaked around my hip as he pulled me closer to his lap. My back was facing him as I was slightly against him. His lips connected to my neck which made me hold back a moan. His lips were warm against my cold neck as I pulled the blanket over us more. My hand brushed against his crotch as a way of teasing him myself, which seemed to work. I earned a growl which made Ethan turn to look at us.

“You guys okay?” He asked which we both just nodded. He shrugged his shoulders and turned back to the movie. Grayson started kissing down my neck to my shoulders.

“You know how hot you look in my football jersey?” He whispered in my ear as his hot breath sent me spinning. I pushed myself up against him as I felt his hard dick poke me through his shorts. My mouth was left agape as I started to blush hard. I straddled Grayson as best as I could while I was still facing away from him. I spread my legs over his lap as I gripped on to his thighs for support. He slipped his hand inside of my shorts as he nibbled on my earlobe. His thumb applied pressure through my soaking panties. “I’m gonna take these off.” He says as he wiggled me out of my shorts and panties as he tossed them over behind the couch. His other hand sneaked up inside the jersey he squeezed one of my breast which made me bite my lip to hold back a moan. I pushed myself against him again earning another growl.

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“Two can play at this game.” I whispered to him while pressing my lips to the corner of his mouth. I giggled lightly until I felt Grayson slide a finger inside of me. I let out a moan which caused Ethan to turn his head towards us again. From Ethan’s point of view he could definitely see how close we were. I was basically on Grayson’s lap.

“Y/N?” Ethan asked, but Grayson didn’t stop fingering me there. He slipped in two fingers while I tried to maintain a conversation with my best friend. I honestly wanted Ethan to leave the room so Gray could fuck me so hard with my ass in the air while the room is filled with our moans.

“Y-yeah E?” I struggled to get out while Grayson’s fingers curled up towards my clit. I just wanted to ride Grayson right here and right now. He could unzip his jeans and I could ride against him, but he just kept fingering me.

“You okay? You keep making noises.” Ethan wasn’t dumb, but I wasn’t about to offer any information about his brother fingering me right here on the couch with him right here in front of us.

“Yeah just a cramp.” I lied through my teeth as Grayson’s fingers curled to find my G-Spot which made me bite my tongue hard as I bucked my hips back against Gray’s hard cock. Ethan turned back towards the movie which I knew he knew what was happening. I knew Grayson and I couldn’t date because Ethan would lose it. Grayson continued to finger me harder and faster. I could feel my core tightening as I attempted to thigh ride him too. I couldn’t get over what was happening, but it felt so good.

“Just a cramp? Baby I’m gonna make you so sore you won’t be able to walk. How do you plan to explain that to him?” Grayson’s hot whisper sent chills throughout my body as his lips connected to my collarbone again. I continued to ride against his thigh the best I could while he fingered me harder. “I can’t believe you’re letting me do this. With my brother, your best friend, right here. We could get caught any moment, but you don’t care huh?” He cooed in my ear. “You just want me to make you cum. Right here and right now.” He vigorously rubbed my clit back and forth harshly as I bit my lip to hold back a moan. I could feel that knot tightening in my stomach as I could feel my toes begin to curl. “Cum on my fingers. I want to taste you.” He growled in my ear as he fingered and rubbed me harder. My body jolted as I felt myself begin to get extremely wet. I continued to ride Gray’s thigh until I felt satisfied with myself. Grayson slid his fingers out of me and pulled them out from under the covers. He slipped them inside of his mouth as he made a sucking sound only him and I could hear.

“I’m gonna call mom.” Ethan said as he stood to his feet and walked into the kitchen. No doubt in my mind he was going to tell her everything he heard.

“Hey tell her I said hey.” Grayson chimed as Ethan left the room without another word. “By the way, you taste so good baby.” He whispered as he pressed his lips to savor the moment. That’s when I knew I was fucked.

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Part 2

So, I went in to see Wonder Woman basically blind - I knew next to nothing about her - didn’t know her origins, her powers… And fuck, I loved it.
Discovering everything about her at the same time she did was amazing.  I mean, it’s a fantastic film regardless but basically every other superhero movie I’ve seen I knew quite a bit about the lore.  So this was shiny and new and beautiful.

I’m going to try to find some comics to read before going to see it again :3

Taron Egerton, Golden Boy

by: Matt Genefaas

Action, explosions and impeccable tailoring, the new Kingsman film has it all. Following the worldwide success of the first film of the franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to hit the big screens this September and packs a star-studded cast. Taron Egerton talks about the excitement of returning to the role of Eggsy for the sequel, his on-screen love interest and what to expect for the highly anticipated release.

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I will never not get excited when quotations from the novella are in the series/movie: ‘a cruel love - strange love, that would have taken my life. Love will have its sacrifices. No sacrifice without blood’ (Carmilla, p55)

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Once Upon a Time

I’ve been binge watching Once Upon a Time lately, (up to season 3 now) and I appear to have caught a slight Rumplestiltskin/ Robert Carlyle addiction.

Slight? … who am I kidding?  Fullblown, head-over-heels infatuated, I’m not even going to try resisting,  addiction.

So. Now I’m going to have to watch every bit of tv and movie the man has ever done…

ok so before i leave to go do homework for several long, awful hours, i’m gonna talk a little bit about the bill/bev kiss

let me just list out all the amazing little details about bill (thank u jaeden) and bev (thank u sophie) that are fucking amazing and beautiful:

  • the way they make eye contact the whole fucking time before he kisses her, both of them looking lost and hopeful and a little desperate
  • the way bev’s hand comes up but she hesitates to touch him on the first kiss, completely mesmerized and shocked
  • the way she stares at him, and in that moment you can see her go from “what?” to “YES”
  • HE KEEPS??? HIS EYES OPEN?? THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART!!! he wants to soak in every second of that moment
  • the look on her face when she pulls back. she’s just like. wow. i love this kid. bill (and the other losers, but bill the most) gave her a summer of excitement and friendship like nothing she’d ever had and she’ll never forget that as long as she lives.
  • bill’s face as he watches her go. he doesn’t want her to go. he’s blown away. jaeden??? how??? your face???
  • THE BLOOD. i kinda love the aesthetic tbh. and it’s like. her making her mark on him, because they’ll always, always be a part of each other

if you think he doesn’t draw what her face looked like during that kiss for every night for the next month you’re wrong

i’m never gonna fucking get over this. they mean so much to each other. bev was the one who kept bill grounded, who reminded him that he wasn’t fucking insane, even when everyone else thought about backing out. she would’ve done anything for him, and him for her. no, their relationship isn’t perfect, and yes, they’re just kids, but??? god. every bit of their relationship in that movie was pure adoration and trust and support, and while they may not end up together in the end, bill’s going to remember that kiss for the rest of his life.

What I want

I want that relationship where you can talk on the phone, or in person for hours about random things, about life, about fears, about things that make me anxious. Random face times or Skype calls or phone calls at three in the morning to say I miss you, I want that relationship where we know every little bit of one another, know each other’s favorite song, favorite color, favorite movie. I want that relationship that even when we fight, we can’t bear to stop talking. I want the relationship where if one of us are feeling sad we just cuddle the night away in silence, or talk about what happened that made us feel that way.

I want to lay out and watch the stars, fall asleep in the grass. I want to adventure and fall in love with her over, and over, and over again every time I look into her eyes. I want her to make me realize that everyone I’ve been with in the past, was only making me better for her. I want to visit all the wonders of the world, and be able to say I kissed her at all of them.

I want to know every inch of the person I’m with, every inch of their being. I want to know what makes their beautiful mind theirs, I want to know every inch of their soul and what they’re passionate about. I want to know every little centimeter of their body, I want to know trace every birthmark, every scar. I want to see them on their bad days, and on their good. I want to love them as a whole, and I want the same for me.

But people like this don’t exist anymore. At least not for me.

And that’s what breaks my heart. I get into these meaningless relationship just for them to end because I was never enough. I give my all, just to end up empty.

And I’m done.

Ok guys,who wants a bunch of comics where loki is a wine mom,from the first time he appeared in the movies till ragnarok? (And having all his four children btw)
I’ll draw him in every bit in the movie he appeared in…but you know
As a wine mom,a very pissed off,sassy wine mom

Sharp Teeth and Sharp Wit

What are we having tonight? Underfell!Sans x Reader!

Appetizer:  HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @letsallbecalmchaps​ !!!! You’re the most SPECIALEST person with the username letsallbecalmchaps EVER!!! Thanks for being the RADEST and I hope you had lots of cake! <3

Main Course: You quite literally run into a pretty funny skeleton.

Dessert: It’s all PG here, maybe PG 13 for innuendos? Eh, not really.

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Why I loved Split and hate people who are easily triggered

Look, I know I’m gonna get a whole bunch of hate for this..but quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. I LOVED the movie Split. I am a person who aspires to become a psychiatrist when I get older..and this movie, while I do know that it does not represent ALL who are diagnosed with the disorder DID, it made me even MORE interested in the topic. Things like DID are what MADE ME become interested in psychology. It made me become interested in how the human mind works and what a mystery it truly can be at times.
I want to HELP people like this, I want to help them get through their tough times. I want to understand them, get to know them.
***This post has spoilers to Split..so for those of you who DO want to see it and care about spoilers..do not proceed past this point.***
Now, to me, this was barely a horror film. If anything it was a thriller. I found my heart pounding during scenes where one of the girls would attempt to escape. The ONLY time I felt horrified was when Casey’s uncle started with that ‘come be an animal with me’ bullshit. It was disgusting. It made me physically sick to my stomach and it disturbed me on so many levels. As a matter of fact, it haunts me to this day, that one scene had more of a horrific impact on me than ANY OTHER part of the movie.
Then it briefly delves into Kevin’s backstory, and it explains so much that the descriptions and trailers that you boycotters have been reading and watching doesn’t. When he was younger, his mother would punish him in awful, mentally scarring ways when he stepped out of line, hence the 'Dennis’ personality. His other personalities weren’t evil..they were normal people. Like Barry, for example, he loved fashion, designing clothes is his passion. Another one seems to be a scholar. Jade is a woman, very sassy, but seems to be that person you would always want as a friend. It made me sympathize with him. Made me love his character even more. I was not scared of him, I did not view him as the bad guy. Neither did my friend who went with us to see this movie. And before you claim that I did not see him this way due to my love of psychology, my friend who also did not see him this way isn’t interested in the human mind. She isn’t interested in becoming a psychiatrist like I am. We both viewed the uncle as the most villainous character, believe it or not. We felt awful for Casey having to go through that at such a young age. NO ONE should have to suffer such a trauma. What’s worse is that she was stuck with him after her dad died..and I have the sneaking suspicion that he found out what his brother had been doing and THAT had caused him to have the heart attack.
Kevin’s disorder did NOT give him superpowers. He was born with them. This movie takes place in the same realm of 'Unbreakable.’ A superhero movie. Kevin merely buried these powers deep down.
In the end, we (my family and I) loved Kevin. We loved his character and we felt bad for him. We were upset about what he had went through. We felt bad for Casey as well. This was an emotional roller coater for me..and I loved every bit of the ride.
People who have not seen the movie, please stop. There is more to Kevin’s character than the two evil personalities, he is an amazing character whom I love dearly.
Thank you for reading! Xoxo