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#35 You picked last time

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Enzo let out a groan as he flipped through the channels. “Why don’t you want to watch Fast and Furious?”

“Because I hate action movies!” She exclaimed.

“And I hate romance movies, but you don’t see me complaining every time you make me watch one.”

“First of all, you whine like a baby the entire time we watch one! And second, you picked last time. Remember when you forced me to watch that James Bond movie that I hated so much?!”

“Ugh fine! You can pick this time. Just don’t pick something stupid.” He warned as he tossed her the remote.

“I am going to pick something long and terrible now. I am thinking maybe like the Titanic, oh or Gone with the Wind!” She grinned as she thought about the longest movies she could think of.

Enzo let out a groan as he buried his face in his hands. Suddenly an idea struck. There was no way in hell he was going to sit through another awful movie. So he decided to take matters into his own hands, now all he had to do was wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

When she glanced over and saw him grinning as he propped his feet up on the coffee table and began to get comfortable, she frowned. How could she get any enjoyment out of this situation if he was not miserable!?

She brushed it off as she too settled into her spot and hit play. “What are we watching?” He asked.

“The Notebook.” She grinned.

“That’s a classic!” He replied, causing her to gasp.

She could not figure out why wasn’t freaking out about having to watch it! By now he should have been making fun of something.

The movie had only been on for a few minutes when she felt his arm wrap around her shoulder. She ignored it as she continued to watch the movie. When he began gently massaging her shoulders, she let out a soft moan of appreciation.

“Feel good?” He asked.

“Mhm.” She moaned.

“Good.” He replied with a smirk as he used the other hand to begin rubbing her other shoulder.

A few more minutes went by, before she felt him scooting closer to her. Before she could say anything, she felt his lips on her neck. She giggled as his beard tickled her neck. When he began to nip at her delicate flesh, she groaned. “Zo, that feels so good.”

He slid his hands up her leg, causing goosebumps to dance on her skin from his touch. When he removed his lips from her neck and pressed them to hers, he could feel her vibrating with need. He smirked against her lips knowing it was finally time. He quickly pulled her into his lap, her back facing the TV as he continued to press his lips to her neck. While she was distracted, he grabbed the remote and turned it back to Fast and Furious. He quickly turned the subtitles on and smirked to himself, proud of his accomplishment as he watched the movie he wanted to.

When she threw her head back and looked at the television, she gasped and fell off of him. He looked back at her and shrugged. “How did that happen?!” He exclaimed.

“I get to pick the movies for a month now!” She announced as she grabbed the remote and switched it back, settling back into her spot away from him.

Enzo let out a groan as he threw his head back against the couch. “Is it over yet?”

“Nope. Since I got distracted, I have to start it over now.” She grinned.

“Kill me now!” He sighed.

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I wanted to write a fantasy story that has something to do with the zodiacs, but I want it to be original, and I'm not sure who the 'enemies are supposed to be. Any ideas? Thank you! :)

Disclaimer: I have no experience that makes me an expert in writing advice.  

Here’s the thing: any idea you come up with has been done before in some way. (I’m reminded of this every time i post a writing prompt, and then people feel the need to tell me it’s been done in some movie/book/game I haven’t heard of).

Originality is overrated.  It’s not necessary to create an engaging story.  If you’re inspired by the zodiac signs, then hopefully that will come through in your writing. 

It’s hard to say who the enemies should be, because I don’t really know who the zodiacs are.  Superheros?  Magical beings that come to life to stop a cosmic apocalypse? Genetically engineered soldiers working black ops for the government?  Kids in a celestial high school?

I just realized that you might be referring something that isn’t zodiac signs, but maybe some fandom thing I’m not familiar with?  See how bad I am at giving advice?

what dating taehyung would include

Originally posted by taekookie-bts

  • k so maybe this is lame but I wanted to try something like this so fight me
  • jk ily
  • he would be the most caring and loving boyfriend evER
  • too much skinship
  • hugs and cuddles every time he can
  • just him coming home late with late snacks to compensate you
  • movie nights (of course he chooses the movie)
  • and ofc the movie ends up being lame
  • but who cares bc you end up cuddling and having a make out session
  • making all the members awkward when they are around bc you are such a lovey dovey couple
  • being weird together
  • having this personal jokes which no one else gets but you
  • finding every day a new puppy at home
  • and you can’t say no because the puppy is really adorable and you can’t say no to Taehyung
  • fighting over the most dumb things like who is choosing the movie tonight or who is carrying your dog to cross the street
  • tae being the most childish man ever around your younger siblings/cousins/etc
  • and you can only picture him being the father of your children
  • when you can’t sleep, he would sing you until you fall asleep
  • he would caress your hair so you fall asleep faster
  • and when you get sick, he would pamper you and take care of you
  • he would even cuddle you but you would get mad bc you don’t want him to get sick too but he doesn’t care
  • when he’s late practicing he would send you funny snaps to make you laugh so you don’t miss him so much
  • but he’s missing you as hell
  • and just imagine seeing his boxy smile every day
  • stealing his sweaters but he doesn’t get mad bc you look adorable on them and he can’t handle it
  • he doesn’t need to say a word, you can tell by just the way he looks at you
  • and he just likes staring at you
  • even if you are in different sides of a room, just a glance says it all
  • he would kiss you slowly and tenderly
  • but also with so much hunger and pASSIONATE
  • you can guess what goes then
  • he would talk about all the kids he wants to have with you and even discuss names
  • and talk about the many dogs he wants too
  • he will hold your hand whenever he gets the chance
  • and would always find an excuse to touch you
  • bc he wants and he can
  • he always talking about your future together

I’ll try make another one for another member, I know this is awful lolololol

The players - In the last in our new British talent series, Andrew Pulver introduces the people bringing fresh life to our film industry

Name: Richard Armitage                                        Age: 33

What he does: With a strong grounding in theatre, and a place in the Cold Feet cast, Armitage came of age in TV drama with a high profile lead role in the current BBC adaptation of North and South. He’s now making the switch to film, and the offbeat drama Frozen, starring Shirley Henderson, has given him his first significant role.

He says: “I enjoy going to the movies much more than I used to, mostly because I understand the medium better. But TV and film are different fields, with a different bunch of actors. I know I’ll have to go down the pecking order, and I’m sure I’ll be very frustrated for a while. But every time you achieve something you move the goal posts a bit further.”

We say: Armitage’s glowering turn as the top-hatted Thornton has put him in the driving seat to be the new Colin Firth. Even if he doesn’t have a cheerleader like Helen Fielding, his thespianic commitment to fine writing has taken him towards original, oddball film-making. But Richard Curtis is probably already casting covetous eyes in his direction. 

The Guardian, December 3, 2004   ♛

Nebwy watches Gods of Egypt and Drinks

I’m about to watch Gods of Egypt. Good thing I have alcohol. -swings bottle of UV- Every time I see something stupid, or my partner sees something stupid, I drink. 

-Movie opens-

him: look at all the white people- drink

me: horu- Heru-sa-Aset is NOT a lazy bum- I drink!

me: …

me: this is gonna be a long movie

I just got home from watching Ghostbusters and I have a few things to say...

Okay, if you pay any attention to my blog you know that I have been one tiny little bit too obsessed with Ghostbusters and that was BEFORE I actually watched the movie. I knew the premises of the movie and liked it, I knew the cast and their previous work and loved it, I saw clips online that showed me that it was a good movie, etc. But I finally got the real experience and even with my previous obsession to the movie I WAS NOT READY!

Ghostbusters only came out in Portugal yesterday, so building up to that I was already making plans on going to watch the movie yesterday but things never went as planned and I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to watch the movie at all because every time one plan was set something would change. So when I went to buy my ticket I was not really excited because I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop and for someone to call me and basically changing my plan once again.

The excitement only started kicking in 20 minutes before the movie was set to start. I started getting nervous because I had built all this expectation around the movie and I was afraid that probably my expectations wouldn’t be met and I was right because it freaking SURPASSED EVERY EXPECTATION I HAD!!!!

This movie was everything I didn’t know I needed… I can’t even wrap my head around it. The best way to explain it is to describe what was happening to me while I watched it.

I looked like a little kid witnessing magic tricks for the first time, no exaggeration. I swear to god I spent the whole movie smiling in pure glee at the screen and no, it wasn’t those just happy inside smiles, no, I am talking a full blown smile on my face and I am thankful that everyone else was sitting in the back of the movie theater while I was at the front or else it would be embarrassing. I had to put my hand in my mouth for my laughter to be toned down and for people not to ear it. My heart rate was going fast, I am not joking… You know that climatic moment in movies where your heart is in your hands because of all the excitement? That’s how I felt throughout the whole movie, except when the climatic moment of this movie came I was just in pure heaven but more of that later…

All this excitement came because I was noticing that all my previous expectations were proving to not be disappointed, in fact, they were being surpassed.

Let’s get into details now… SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT!!!! If you have not seen the movie and DO NOT want to be spoiled do not read below the cut, if you have seen it or haven’t seen it but won’t mind spoilers than go ahead.

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I really dislike the fact that I can’t hate the new Ghostbusters without being guilt tripped about it… according to tumblr if I thought the movie was shit I’m apparently a misogynist (LOL).

I can’t stand being all quiet about it anymore.  I wanna lay out the things I didn’t like at all:

- Non-stop talking, non-stop jokes… it’s like they were afraid to let the movie breathe and not have someone saying something for more than 10 secs at a time.  They just had to fill every fucking bit of silence with a quip or awkward remark.  To make it worse, almost every line is a joke, or a punchline.  Running gags like the wonton soup (which wasn’t even that funny to begin with) are done to death and screech the plot to a halt to fixate on it.  When every line is a gag, you get comedy fatigue, and then nothing is really funny.  Space that shit out, use it sparingly.  As it is, the dialogue in this movie feels like an incredibly extended SNL skit.  I can practically hear the spots where some laugh track would be inserted. 

- Everyone’s a comedian.  This goes hand in hand with the thing above.  I think what made the Ghostbusters so great in the original is that every character was different.  Venkman was the jokester and the other three were essentially straight-men in that they weren’t purposely trying to create yuks.  You’d get something kooky / nerdy from Ray and Egon, but generally they were played like average people.  But in this reboot, everyone has to have some comedic line.  It makes them all feel very samey and less distinctive.  And in cases like Holtzmann, she’s a fucking cartoon character all of the time, sometimes really jarringly.  Kevin is initially kinda amusing and then his air-headedness just goes completely nuts.  If this had been made into an animated feature, I’d probably have no issue with it, but these are supposed to be real people, right?  

- I actually really liked Leslie Jones (she was really the only saving grace in this shitshow) but was irritated that for all the big hubbub they made about an all-female cast, you have only white women as the scientists and the black lady isn’t one.  Yes she has her city historian stuff, but it’s not the same.  Guess I’ll still be (forever) waiting for my quirky nerdy black scientist female character in a movie. :\    I did like how she would call out when something was stupid or odd, however… it felt vaguely Venkman-like and I wish they would’ve let her do that more often, and with more dry humor. 

- They catch one ghost and all of a sudden they are treated like they are a well-known and an established group…?  I was completely expecting some sort of ghost-catching montage where they’d at least catch another 4-5 ghosts or something which would actually solidify them as well known ghostbusters.  Not to mention they seem to do more exploding of ghosts at the end than actually catching them… wtf happened to those ghosts??

- The villain is so goddamn stupid.  Rather than someone imposing and dangerous, he totally feels like a throwaway bad guy that they would’ve had in an episode of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  A lot of it almost might’ve been in how bad the actor was.

I think ultimately they shouldn’t have done this as a reboot.  They should’ve just gone ahead and made this as a sequel.  That way at least the older series wouldn’t be overwritten by this one… and they could’ve done it in a much better way that’d feel like they were passing the torch.

Like, how about this:

What if after the whole Vigo thing in Ghostbusters 2, it started something of a chain reaction where ghost sightings started diminishing and for the most part the general public just thought ghosts had disappeared?  Time goes on and the Ghostbusters get older, but at a certain point there’s not enough demand for them to keep them continuing the business, so they start thinking about hanging up their proton packs.  Then Egon dies (a way to work in Harold Ramis’s death) and it’s pretty much the nail in the coffin for them.  “It’s just not the same… no one knew this stuff better than Egon.”  Ray is lost without him, his scientific discoveries just don’t evolve as well as when Egon was around.  Venkman was always sort of touch and go with the business as it was, so it’s easy for him to slip away. 

But one day there’s a new development, and ghosts are re-introduced into the world, and these younger, eager scientist ladies are the ones to answer the call and start bugging the remaining Ghostbusters for stories on how they were able to do what they do.  And these fresh-faced quirky scientists bring something new and different to the table that the old busters hadn’t seen since Egon was in his prime.  Something in that makes the old gang realize it’s not over yet, and gives the new squad their blessing to take up the mantle.

So you’ve got the old handing off to the new, and with the old guys graciously bowing out and maybe even sticking around in some aspect to comment on how well the new ones do, or to add little tips / warnings.

But no… instead we got this.   And it just made me sad.

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One thing I dont think I'll ever understand is why Naruto and the others look so old (or is it just me?) when theyre all barely in their 30s in the Boruto movie (Sorry to randomly drop this into your inbox but I was curious about your thoughts on it)

Don’t ever apologize for dropping something on my inbox! It makes me very happy.
And yes, they do. Naruto’s eyes kill me every single time. They’re so dull and he looks like he hasn’t gotten decent sleep in years, contrasted to the bright blue that they used to be. And every other character looks way too old for their age as well. I think the haircuts play a big part in that though, they’re awful. Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara’s hair… I will never recover.

MeS!M Tag

tagged by @vicarious-sims, thank you for including me in this!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I want to know about your MeS!ms (aka) self-sim!  Answer the following questions and then tag 7 simmers you’d like to know more about their self-sim. (Remember, the questions are in-game answers. You may have to do a little digging/research if you haven’t been in-game in a while.)  No pressure though!

  1. Home Town: Windenburg
  2. What is your favorite music station: Alternative or Classical
  3. Favorite Song: Uhm… I’m actually not too entirely certain. o_O
  4. TV Channel: News (I love the alien invasion bit, & everything escalates so quickly. Makes me laugh every time.)
  5. Movie: Simder
  6. Favorite Hobby: Writing/Painting!
  7. Hangout Spot: The Bluffs
  8. Restaurant: I like the feel of a Café more!
  9. Beloved Clutter Item: The melted candles in bottles that came with Dine Out! So pretty, definitely something I’d have irl.
  10. Finish this sentence: “I can’t live without my… books.”
  11. Best Outfit: Skinny jeans and a pocket tee. Baaasic~
  12. Accessory: The huge, colorful, rounded sunglasses. (Movie Stuff?)
  13. You’re stranded at the Bluffs, what’s the ONE item you’re taking: A tent is definitely a good idea!
  14. You have ONE cc download wish, what’s it going to be: @jellyplumbean‘s Molly default skin replacement. Everything is cuter.
  15. Most Visited World: Windenburg?
  16. Piece of Art: The med. classic painting of the squirrel(?) in uniform.
  17. Food: Grilled Fruit!
  18. Beverage: Root Beer Float!
  19. Ice Cream Flavor: Is there a peanut butter topping? There has to be. Vanilla/Peanut butter! mmm.
  20. Popcorn Flavor: Caramel corn. ♥o♥
  21. Game: Sims Forever (obviously)
  22. Activity: Swimming. :3
  23. Main Trait: Is it trait or skill? Music Lover/Logic
  24. Main Aspiration: The Curator
  25. Occupation: Painter

I tag @108sims, @vesimsve, @upprord, @dddemonhead, @wifemomsimmer, @sunflower-sim, @tabbyrh and whoever wants to give it a go,,,

1D Plus Sized Series // What Makes You Beautiful - Liam (submission) 

“I love you.”

It was the first time that I had said it, out loud at least, but I meant every word. I waited for her to say something, anything, but instead, she just stared at me. I had caught her off guard. We had just been watching a movie, lying on the couch together when I just couldn’t take it anymore. Blurting out the most important words that I will never say to another person in this way again, I had chosen the middle of a Jason Bourne movie to spill my guts.

           What a way to make a memory, Liam, I scolded myself. Quickly getting herself back together she replied, “Oh yeah?”

           Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting, and trust me, I had played out every scenario possible, but not that one. It had taken me so long to actually convince her that I did want to go out with her, that I didn’t just want to be friends, that I was practically shitting myself when I thought of what would happen if she didn’t believe me when I said this, and now…I get, “Oh yeah?”  

           “And what exactly do you love about me? Do you have some list that I could read? Or do you want to do it all from memory?” she asks, completely serious.

           “Um?” I started, wondering briefly if she was teasing me or not.

“Is it the way I flip my hair?” she asked. “Or that my snoring sometime reaches near atomic levels? Is it that thing I can do with my throat? Or my tone deaf singing? Oh, I know, it’s all the throw blankets and candles I keep around my house, you’re just trying to pimp me out of them because you live like a monk. Well, I’ll have you know there not going anywhere for one measly confes….”

           I kissed her. I couldn’t stop myself. She just looked so cute rambling and laughing, listing things that I actually did love about her, but had never said out loud, because the truth was, that I loved everything about her, even the things that she didn’t necessarily like about herself.

           “I Also love the way your hair looks in the morning, and the way you blush when I give you a compliment, and how you have an argument for absolutely everything, and get so worked up about the things that happen to other people, and the injustices in this world, and how you’re still so mad that your neighbors cut down that one tree near your house when you were growing up because they didn’t have to, and you loved it, and you miss it still because it wasn’t fair. I love all of those things about you, and more.”

           I saw some tears gather in the corner of her eye, but I ignored them, knowing that she wouldn’t want any attention drawn to them so I just kissed her again. She kissed me back, and I felt it. I felt it before she even said it, and I knew that even if she never said it, that it would still be true, that it would still be in her heart, that I still would be. Still, when we pulled apart, and she said, “I love you too, Li.”, there had never been a happier man.

-Anonymous Submission  

Ok so last night I went with my girlfriend to see a scary movie she was dying to see. (I cannot handle scary movies) and I was so scared the whole time I couldn’t even look, like at all. I missed the whole movie. And instead of making fun of me, getting angry, or forcing me to watch, she understood that I couldn’t handle it and accepted me for how I was. The entire time she tried to make me as comfortable as possible and even thanked me for coming with her. It really struck something in me because I’ve been with others who weren’t so amazing, others who would put me down every chance they could, others who put themselves before anyone else, but not her. And that is one of many reasons that I decided to tell her that I love her.

Isn’t summer the time for those weird limbo periods of time? Maybe I’m watching too many movies and staying up too late.

There is just something weird about wearing my mother’s pajamas, seeing every variation of vein-clogging American casserole in the fridge, moving giant pool inflatables to make my way over to pet my bipolar cat on the railing and occupying my childhood bedroom, now guest room.

I’m at home because I had let my brother live in my apartment while I was away, and my brother mixed up the dates I was coming home. My brother is so fond of not living with my parents that now he wants to convince me to have him stay with me until Le Boyfriend returns. Enough time for him, he says, to have gotten his life and his bank account straightened out so he can move out of state. So I cannot in good conscience kick him out.

The weird limbo is going to continue I guess. Haven’t had more than half an hour of conversation with him since I was mid-teens.

I have seen so many films in my short time on Earth. A lot of big roles for women existed prior to 2016. You have to look for them. Not every movie is going to be gold or connect with you but acting like the last five years of movies is something revolutionary or ‘new’ is well dumb. Broaden your horizons a bit.

Also, do put these film and celebrity types on a pedestal. The people making these films are all assholes regardless if what they produce is good or not.

Asked by @tailsmelv025  >:3

  • Why I like them: I wanna say I have a distinct reason but tbh I don’t- I’m in love with his design and his calm and centered personality- and he has so much depth for a character that has little to no screen time. He compliments every character he interacts with and strives so hard for peace- something I really admire.
  • Favorite episode: Sonic Universe issue 49
  • Favorite season/movie: The “Mighty Unleashed!” Story arch- it really made me fall in love with him.
  • Favorite outfit: Those Sandblast City boots yo, they make my man look so fly
  • OTP: I 100% ship him with my OC (samantha phloem wh00ps) but from canon? Hmm… everyone I can think of already is part of a much better ship- but possibly Razor the Shark or Antoine or Sally? I really don’t see him in a relationship as a teen tho’.
  • Brotp: Ofc him and Ray are the best but I really love the dynamic between Sonic and Mighty as well as Knuckles and Mighty- they really bring out his witty and comical side as well as slight competition. While Ray and Might joke, it seems as though there’s always the strain on him to set a good example.
  • Head Canon: There’s too many to count? Like- he has to put on shirts from the bottom like pants because that’s the only way he can get them under his shell ,and he hates clothes, and he’s lactose intolerant, but not too much and he eats man n cheese on occasion, he’s the dude to buy a huge salad when everyone is eating out, not into sugar but loves Uncle Chuck’s cherry sodas when he’s in town (who doesn’t), he’s a good swimmer, he hates guns and machines, and he smells like fire and trees and lakes and lavender sometimes but mixed with dirt, he can’t play instruments but his favorite is the guitar and he would love to learn, he’s not a very good singer but loves to try…
  • Unpopular opinion: This one is also sort of a head canon. He’s not physically buff- in fact, he’s maybe a bit lanky from lack of strain of his muscles. I feel like because super strength was a power that was granted to him, it’s not the result of him actually training to maintain that physique. Because he doesn’t have to strain to use his strength, his muscles never really grow- and if he wants to get a good work out, he must take time out of his day to find something truly heavy to bench press- which he doesn’t do much. But ngl I’m in love with beefy Mighty art.
  • A wish: You know you’re done when your biggest wish is that he’d show up in the comic just one more time.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: I don’t ever want him to leave the comics again. I also don’t want him to have a love interest. Tbh the bar has been set pretty low.
  • 5 words to best describe them: Strong, Independent, Loving, Caring, Sincere
  • My nickname for them: Head canon that people close to him call him Em.

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i was really bummed earlier bc i wouldn't be able to see my boyfriend tomorrow and hike with him and our friends, and he's leaving for ny on friday so our time together is limited. but then we both decided to hang out on wednesday and watch a few movies and relax, so things are starting to turn around!!! do you have any cool movie suggestions? btw, i ADORE your account!!!!

I’m glad you still have time to see each other. Umm… if you have Netflix, 13 Going 30, is one of my favorite movies, Begin Again, or if you want something like children movies genre, then Lilo and Stitch or ET all the way. (Both make me cry every time) Hope this helps. (Thank you so much)

let’s talk!! send anything to me!!

I want one of “those” relationships- lmao like I wanna have a place and just have someone I can wake up next to every morning and someone I can feel safe with, someone where we can kinda just do our own thing and not haave to talk alll the time, just something really chill. I wanna just like do my coding junk and work from home and have them come home all tired or whatever and I can give em cute massages and we can take baths together or go out dancing. Or just have a movie night where we eat a bunch of junk food and make stupid jokes and laugh all the time. I want a relationship where we can support each other with everything we do and we can be there for each other at a moments notice. I guess maybe I’m asking for too much? I don’t know eugh whatever I’ve got my whole life.

there’s something about the new star trek movies that I can’t help but fucking adore, and into darkness was kind of meh but beyond is exactly what I wanted after the 2009 movie

holy fuck the opening notes at the start just make me start to cry, and whenever the Enterprise gets hurt it feels like I’m getting hurt, like something’s crushed In my chest, and every time she gets repaired it’s this unfathomable relief, like the universe is back on its axis

the fact that they had to play music to win, and that they brought back sabotage to blast it into space made me want to scream appreciation

and when they had everyone in the bridge crew saying the ‘final frontier’ monologue at the end, that’s

fuck, man

I’m marathoning LotR for the millionth time and literally every scene makes me cry and dark-haired Viggo Mortensen is so hot and I’m so in love with Liv Tyler and I hope every time that Gandalf won’t fall and Boromir won’t die and I’m just generally freaking out about everything and now I’m about to begin The Two Towers and I’m not able to press play because I might just explode when Karl Urban appears on screen and when I hear the Rohan theme I’ll most likely spend the rest of the movie sobbing into my pillow somebody do something

anonymous asked:

could u do multiples of 5 for the ask meme?

….So I had long, thoughtful answers typed out for you, anon, and then the shitty mobile app ate them. My break is almost over, so I’ll just abridge it. Sorry!! 😧

5, one OTP and why you love it: Scar and Lust. Why I love it is a Lot of Words which I will finish typing out someday. It’s been sitting in my drafts for quite a while. Long story short, they have a very tumultuous and underrated interaction on the fringe of the series’ focus, and there is so much that can be developed and explored between them.

10, favorite opening: Rewrite, or Link if the movie OP counts. Guaranteed to make me excessively emotional every fucking time.

15, something I’d change about the series: Homunculi mini series or OVA. Longer Liore arc, especially for more Scar and Dante interaction. More parallel universe foreshadowing. A Director’s Cut of CoS made with the original 5+ hour script, especially for the Lost Wrath Arc.

20, How long have you been in the fandom? A little over 7 years, now. Yikes. Been pretty active the whole time, too.


The Jungle Book inspired lip art @disneystyle and I shot recently
I hope you guys are enjoying these videos, because I’m having a blast! Working with @disneystyle is truly amazing and I feel so grateful to be included in something bigger than just makeup. Every time I step into their building I feel like I’m in my own Disney movie! Such a happy place ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you to the wonderful team of @disneystyle for making it all possible!
#makeup #lips #lipart #bookofjungle #disney #disneystyle #makeupbyvladamua #vladamua

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