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Making art out of your disability - Inspiration

[Image description: Three photos all showing very messy rooms in an apartment. One is the kitchen, one is the living room, one is the bedroom. 

Photographer holding up small paper sign which reads:
“’ADHD related executive dysfunction’
Mixed media, 19/4 2015″]


19:56 - See the original post. Agree. Get inspired. Get urge to do same thing.
20:12 - Start to follow through on that urge.
20:16 - Almost quit out of frustration/exhaustion of not finding a working pen. Settle for a pencil.
20:21 - Almost quit out of frustration/exhaustion of repeatedly misspelling or writing too large or too small.
20:27 - Finally start taking the actual photos.
20:35 - Almost quit out of shame over the state the apartment.
20:45 - Get distracted.
21:15 - Think about editing the photos. Fail to do so. Repeat every 15 min.
23:13 - Finally edit the photos.
23:27 - Almost quit out of frustration over the inconsistency of the photos.
23:30 - Continue feeling shame over the state of the apartment.
23:36 - Save photos and start to write up this post.
23:45 - Make up most of the timestamps because ADHD messes with your sense of time.
00:12 - Finally finish.

I’m not lazy. I’m not a slob. I don’t like my apartment looking like this. I hate how difficult it is for me to do anything about it. I constantly think about what needs to be done and how nice it would look and how much easier it would be to live here if I tidied and organised things.

But I have limited energy/spoons/ability that I need to focus on things that are more vital. Such as: feeding myself, showering, laundry, working, going to appointments at the hospital or welfare office, not to mention doing my best to maintain my own happiness and motivation, and being there for my friends. There is just not enough left over after all that.

Teriyaki roasted sweet potatoes - you are my life! these roasted veggie quinoa bowls are my go-to’s for easy quick healthy dinners!!

Recipe for pictured:
-toss 2 medium cubed sweet potatoes w ¼ c teriyaki sauce & 2 tsp sriracha sauce
-roast in the oven at 400 F for 40 minutes, stirring every 10-15 min
-lay broccoli on a pan, drizzle w olive oil, & sprinkle w garlic powder, salt, & pep. Pop in the oven for the last 20 minutes
-bring ½ c rinsed quinoa & 1 c of water to a boil, then cover & simmer on a low heat for 15 min
-put everything together & top with pepper, avocado, & green onion!!

It couldn’t get any easier than that! This made 2-4 servings & was so so so so yum :) :)

anonymous asked:

What if, ironically, the reason why so many planets keep flocking to Obi-wan is /because/ Palps kept sending him on missions? Increased exposure eh? (Also, did he do the fretting parent thing where he called every 15 mins to check on Anakin, and the people he was with were reluctantly endeared by his mother-henning?)

Oh, Palpatine definitely shot himself in the foot on this one (at least in this verse, lol). Because yes, a lot of it comes from him having been around most of the galaxy on missions.

As for mother henning: no, unfortunately he didn’t. If he had, Anakin might have (probably would have) taken the separation better.  Oh, if Obi-Wan had only known…

So today’s been completely different to yesterday, and yet I still feel like it’s been a pretty good day!

Did not manage to get up at a time I was happy with again - alarm went off at 7:10 but I hit snooze every 10-15 mins for about 90 minutes, and I was just really sleepy all day. But sleepy in a fairly relaxed way, so I think the 30 minutes of yoga yesterday evening might have had something to do with it. Also think I’m still unwell (know I’m still unwell), and am really worried I’m going to pick up a new strain of virus from my flatmate who’s much worse than me and been sick for longer (and I caught the flu off in the first place over 3 weeks ago).

As I’ve said before, plan was to get out and do W1D1 of C25K, and my new trainers arrived and I was keen to get out and do it! But it started raining around 5pm and hasn’t stopped, so I’ve stayed in. Did my day 8 of 30 days of yoga, nice to have a gentle more meditative session - fits with my cosier evening. Although I do seem to have done something funny with my neck. Hopefully that’ll work itself out overnight. Anyway will try for the W1D1 again tomorrow!

Planned to start reading Les Mis two hours ago but hasn’t happened yet. Will probably get an early night soon.

The Expat Life

Where to go in Europe? Serrania de Cuenca, Spain

The city of Cuenca is only about a 2 hr drive from Madrid, but then you can drive up into the mountains like we did, and ended up driving another 3 hours, stopping every 15 mins to take photos! Eagles, wild boar and fresh drinking water! What a beautiful place to visit!


Iggy x