everwood season 2


Endless list of favorite Amy & Ephram 

You’re it, Amy. You’re the one I want to be with. There’s no questioning it, no holding it back, no over analyzing it. It-It just is. I have to go to New York. I have to go for for lots of reasons – for-for myself to learn, not just about me, not just about the piano, but about everything about who I’m gonna be when I’m done with school. I mean, I-I could not go. I could be the guy that says y’know screw it it’s all about the girl but let’s face it I already am that guy. I know how to make you a priority. I’ve done it. I can do it again. If you ever need me, I’ll-I’ll be there, but right now I need to worry about making myself the priority and the only way I can do that is-is to go to new York.