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Part 1/2 I really wish Misha could move away from SPN and the two so called stars. Day by day I dislike them more and even stopped shipping Destiel and Cockles because to me Jensen becomes Jared Jr when he is with Jared and stops having his own thoughts. Misha had said problematic stuff and I get upset with him too, but evertytime he was called out, he apologized and that is what makes me like him even more. Why do people think it is funny when 2 people gang up on one person in so called pranks.

Part 2/2 That is pack mentality and how bullying works. They claim to understand depression / struggles and yet always show lack of empathy to a colleague who has been homeless, bullied and what not. I am sure they know who the hater queens are and their hatred towards their wives/kids and yet gladly do photops with them including ones where a colleague is humiliated. If they can be this way towards someone they “claim” they love, why would they show any empathy to service people or anyone else.

This reply got a lot longer than I intended it to and I apologize in advance oh my god

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