Merry Christmas!!!

Hello my sweet darling angels, just like last year I wanted to make a Christmas follow forever again because I love you all so so so so so much and I hope you have an amazing day wherever you are and merry christmas and a happy new year and stuff yeah cool!!!!!

So down here I listed all of the blogs that I adore and you should follow them all because they are absolutely flawless and really cool and amazing ok (◕‿◕✿)

I even did alphabetical order cause yolo OH and also special thanks to my babe mariam for making this really fabulous edit wow so fab

oh and bolded ones have a secret note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!


a-f adoredlouawloubarathaonboobniallbradfodcraics – damnspencedonutzayneversyoungfallenforpaynefckingperrie

g-i genmastylesgermalikharrehsaidyeahharrysdimplesarethedeathofmeheyniamhoranbloghoraneyesindieharoldirishd

l-rl0ve-liam – liltlebirds – liveloveniamlouispride maliksmajestymanlyliam nakedhorannarrrycraicniajll – niallweedpaynalsexpixarlouispoonarryrockitrocket

s-z  skaterlouis  – styalesstylesnessteapartysthedailybreakthroughwhiteskimosyeahniallzaynrocksmyworld