Dream || Open RP

Eve could go for days without sleep, never really liked sleeping anyway. However, there were some days she would just crash and burn from lack of sleep. Or simply take nap out of boredom, especially in the spring when no one could see her and she had not much else to do.

Weather she crashed, or she was bored, now she slept. Curled up in a small ball under the covers of her bed. She seemed a bit restless as she slept, dream or nightmare one couldn’t really tell. She was dreaming about something.

With a small and sharp breath her eyes snapped open and she slowly sat up in her bed, a look of confusion on her face. Someone was in her dream, they seemed familiar but at the same time did not, she couldn’t quite remember. She always forgot her dreams rather quickly. It was an odd dream and the curiosity was killing her as to whom she was dreaming about. Why must her mind play tricks like this?