136 – Joey Falco Interview

Ricky and Lilith interview writer Joey Falco – discussion includes what he wrote on Heroes Reborn, Ricky still trying to find out what WH stand for?, how he got started in the business, his favourite medium to work on during Heroes Reborn, watching Heroes and his favourite character, research for Heroes Reborn, writing Farah, Farah’s introduction, other characters he liked to write for, scissors!, best experience working on Heroes Reborn, Danika’s stunts, favourite episode of Heroes Reborn, his time on set for the final two episodes, how long it took to shoot, Luke the exploding man, Evernow the game?, HRGs role in the finale, The Frady Cats, what he/we thought about the ending, what we can look forward too from Joey Falco, and more comic books ideas.

You can follow Joey on Twitter @joey_falco

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‘Heroes Reborn’: Not Very Heroic

This revamped continuance promised to go back to the roots of what made Heroes incredibly popular in the first place. Did it stack up? It’s just not very heroic.


139 - PrimatechCast – Rebellion Reborn Roundtable #3

Ricky and Lilith are joined by Miranda and Jeff from the HeroesCast – discussion includes the “Debbie Downers” meeting, Evernow, HRG’s role in the finale, breaking down the new MAIN characters, the supporting characters being better than some of the main characters, the use of the old characters, not having Hayden Panettiere back, is comparing Heroes Reborn to Heroes unfair?, who they would love to see from Prime and Reborn in “Reloaded”,  and is it tough being a fan of Heroes?

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Heroes Reborn: 1x13, Project Reborn

Heroes Reborn: 1×13, Project Reborn

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The long-awaited series finale of Heroes Reborn has at last arrived and unfortunately, it shaped up to be just as disappointing as the majority of the season. The finale wasn’t without its emotional moments and ended in the worst way possible – with a cliffhanger and the message, “end of volume.”

“Project Reborn” opens with Farah being taken to the hospital and Tommy being…

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138 - Rebellion Reborn Roundtable #3

Ricky and Lilith are joined by Daniel McFadin, Shannon Fox and Tai Freligh as they discuss the final part of Heroes Reborn – discussion includes season finale?, Evernow, Ericas backstory, HRG, original character survival, criminally underused Micah, Heroes Reborn Dark Matters, Luke’s journey, conclusions to other characters journeys, the first teaser trailer, lack of payoff, lack of urgency, the hiatus, Quentin and HRG, the premiere, the extra content, and Peter Petrelli.

You can find the Roundtablers at the following links

Daniel McFadin on twitter @danielmcfadin, his reviews for Heroes http://www.herosite.net/, and his Reborn Retrospective (http://www.herosite.net/2016/01/heroes-reborn-reflected/) or his writing on Nascar at http://www.nbcsport.com

Shannon Fox on twitter @shannonfox, or her Recaps at http://www.thenerdmachine.com/ and her recap on the Heroes Reborn Finale http://www.thenerdmachine.com/heroes-reborn-chapter-13/

Tai Freligh on twitter @TaiFreligh, his reviews for Heroes http://www.flickeringmyth.com/ and his review on the Heroes Reborn Finale (http://www.flickeringmyth.com/2016/01/heroes-reborn-series-finale-review-project-reborn.html

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O novo filme para ModaLisboa. Evernow, Primavera/Veraõ 2014. Agência: : DC: Pedro Ferreira + Judite Mota; DA: Andreea Constantinescu , Designer: Sofia Vasconcelos, estúdio: Miguel Angelo

Realizador Pedro Ferreira da Costa + Nuno Correia; Post-Production: Bikini ; Sound: Gustavo Rodrigues; Model: Margarita - Elite Lisbon; Styling: Filipe Carriço; Hair: Griffe Hairstyle; Make-Up: Antónia Rosa Atelier 

Been absolutely loving this show so just had to do “Katana Girl”. Now I have 3 more pieces I’m trying to get finished before Brisnova in November. I know what they are but what do you want them to be. #heroes #heroesreborn #katanagirl #miko #KikiSukezane @kikisukezane #evernow #art #scofielddesigns #scofield_designs #fanart #comic #9thwonders


#modalx #evernow #modalisboa #models #runway #ciamaritima (em Moda Lisboa ever.now)