everlasting bass

Nobody Disses Me
Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Nobody Disses Me

“Nobody Disses me” by Rodney O. & Cooley from the 1995 compilation album, Everlasting Hits

I remember back when I was in junior high, around ‘84/'85ish, the word “diss” had entered our lexicon, mostly thanks to hip-hop songs like the one above. So we began to sprinkle it into our conversations but because it was new to us, some of us hadn’t quite figured out how to do so correctly. For example, one friend of mine thought that the word was “disk,” like you know, a floppy, I guess. We all knew that it was short for “disrespect” so I’m not quite sure how he got to that but hey, whatever. This friend had gotten into an argument with his dad and was kicked out of his house, and whenever he’d tell someone about it, he would solemnly say, “Man, my dad keeps disking me. Just straight disking, man.”

Which I find hilarious, still to this day. Not the getting 13-year-old getting physically thrown out of his house by his own father part, just the repeated, straight-faced use of “disking” part.

This random memory was brought to you by a Words With Friends game on the other screen.


Rodney-O & Joe Cooley – Everlasting Bass

Can't Get Enough of Everlasting Bass

Last night I chose not to pop in the iPod but listened to the radio on the way home. Since it was slow jams (on the old folks station, no doubt), every song that came on, I was like, “Thasss my jam!” and then I realized how I missed an old friend known to me and you as the radio.

The radio was our microphone as we sang into the speakers, our iTunes when we taped (not recorded) songs, our tissue after a bad breakup, and it was our pillow as it rocked us to sleep.

At a time when we’re so quick to listen to our new-and-improved musical devices, it’s nice to take a look back at what we had before thousand-song playlists. Today’s inspiration indeed.