I Wanna Be Yours - Everlark One Shot

So hello everyone! I finally did it and I’m super anxious about this one shot, so I hope you all enjoy my little PeetaxKatniss trip. It’s mostly au, but I still hope y'all like it. Please leave me some feetback and thank you to my lovely editor Laura

Peeta’s pov

I must have been staring at her for more than 15 minutes now. There’s was something special about her, something I couldn’t wrap my mind around, but she fascinated me.

The way she was lightly swaying to the music, the constant smile that was sitting on her face and that spark that appeared in her eyes every time a new verse began. She caught my eye immediately, not only because she was only beautiful but as radiant as the sun.

Her long brown hair flew in graceful waves down her back and her tight tank top fit her like a second skin. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. Deep down I kind of hated myself for not paying too much attention to the music, after all I’ve spent a shitload amount of money to finally see the Arctic Monkeys live, but in this moment I wasn’t able to care about anything else but her.

I was determined to do anything to get to know her, at any price. But suddenly I noticed someone bumping into me and caught Finnick staring questioningly, knitting his eyebrows together in confusion. I pointed my thumb in the girl’s direction and his face immediately lit up and he winked at me before getting back to Annie and enveloping her into his arms.

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Trying this again...

Sorry for the repeat message about this, but tumblr decided to go all wonky on me and ate all kinds of asks, so unfortunately, I didn’t get messages from some of you who’d tried to send me a message about this.

I’ve still got spots left (am aiming for a total of 25 readers) for folks who’d be interested in getting an advanced reader’s copy of The Polaris Uprising. It’s not the absolute final version since it’s still in the middle of line editing, and because of that, there may still be a few rough spots here and there. However, it’s about 90% final at this point, so it’ll be fairly close to what will end up being the actual finished product :). It’s close enough that I’ve started to send copies of it out to early reviewers, so I can start to build the pre-release buzz and have some momentum going for it when it comes out towards the end of the year.

If you’d be interested in getting a sneak peek and would be willing to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads if you end up liking it (absolutely no pressure or obligation to do so–this is entirely up to you :)), please leave me a note on my website with the best email to send this to and the format you’d prefer.

I can send in the following formats:

  • .mobi (Kindle)
  • .epub (Nook, Sony, Kobo, iPad/iPhone, etc.)
  • .pdf

The advanced reader’s copy will be in digital format only for now, since the print copy won’t be ready for another few weeks. But if you don’t have an ebook reader, fear not–there are many free reading apps for smartphones and tablets, so you’d still be able to read the electronic version!

everlarkrecs  asked:

Very super urgent question. What are your thoughts on snowballing and do u think it is something Katniss and Peeta would be into? Your response is highly anticipated. Kthnx

HAHA. Umm, let’s see. Snowballing makes me want to hurl, like just the thought of it tbh. I don’t really think Katniss and Peeta would ever be into it. The only serious situation where I can see that going down is if they had to do it because of Capitol porn/prostitution reasons. 

Fangirling "Never Let You Out of My Sight" by Hazel Luca


I turn to Peeta. He spreads his hand out for me to take with a smile.

“You know why we have spaces between our fingers?” He blushes a little.

“No, why?”

“For the person we love to fill them.”

I close my eyes; the sweetness is his voice is so sincere. I do not want anyone to take this moment away from me, this simple sweet statement that I could cling to for days. I squeeze Peeta’s hand tightly and nod, yes Peeta that is why we have spaces between our fingers.

I died.  I DIED.

(From “Never Let You Out of My Sight” Chapter 10)

And: my thanks to everlarkrecs.  I found this fic in your fantabulous archive!

supersudz replied to your postI can scarcely tell you the kind of agony your art student!Katniss/nude model!Peeta ficlet is putting me through. All I could think of (for hours!) after reading it was that look of disappointment on Peeta’s face as Katniss walked out of the class. It HURTS!! I want to make it right! What can I do??

What?! Where is this student!Katniss/nude model!Peeta ficlet you speak of?

Here it is. Keep your expectations low. 

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