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These are just a few blogs that are my absolute favorites, you should follow every single one of them. 

abcd- anniescubes :: augustusvvaters :: bitcheslovethecato :: claryvvayland 

efgh-frostingpeetaswounds :: everlarkest

ijkl- incendioeverdeen :: josheeta :: klaflin 

mnop- mellarkish :: mellrak :: nightlockandarrows :: omghungergames :: odds-in-my-favour :: peetasboxers :: peatuhmellark :: peetas-bunns

qrst- sassyodair :: sunset-orange-peeta :: tardistribute :: theyrenightlock :: threeprongedscar :: the-peasants-of-josh


So I didn’t get a chance to do a follow forever during Christmas and there’s only half an hour of the year left and so I wanted to do this to show my love! 

i even made a shitty banner you bitches

The people listed below are just some of the blogs that I follow and love to death.

If you’re on here and we’ve never actually talked before, just know that I do love you and your blog and all of you guys are perfect and beautiful and amazing!

☁  A B C D E F ☁ 
dauntlessborntribute dumbledor3s-army everlarkest fabulousfinnick focacce freshfromthecapitol 
☁  G H I J K L  ☁ 
hazlegrace hazelwatrs haymitch-thetown-drunk jawshfuckerson jenniferandjoshua jlawismybitch 
    johannamasony josh-is-my-mockingjay lastkissforloverboy loganlermanade
☁  M N O P Q R☁ 
►  madgeunderseen magnisbane magnus-----bane mockingjays-and-trackerjackers officialhutch 
    ohjhutcherson omghungergames peeta-eaton peetahutcherpeen peeta-ismydandelion-inthespring
☁  S T U V W X Y Z ☁ 
► samfuckingclaflin sheweasel thatgirlonfire thatsthefinale thehutchcollection theonlytributeintheshire 
    tobiaseeton unperfect-perfections  

Those are just some of the amazing blogs I follow, and I suggest you should too!

Happy New Year!