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These are just a few blogs that are my absolute favorites, you should follow every single one of them. 

abcd- anniescubes :: augustusvvaters :: bitcheslovethecato :: claryvvayland 

efgh-frostingpeetaswounds :: everlarkest

ijkl- incendioeverdeen :: josheeta :: klaflin 

mnop- mellarkish :: mellrak :: nightlockandarrows :: omghungergames :: odds-in-my-favour :: peetasboxers :: peatuhmellark :: peetas-bunns

qrst- sassyodair :: sunset-orange-peeta :: tardistribute :: theyrenightlock :: threeprongedscar :: the-peasants-of-josh


So I didn’t get a chance to do a follow forever during Christmas and there’s only half an hour of the year left and so I wanted to do this to show my love! 

i even made a shitty banner you bitches

The people listed below are just some of the blogs that I follow and love to death.

If you’re on here and we’ve never actually talked before, just know that I do love you and your blog and all of you guys are perfect and beautiful and amazing!

☁  A B C D E F ☁ 
dauntlessborntribute dumbledor3s-army everlarkest fabulousfinnick focacce freshfromthecapitol 
☁  G H I J K L  ☁ 
hazlegrace hazelwatrs haymitch-thetown-drunk jawshfuckerson jenniferandjoshua jlawismybitch 
    johannamasony josh-is-my-mockingjay lastkissforloverboy loganlermanade
☁  M N O P Q R☁ 
►  madgeunderseen magnisbane magnus-----bane mockingjays-and-trackerjackers officialhutch 
    ohjhutcherson omghungergames peeta-eaton peetahutcherpeen peeta-ismydandelion-inthespring
☁  S T U V W X Y Z ☁ 
► samfuckingclaflin sheweasel thatgirlonfire thatsthefinale thehutchcollection theonlytributeintheshire 
    tobiaseeton unperfect-perfections  

Those are just some of the amazing blogs I follow, and I suggest you should too!

Happy New Year!

capitolsecrets replied to your post: capitolsecrets answered your question: guys how do…

alskdjfhgj i don’t know why it won’t work, what type file is the video? avi files won’t work on photoshop for me so i’d usually have to convert them to mp4 or mov sakdfjhgjskdf but my torrent is so slow i can’t gif anything cries

it’s the right file type because it opens but it just shows me like a white square instead of the video so it’s hard, i mean i could try but it would be tricky. then again that might still be quicker than other ways

finnickley answered your question: guys how do you gif from long videos (i.e the full film)?

I just cut it with Windows Live Movie Maker :’D but beware it saves in weird sizes, you have to edit that and then convert it in mp4 and done


everlarkest answered your question: guys how do you gif from long videos (i.e the full film)?

You have to click SHIFT and then you move with the arrows to where you want

that’s what i normally do but idk not working