Honestly I don’t have a single problem with the whole “smh knowing and making bets about bitty and jack’s relationship” thing. They’re all best friends. They know they have each others backs through anything. They waited until Jack and Bitty were ready to come out to them on their own terms.

And I don’t think they’re dismissing it when they don’t directly adress it? They’re easing the tension Bitty was obviously feeling (and probably Jack too, to an extent) and showing that everything is still normal. That it’s okay, they kind of already knew anyway, that they love them no matter what.

Caution (Everlark One Shot)...

Ahhh! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve written (again!) I’m working on the next one not being as long before I get it done…. but again, I can’t promise anything! Hopefully this gets me back in the swing of things, writing-wise, and it’s not too crappy. Based on one of those prompt posts that go about involving a coffee cup and a marker pen. Thanks for reading! As always, not beta’d so all mistakes are nine mine.



Crockery clatters and voices mix with the coffee machines to form one chorus-like drone that fills the space of the coffee shop. It’s just gone 4pm and most classes are finished for the day; the place is rammed with students - and a few lecturers too - all filling up on some caffeine to allow us to make it through the rest of the day. Classes might be over, but assignments still have to be done. It’s so very close to being the end of term… well there’s a few weeks left before we break for Christmas, but it definitely doesn’t feel like enough time before hand-ins. Final hand-ins. Like final-final, our last winter assessments ever. I wonder if I can inhale coffee standing here in line to give me an extra boost to see me through a bit longer…

“-and then I took his drink and ran. Haven’t seen any of them since, best night out this year.” Jo cackles and I watch Madge hide a laugh into her scarf. I bite my lip and avoid their gazes for as long as possible before feigning, what I’m sure is, an awkward smile.

“Being free and boyfriend-less - and getting free drinks - is the best. Oh, that’s me!”

Jo dashes off to get her coffee and Madge and I follow behind, knowing ours will be right after hers.

Now I catch his eye, all blue and glinting. Without looking too far from the latte art he is working on he shoots me a sly wink. I look away quickly but it’s too late, as I feel the warm pink stain across my cheeks that are now fighting a grin too girlish for me to barely recognise myself. I quickly grab my latte, decorated with a perfect wave heart design on top, and head to the seating area with my friends. The Three Musketeers, we’d said. I’d only meant to cheer Jo up from her sudden break up… but that night ended up being the night she insisted we make a “no men for a year” pact with her. She was hurt, and we were all a little drunk, so we’d agreed. All for one… and all that.

And then I met Peeta. And became the Traitorous Musketeer.

We scan over the seating area, Madge grumbling about our usual spot on the limited and highly sought after “comfy seats” being all taken. I can see the bar easily from this table.

We peel off layers and sit, I bring my coffee to my lips without taking a sip since I’ve learned that it will definitely be too hot and instead just enjoy holding the heat between my hands and allowing the smell to drift to my face.

“Blondie is staring at you again,” Jo states. 

“He keeps looking over. He totally likes you!” Madge nearly squeals and then reigns her excitement back in, her eyes darting to Jo.

“Can we just… leave it, please!” The warmth is returning to my cheeks again and I don’t like this.

“Definitely,” nods Jo. “Chicks before dicks!” she states firmly and holds up her coffee cup in a toast. I have no choice but to comply, but I find I can’t meet their eyes again. And I certainly can’t take a drink.

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