everlark scenes

Chapter 3.

Okay guys, I know you all must be like:

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And I really don’t have an excuse for why I always take forever to post up a chapter to any of my stories other than life is tough and shit happens. I’m really sorry, but I would like to add that I worked really, really hard for this chapter. Now this was basically at the behest of my beautiful Boo Bear @mega-aulover who asked for something specific… (she knows what it is… Hope you like it babes!). I would love to thank my awesome cheerleader @titaniasfics and my incredibly patient beta @pinksnailsaver (You’re a real life saver . Sorry for all the punctuation mistakes :/ ) I would also love to thank my handsome husband.

 This is a disclaimer: I have absolutely no ownership of Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, Bride and Prejudice, or Pride and Prejudice. They’re all wonderful works of both Jane Austen and Bollywood. Also I don’t own any characters from the Hunger Games. They’re all used for my crazy imagination…. I hope you guys like this chapter and don’t forget to like, reblog, and leave a short review. It makes my heart sing. Now without further ado… here’s