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There. He’s done it again. Dropped a bomb that wipes out the efforts of every tribute who came before him.

Well, maybe not. Maybe this year he has only lit the fuse on a bomb that the victors themselves have been building. Hoping someone would be able to detonate it. Perhaps thinking it would be me in my bridal gown. Not knowing how much I rely on Cinna’s talents, whereas 

Peeta needs nothing more than his wits.

My brother just watched the Hunger Games movies for the first time. The following are his exact words…

First time Peeta and Katniss kiss: “Aw, cute.”

First time Gale and Katniss kiss: “Um, who the fuck are you?”

Gale and Katniss kiss again: “Excuse me, leave.”

Peeta gets shocked by the force field: “Naw bitch, naw, you’re fine. Get up and hold Katniss.”

Peeta gives Katniss the pearl: “Mmhmm, that’s how you treat a girl. What’s that Gary guy gonna give you? A lump of coal?”

Plutarch tells Katniss they left Peeta behind: “No! NO! I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU! WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!”

Katniss kisses Gale in her kitchen: “Katniss, you are fine and wonderful woman, you should really respect yourself more.”

Gale whines about Katniss only kissing him when he’s in pain: “BITCH TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET! SHE’S NOT GONNA PICK YOU IN THE END!”

Peeta is shown beat up on the screen: “You need to be okay. Katniss needs you to be okay. *whispers* I need you to be okay.”


Katniss cries watching Peeta struggle: *sobbing* “Part two doesn’t come out until November? But I need them to be together.”

My brother is 22, a very masculine man and possibly the biggest Everlark Shipper ever.

Bonus: “I’m sorry lady who wrote the books. You’re not a bitch… But I still hate you.”

  • Me after reading Mockingjay: Don't know whether to be grateful because Suzanne Collins ended the series with a happy ending or to be sad because Suzanne Collins killed Finnick
  • Me after watching Mockingjay Part 2: Don't know whether to be glad because the director followed the book and actually killed Finnick or to be mad because the director really followed the book and killed Finnick

I can’t believe you didn’t rescue Peeta.
I know,” he replies.
There’s a sense of incompleteness. And not because he hasn’t apologized. But because we were a team. We had a deal to keep Peeta safe. A drunken, unrealistic deal made in the dark of night, but a deal just the same. And in my heart of hearts, I know we both failed.

New Story! Human at Heart. Chapter 1

1. Hospital Beds (or when Katniss meets Peeta again)

Genre: Horror/Supernatural

Rating: M

It’s out! It’s out! My new story is out!

I need to thank, as always, the amazing @titaniasfics​ for betaing. A huge thank as well to a new friend, @akai-echo​, for the awesome banner. Hugs and Kisses to you, ladies!

You can find the story on FF.net or AO3. Happy reading :)

SSS - At the Zoo, Chapter 1.

Coming tomorrow :)

“It’s going to be a big, big, big day!!” the woman in front of Peeta giggled, in a bright blue suit and oversized jacket. She apparently was in charge of communication, but the only things she was communicating at the moment were headaches and too much perfume. Walking on high heels, her steps as big as her skirt would allow, she commented on everything they saw. Even the signs at each one of the crossroads. Or why the trash bins were green. Important questions.

Peeta followed his co-workers through the maze that was the Zoo, passing by the big monkeys and some strange birds, until the whole crew from Capitol TV reached a brick building that stood out in the sea of green and bamboos, in front of which people wearing zoo uniforms were waiting. They formed small groups, a mass of brown cargo pants and gray tee-shirts, with radios clipped to their belts or the big pockets, buzzing periodically.

The Everlark Theme through THG saga (including the Mockingjay Part 2 version).

Tracks in order:

  • The Cave (The Hunger Games)
  • Just Friends (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
  • I Need You (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
  • Katniss’ Nightmare (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1; basically “Just Friends” but slower)
  • Primrose (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2)
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