SSS - Six Weeks (MoreS2SL Submission)

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Here’s a snippet of what’s to come:

Peeta stared at her, appearing to struggle with an internal debate, then visibly settling into a decision. “I’ve lived here all my life and know this area like the back of my hand. I could show you around.  There’s the Spanish Fort down in St. Augustine. The botanical gardens.  Anastasia’s Island. Haven’t you been to any of these?”

Katniss shook her head, realizing when she thought about it how very little she’d actually enjoyed herself these last four years.

Peeta’s face took on an exaggerated solemnity. “I would like to rectify this situation, if you’ll let me.”

“Which situation?” Katniss laughed at his face, so serious with mock determination. How could she feel this good so easily?

“The fact that you’ve been in Panem City for - how long has it been?”

“Four years,” Katniss answered.

“Four years! And you’ve never been to any of the major sights?”  

“I was here to study. And work!  I had a scholarship to hold onto. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for school.”

Peeta nodded. “That’s impressive. But now you’re a college graduate and you’ll be looking for work soon. That means you have to play the tourist before adulting duties take over your life.”

Katniss felt crestfallen when he said this. She felt like she’d already been forced to “adult” even before she’d left high school and had skipped over the playful, student-life phase that others seemed to have been able to enjoy. “I don’t think that’s going to work.”

“Why not?” Peeta asked, his blue eyes boring into hers. He’d noted her change of mood and his playfulness fell away with hers.

“Because, I’m leaving in six weeks.  Five, after this week…” she looked around as if she’d find a calendar hanging in the air between them. “I start work a week after I get home…” she trailed off.  

Peeta frowned, thinking about her words. “You’re…leaving?”

Katniss nodded. “I go back home to my family…and my fiance.”

The Escort is the story I teased earlier today. I decided to make a cover for it.

“Okay, Katniss, you got this. Don’t freak out. Don’t overthink. Just let it all happen.” I tell myself. “Better be worth it.” I say at last before I twist the handle.

He stands there in a light blue shirt and dark jeans, both of which fit him perfectly. I think about the plain outfit I’m wearing, white polo and slacks, and feel even more inadequate. He smiles and I see a dimple form in his left cheek. His eyes are a deep sky blue and they sparkle. I am undone and words escape me.

You can read the story on FFN or AO3.

Title:  Eavesdropping

Author:  amelinazenitram


Rating:  K

Length:  Ficlet (1350)

Pairing:  Katniss/peeta

Summary:  When a phone call interrupts Peeta’s Skype chat with his long-distance girlfriend, he can’t help but listen in. Originally posted (ages ago) on tumblr. Based on the prompt “things you said I wasn’t meant to hear.”

Why This is Good:  Just pure sweetness in the Everlark relationship.  Also Katniss being Katniss, but we get to see her true feelings anyway!

Six Sentence Sunday -- The think I didn’t need to start writing but did anyway.

    He stands there in a light blue shirt and dark jeans, both of which fit him perfectly. I think about the plain outfit I’m wearing and feel even more inadequate. He smiles and I see a dimple form in his left cheek. I am undone and words escape me.

    He holds out his hand. “Hi. You can call me Peeta. But you don’t need to give me your name if you don’t want to.”

    I slip my hand into his and find a warm, confident grip. “Hi.” Quickly removing my hand from his, I step aside. “Come in. Please.”

    He steps in and closes the door behind him. “You are the one in charge, so we go when you say.”

    I nod. And then I launch myself at him, grabbing his face in a desperate kiss. This is something I have a little experience with.

    He picks me up and a squeak escapes me as my feet leave the ground. Breaking the kiss, I look down at him. “You don’t have to do that.”

    Peeta smiles again and continues to carry me the last few feet to the bed. He doesn’t loosen his grip after he sits me back on the floor, he just keeps hold and kisses me again.

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