Everlark Advent - Day 3, The First Noel

The First Noel

rated G

The packages trickle in, ones and twos to start, but rapidly it escalates into a torrent. Bright wrappers from chichi little boutiques in the city. Etsy shops. Places in Norway that no one has ever heard of before. A tsunami of tyvek envelopes and itty bitty boxes.

Soon Peeta’s studio is covered in costume pieces. Knit hats with ridiculously long tassels. Curly-toed elf slippers. Santa hats, Christmas tree hats, even Grinch hats, for heaven’s sake. Angel wings made of real feathers. Faux reindeer antlers hand carved by Scandinavian craftsmen. Katniss almost said something when she saw the red and green tutu, festooned with ribbons. But she resisted, simply closing the door and shaking her head.

She’s certain she’ll have plenty to say in January when the credit card bills come in. But it’s hard to complain now, watching him garb their infant daughter in an impossibly tiny snowman onesie and pretend carrot nose. Because he’s waited five, ten, fifteen years for the privilege of sending out a Christmas card proudly displaying their perfect little baby.

She’s certainly not going to spoil his fun now.

10 Last Lines

The rules: Post the final line (singular) of your last ten completed stories. Then discuss any patterns you notice.

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But here, in this place, light years from Earth, I think I may have found a home.

Pumpkin Spice(x):

So what’s the meaning of regret?

I Only Love It When You Touch Me, Not Feel Me:

But more than this, as I reach for my phone I find myself hoping it’s her, telling me she’s remembered their names.

In The Middle:

“C’mon, Marv,” she whispered to his lips, pulling his shirt as the Mockingjay led them to bed.


She looked exactly like hope.


Together, like this, in each other’s arms, they play their favorite game.

His Hands Were Carved By The Angels:

Or something.

In The Pines:

Her fingers sifted through the loose dirt, frantic and searching, until they brushed upon something cool and metal-

See You Soon:

She sighs and pulls me closer, running her fingers through my hair as she whispers in reply, “See you soon.”

Mile High:


Lessons learned: My writing makes me cringe. Apparently, I love me some conjunctions, and my last line rarely contains dialogue. It’s most common for me to end the story with a sentence that has three or four clauses or phrases (I guess I like the cadence of that?). Twice I refer to the title in the last line itself. I love non-endings, leaving things on an ambiguous note. I often end the story with an act of intimacy (kissing or fucking or about to)… and in four instances I refer to Everlark’s children, particularly their daughter. And for Mile High I deliberately chose to end the story wordlessly, opting to use an emoji. And In The Pines ends with an em dash, circling back to the first line.

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by LaughtersMelody

President Snow could have stopped the rebellion before it even began, if only he had taken advantage of one pivotal moment during the 74th Hunger Games. In this universe, he does just that.

Words: 1358, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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