evergreen rain

slytherin aesthetics

overgrown greenery • blank stares • heirloom rings • victorian architecture • crackled marble • dark winged eyeliner • dark nails • perfect hair • tea in the common room • ballet classes • mahogany • sarcasm • wet grass • thorns • thick eyebrows • grand staircases • morning mist • black silk • green velvet • summer rain storms • evergreens • the smell of new leather • mischievous smirks • cold nights • pebbles from a lake • crystals • grand fireplaces • drapery • expensive jewelry • large castles • rings passed down generations • scented candles • knee socks • sheer robes with fir trim • friendship that lasts forever

Selling Your Soul (Is Against University Regulations)


Tyrone Evergreen was the most promising student professor Hicks had ever seen.

To be fair, he hadn’t been teaching that long. But he doubted he would ever come across another student like Evergreen. A near instinctive grasp of contract negotiation, a keen eye to spot loopholes, a steady hand to draw the most complex of sigils, and of course that mind that seemed to know every single little detail about anything demon-related. It was uncanny how much he knew.

Hicks worried about him. He had his doubts for a while now, and after what Miss Adams just told him…

“Are you certain?” he asked.

Elisabeth Adams sat primly on the chair, her lips pursed in disapproval. “I believe my sources.”

“Your sources, who consist of - and I quote - ‘a friend in a bar’.”

“With all due respect, professor, does it matter who I heard this from? It doesn’t change the truth. There is obviously something unnatural about Evergreen.”

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Northern Monk Brew Co of Leeds, Yorkshire, have built up a decent reputation in their short time on this earth. Based in a converted flax mill in an old industrial part of an old industrial city they go about the same business of brewing high quality contemporary takes on traditional beers that untold squillions of other craft breweries do, so what sets them apart? Um, I dunno. But their cans look pretty! Unfortunately, pretty cans by themselves ain’t enough to win my heart, so I quit my stroking and eyelash fluttering and cracked ‘em open. 

Eternal Session IPA (4.1% abv) is an entirely decent brew. For a session IPA. Zesty citrusy piney tropical fruity hoppyness aplenty. Light in body and booze. Tasty and effortlessly easy drinking. It hits all the right notes and plays a nice tune, but like every session IPA I’ve ever had it can’t disguise the fact that it’s just a tribute act. Which is okay as long as it enjoys itself I s’pose.

New World IPA (6.2% abv) is more like it, an intriguing brew inspired by the hop ratios and techniques used in original English IPA’s but using a blend of Australian, English, and US hops. The payoff is better than I coulda hoped for. Bold, pithy, grapefruit led citrus and rain dampened evergreens run riot on my tongue, with tropical fruit undertones of kiwi, papaya, and mango joining in the fun. An earthy, herbaceous quality develops nicely, and there’s a subtle caramel maltiness lurking amongst the fruits and shrubbery. It finishes dry with a surprisingly strong bitterness and more of that grapefruit pith. A damn fine brew indeed!

I’m finishing up with Northern Star Mocha Porter (5.9% abv). North Star Coffee of Leeds supply the ground beans that are added to the brew, and what an impression they make. ‘Tis packed with sensuous coffee flavours, a fine match to the decadent malts. Cocoa, bonfire toffee, vanilla, roast nuts, and hints of dark dried fruit notes all offer great support to that potent coffee. Softly carbed, medium light body, some coffee grounds bitterness at the finish to offset the early sweetness, it really is rather good! 

And I’m done. A thoroughly enjoyable investigation it was too. My ambivalence towards the session IPA was firmly outweighed by my genuine enjoyment of the New Old World Type Stuff IPA and the almost Mocha Porter, a pair of classy, well executed, and tasty brews that are even better than their packaging would suggest. Nice cans. Great beer.