Ashford “There might be AVAILABLE ladies listening! Stop making me look bad! … And it’s NOT my fault there is no heating in the mountains for your girly baths!”

Lucky: “You aren’t the only one who gets to have fun, Ashford~”

(Crocodile tears! Lucky actually adores her teacher, even if he is a jerk to her. Cranky old ponies. Also a little more into Lucky not being as gentle as she seems. She has her own way with things.)

Knight twisted his muzzle for a moment when the bat winged pony landed after his wing was taken notice. Oh well, it didn’t really matter. Looking off toward the path for a moment before giving a hefty sigh a ‘follow me’ motion was made with his head, continuing your patrol. “You can’t stay long though … It’s late and Lucky Fortune is asleep already, she can get pretty scary when she is angry…” Tossing a glance toward the female Knight would soak in her appearance. A guard huh? That certainly brought back fond memories. Cracking a hint of a smile he continued his awkward ‘conversation.’ “You don’t have to stay grounded. Everfree isn’t the safest place for a pony, you had advantage in the air, guard or not.”

(Knight, stop shining light in other ponies eyes, that’s rude, stop being a butt. Quite overdue response. I really adore these drawn RPs @w@ <3 )

In response to

(Just felt drawing Misty wondering if a certain pony is sharing the same night sky as her.)

(Misty gets all teh fanart but no ask so I wanted to doodle her before getting to some of the other ask. Though I am back to doodling on Tumblr I am still going to be very busy this month in prep for AnimeExpo, selling in Artist Alley as normal.


Okies SO! I do love this blog but haven’t had the motivation to poke at it much. The reason I found is I suck with stories. Like completely. SO I am going to just stop trying to do that.

The tumblr is getting a newer approach. First off I am clearing all the ask, sorry. But this blog will be primarily an Ask blog. Some questions I will answer, some not. Depends. Just like the art, sketchy or more refined will depend on my mood.

I will also like to open this blog as an RP kinda blog of sorts. To interact with the character/s of your choosing, there will be doodles in response most times. And no, you don’t have to be an artist and draw back and fourth, I will derp with anyone as long as there is actual effort with it. But if drawn RPs are shot back and fourth I will put as much effort into it as you are giving me. Your characters can be OC or canon I don’t care. But if they are little one liners I would not expect any sort of reply since I normally para/multipara.

The only thing I really ask if you keep everything SFW.

I hope I can get back into the swing of things again. Thank for being patient with me s far.


Okay so I got this in the mail for my birthday, though I am posting this late, since it also is the anniversary of the blog too (was the 9th). I got it earlier but I am lazy with editing photos. ANYWAY, this was a lovely present from my oniichan, who’s OC is included in there as well. I was really surprised, especially with the detail in it all. It earned a permanent spot on my figure shelf. Love these little guys to death! Thank you

Ze Custom Artist.

Mah Super Awesome Onnichan