everett koop

Let’s talk about the diet industry.  This industry, not counting weight loss surgery, earns those companies $46 BILLION a year.  That’s ridiculous for products that absolutely have no evidence that they work. There is no successful diet.  At all.  So why do people keep trying?  There are so many reasons.  Let’s start with the medical industry that tells a fat person that anything that ails them is because they are fat.  Haven’t experienced this?  Ask a fat person.  But research says that fat people are unhealthy and at danger for multiple health issues, right? There are two things we can look at to determine the legitimacy of research.  Who is doing it and who is paying for it.  You may not know it but the former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D. is the person who declared the “war on obesity”.  He started a program to ‘Shape Up, America!” with money from Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Slim-Fast.  He advertised for them.  James Hill, PhD, is a spokesperson for community groups fighting this “war”.  He is a paid consultant to several pharmaceutical companies that sell diet drugs.  This while also being a member of the National Institute of Health Task Force on Obesity Prevention and Treatment.  There are many incestuous connections between the diet industry, diet research, and government programs that want us to keep fighting something that is a biological mandate as much as freckles are.  I don’t want you to just believe what I say.  I want you to research it, but know that the propaganda is deep and you will need to look hard.  May I suggest the New England Journal of Medicine from January 1998?  Or the 1992 NIH Technology Assessment Panel?  Please check it out.

Well, I’ve been a lifelong Republican. I am very conservative. At the moment the conservatives hate me, have deserted me, have vilified me and would like to crucify me. They don’t like what I’ve said about AIDS and I think they are totally wrong and I think they are irresponsible. They talk about knee-jerk liberals, I’ve never seen such knee-jerks in my life as I have from the conservative right.

C Everett Koop

Koop Turned Surgeon General’s Office Into Mighty Education Platform, NPR. February 25, 2013.