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M’baku is 100% in it for the drama. Examples:
  • Makes grandiose speeches and is willing to die trying to get the throne
  • Let’s Nakia, Shuri, Ramonda, and Everett kneel before him - proclaiming him the person they’re willing to follow and stand behind, knowing full well T’challa is alive
  • Saves that info until he’s convinced they mean it (bc he feels his people have been slighted and deserves the respect - true)
  • Threatens to feed Everett to his children
  • Constantly interrupts heartfelt family moments
  • Refuses to give aid to T’challa when he asks
  • Shows up when and/or waits until T’challa is losing and helps turn the tide of battle

👆🏾 This is the story that the overwhelming majority of wypipo who comment on and critique movies/Hollywood won’t ever tell you. Watch how this whole week all they’re gonna cover is “Pacific Rim Uprising DETHRONES Black Panther” smdh. 🙄If only we could shut them up like M’Baku lol.

Scenes We’d Like To See in  InfinityWar Part II

[Doctor Strange or Tony Stark say something blatantly obvious]

Everett K Ross: No shit Sherlock!

Stephen + Tony: SHUT UP WATSON!


Tony: PETER!

Quill and Spider-Man: Yes?

Tony: Shit.

Steve: Hey! Watch your language!

Drax: How do you watch language?


Rocket and Tony talk science and get drunk


Plot Twist: Rocket DOES actually need the arm.


Tony: AVENGERS A- what are you doing?

Rocket: Putting on some music, what do you think I’m doing?

Quill: Rocket, were about to go up against a crazy mad titan with infinity stones!


Tony is the one to say the first ever full Avengers Assemble.

Light Sleeper | Everett Ross

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Word Count: 2.087

Trigger Warning: Mentions of gunshot, injury 

One of the things best known by people who knew Everett was that he very rarely slept. He could stay up without sleep for more than a week, as the maximal count of days is 9. His friends and colleges included that maybe it became a habit from his military days, but the man himself knew he had quite the endurance without sleep far before that. It became an advantage to him during long flights, or it’s now used to work until dawn arrives and he’s back up to work again. And that was his life: go to work, go home, do some work, and repeat.

But you despised it. All those sleepless nights meant he’d look dead on some days, barely gripping onto reality as his body started to fail him. You picked up this ‘ability’ of his as time went on, by how he stayed in the office longer than everyone, how he seemed to respond fast to every catastrophe happening in ungodly hours, and how he was the earliest person to arrive in the office. And your  heart would fall every time you notice his dark circles, how he’d mutter about having a migraine during his ‘final days of being awake’, and by any other signs that indicate he haven’t slept at all.

And you took it to yourself to take care of him. Everett noticed how you’d always spare some time to drop food to his office, and discreetly giving him hot chocolate when he’s working late. And he couldn’t help but feel warm, like flowers suddenly grew in his heart. This working partner of his noticed his habit, and decided to tend to him without being asked to. He’d tell you how he appreciated all of it, and you’d grace him with a smile that sent his heart to the sky.

As easily as that, the both of you fall in love, keeping it a secret from each other because of work’s sake. But fate seemed to have plans for the both of you.

“Ev?” You knocked on his office, but there was no response, “Can I come in?” After leaning in to listen and finding the room quite, you decided to let yourself in. Gently opening the door, you peeked inside.

There Everett sat on his chair, head lolling upward and a light snore coming from his lips. You suppressed the squeal that was threatening to escape, softly walking up to him and setting the cup of hot chocolate on his desk. Everett looked so peaceful, you thought, as the creases on his face aren’t as defined and his hair looked softly ruffled. You peeked closer, taking in this side of him he rarely showed. God, he looked so relaxed and soft. You felt a tingle in your fingers and followed the urge to slowly reach upwards, caressing his cheeks and moving up to rake through his hair. A soft giggle came from you when Everett leaned into your touch. He moved slightly from his earlier position, but continued to sleep as the snores went on.

You stood there for a few minutes, taking in this beautiful sight. There was no trace of stress on his face, and he looked far more attractive looking at ease. Even though you wanted to stay longer, you were afraid to be caught staring at him with so much intensity. You brought up his suit and gently draped it on his body, as you were scared he’d get cold. After doing so you slowly took a few steps back, stopped a few seconds to take in his face for the last time, and closed the door.

When the sound of your clacking heels started to disappear, Everett opened his eyes. He could feel his heart beating fast against its cage as his own hand traced his cheek, where the warmth of your hand touched him earlier. His suit slipped onto his lap, and the hot chocolate wasn’t as steaming as it usually was. And a smile was apparent on his face, as he gently took the cup and drank the content. He was a light sleeper, so he was aroused awake when you walked in. But he enjoyed it, the way there was so much care and gentleness in your touch. And as the night continued, he couldn’t seem to ignore the funny feeling in his stomach. Maybe he should ‘accidently’ sleep in his office more, he jokingly thought to himself.

But that didn’t happen, as he was quickly flown into Seoul to meet Ulysses Klaw. Everett had to admit he wasn’t thrilled to go there without bidding you goodbye, and the bad feeling taunting his heart didn’t help, but he buried those feeling down and faced the mission with a calm composure.

Well, Everett tried to collect whatever composure he had when he met King T’Challa. Meeting the king again wasn’t a problem to him, but it was in this situation. The nagging in his mind that something was going to go wrong went worse when the whole casino turned into a huge brawl, and was followed by a car chase on the streets of Seoul.

The bad feeling in his heart soon came true when he took a bullet for the Wakandan woman. The pain was sharp on his back, a clear shot on his spine, and Everett was quickly down on the floor, his chest heaving up and down frantically. As the pain started to get a hold of him, his mind displayed memories of you, all your small talks and that night in his office. And his heart dropped, knowing there was a chance he wouldn’t see you again.

“He took a bullet for me, we have to help him!” Everett could hear a worried voice, “We have the technology to save him, and we could save his life!” And there was more arguing after that, but his eyesight was starting to blur and his ears couldn’t catch much sound. Soon some sort of metal enters the bullet wound, and that was all he remembered before he blacked out.

On the other side of the earth, you and several agents were panicking as the tracker Everett has on him had disappeared in the middle of Africa. You weren’t sure why he traveled into that continent, and how the computers lost track of him, but worry washed over you as all kind scenarios took place in your mind. Was he kidnapped? Did Klaw lure him there? Is he hurt? The concern doubled just by thinking of what he’s going through now. You nervously tapped your fingers against the wooden table, urging the technician to try to locate Everett’s whereabouts again. What if you couldn’t see him again? You anxiously thought.

When he woke up, Everett’s first reaction was to feel his back, and they were as smooth as they used to, and he stretched his back just fine. And then he met the King’s sister, who was very smart to able to heal him in just one day. Things followed fast as he was suddenly pulled into a thick forest, hiking up a mountain covered in ice, faced a king of a clan that joked that he’d feed him to his kids, and then he flew a ship modified just like the ships he used to fly back then. There was no time to think of you, as he was returning the favor by fighting against T’Challa. But when the war was finished, and everyone rounded up in the main hall of the castle, that he realized he had to go back home. His tracker was nowhere to be found, and no one was informed that he was brought to Wakanda. And that night he and the King went back to America, Everett helping to prepare for the King’s speech in the UN.

It was around seven in the morning that the CIA office received news that Everett Ross was still alive and was returning to America, but had to stop by at New York to head to the UN HQ. That was all it took for you as you flew to New York, taking it to yourself to check his wellbeing and escorting him back to Langley after his task in New York was finished. And then you anxiously waited, walking in circles and fidgeting with your nails, as his arrival was said to be soon. What were you going to say to him when he arrives? Was he really alright and in one piece? Why was he suddenly sending a message from a small country in Africa? God, so many thoughts were swirling in your mind that you didn’t notice a black limousine stopping at the lobby. When you looked up Everett was walking among Wakandans, one she recognized as the king and others she believed as his entourage.

But no, you didn’t care if he was surrounded by royalty. He was smiling at the king and he looked alright. All caution was thrown out of the window as you bolted towards him, tears welling in your eyes as you leaped into his arms. Everett noticed you from the corner of his eyes but was shocked to see you jump into him. There was a light sniff as the hug tightened, and Everett found himself easing and relaxing for the first time this week, leaning into your shoulder and returning the hug.

“God, I thought you were dead, Ev,” You whispered into his ears, “Your tracker disappeared out of nowhere, there was a bombing in the office you held Klaw, and no one saw where you went last. I was scared for you, and I’m just so glad you’re back now.” And he breathed a sigh of relieve, gently caressing her hair. He felt at home in your arms, and he would’ve wanted to hold you longer if it weren’t for a cough made by T’Challa. The man had a smug look on his face as if he was teasing Everett, and the Dora Milaje were all grinning widely at him. It now dawned into you that you’ve caused a scene, and a light blush settled on your face.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but we better head to the conference room as it’s almost time,” T’Challa said, the smirk not disappearing for a moment, “Shall we, Ross?” Everett reluctantly nodded and told you he’d meet you in an hour, and you timidly waved him goodbye as you watched the king tease the hell out of him as they walked into the conference room.

An hour later you were on the jet with him, and Everett didn’t shy away as he took your hand to sit next to him. You felt your heart soar when the man you’ve fallen in love with gave you a wide smile, gently locking his fingers with yours.

“You know, I should have told you far earlier that I’ve grown to love you,” Everett suddenly confessed, inching closer towards you, “There was a near death situation in Seoul, and when the bullet hit my body you were the person that flashed into my mind. Somewhere in my heart I asked myself, what if I don’t get to see you again? I haven’t event told (Name) that I love her so much. And when you hugged me there, it felt like I was at home. All those things I went through in Wakanda seemed worth it as I see you again. And I love you, (Name). I’m just so glad to be back here with you again.” You felt your heart soar by his confession, feeling happiness fill your soul as the man you love returned his feelings. And without hesitation Everett claimed your lips, setting the pace slowly as if enjoying every second that you both shared.

“I love you too, Ev.” You whispered in between the kiss, and proceed to kiss him again. You both were a giggling mess and soon Everett found himself leaning into your shoulder, feeling the tiredness weigh over him. His eyes were droopy as sleep started to take over, it’s been forever since he had a good sleep. But when he finds your hand gently caressing his hair, it felt so much easier to fall asleep.

“You know, I was awake when you did that to me.”

“Did what?”

“You know, your hand playing with my hair when I slept in my office. It felt nice, I like it.” And you were a blushing mess again because of this man.