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OOTD 02-09-2014

As a law kid and fetishist for rule based deductions, I inevitably lump everything into categories.

So it goes, with outfits, I find my style diffusing at any given time into one of two categories. A more traditional tailored offering - ties, pochettes, hardbottoms. Then, increasingly, lightweight outerwear coupled with some form of technical sneakers. I’m hardly reinventing the wheel but the clear delineation between the two makes all the difference when getting dressed in a hurry. With winter well and truly over, afternoons in the sunshine state can get rather humid. Despite the relative humidity, rain can kick in at a moment’s notice. This coupled with strong winds means a secondary layer - while not crucial - is always ideal.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of utility from my Folk raincoat. The UK based ready-to-wear brand has always had a robust selection of outerwear and this staple certainly doesn’t buck that trend. Made with wooden buttons and a storm shield, it maintains its elasticity at all times. This makes it perfect to scrunch up in a bag and drape over whatever outfit you’ve decided on for the day. And in the navy colourway: well, blocking is a non-issue.

I was also lucky enough to score a hooded sweatshirt from NY’s Aimé Leon Dore. While I regret my inability to purchase it earlier in the year, wherein its heft would have proved useful, there’s no denying it’s a well made piece. Insulated with denim fabric and made of a heavyweight terry cotton it forms a crucial foundation in casual outfits meant for tackling wind, rain, and sudden cold snaps. The side vents, though not asymmetric, are a nice detail that don’t scream out for attention. Best to let people notice these things gradually.

Overall I’ve been indulging my fledgling appetite for casual clothing more these days. With precious little time left at university I need to make up for lost opportunities by dressing as cosily as possible. It’s just a shame that, in this part of the world, the next few months (leading toward Christmas) are going to make playing the layer game so difficult. Nobody wants to be that guy with a bad case of swamp butt. 

Folk coated mac (raincoat/throwover/all-purpose straight up banger)

Aime Leon Dore hooded sweatshirt 

Maison Kitsune marled grey tee

Everest Isles ‘Mayol’ trunks (they make great shorts, cut with a high rise)

Nike Lunarglide 
All images by Jeffrey Hamilton 26-08-2014