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you have actually inspired me to go vegan, seriously! before i ate everything, meat, seafood, eggs. But then i came across your blog, and i saw how amazing your food was, and how radiance just bounced off your beautiful face. And i did research and i was horrified at how selfish humans are. I consider myself an environmentalist and a huge animal lover, so this decision was a must. I love it because this decision changes so many lives for the good. know that you have made a BIG difference. love u

THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY! honestly, i can’t express how big the grin is across my face, it feels like it’s burst past the limits of my cheeks and is now taking over my bedroom hehehe! i’m so glad i could help introduce you to the wonderful world of veganism, i hope you enjoy a life of cruelty free amazingness forever and evererer :)