everday makeup


WATCH MY NEW VIDEO ON HOW I DO MY SCHOOL/EVERDAY MAKEUP N ALLAT! LOL not no pro but just wanted to show you guys :) <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRZDlVaCgEo

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Why? Why is it always me who feels left out? Who feels forgotten? Why is it that people always make me feel like I’m worthless? Isn’t this the generation that people are supposed to help everyone? Isn’t that what everyone says? But guess whose there when you need help? No one. Absolutely no one.
Why? Why is it me that always feels like they are never good enough? Who is not pretty enough? Why is it me that I feel so self conscious I have to wear makeup EVERDAY? Why?

🌼 My two fav thang for everdayyy 🌼
This primer gives a smooth canvas and fill up my pores while the BB cream gives me that sheer coverage and radiant look that i want. Perfect for everday natural makeup look. 💕 #everydayessentials #foracneproneskin #maybellinelover #makeupph #muaph #makeuptalk #beauty #bbcream #maybellineph #vegasnay #hudabeauty hashtag pa more 😂👅