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WATCH MY NEW VIDEO ON HOW I DO MY SCHOOL/EVERDAY MAKEUP N ALLAT! LOL not no pro but just wanted to show you guys :) <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRZDlVaCgEo

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Just made my first youtube video! It’s an everyday makeup routine!! If y’all could go check it out that would be great!! Like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE

Hillary hopes new ‘Beauty Vlog’ will appeal to female millennials


Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has started her own weekly makeup and beauty “vlog” on Youtube in an effort to appeal to women voter’s under-30.

Hillary said today that the vlog is in no way intended to be taken politically:

“I’m just really loving my make-up right now, and I wanted to share my experience with others,” Hillary said today at a town hall meeting in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

However, her first video entitled “My Everday Makeup Routine” received a poor critical reception from Youtube viewers across America.

Hayley Symonds, 19, from Louisville, Kentucky said, “She promised an eye-routine that was ‘Hot and Basic,’ but instead all I got was a lesson on the economy and immigration reform. It was like watching a lecture while someone puts their makeup on.”

Sarah Louise Baxter, 23, from Boston was equally unimpressed, “She spent five minutes talking about the need to close corporate tax loopholes and make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. I was like, Ok whatever, just tell me what concealer you’re using!”

Hillary promises to follow the video up with a “Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial” this weekend, and many are anxious to see her husband Bill partake in the Youtube classic “Boyfriend Does My Make-up,” video.

But based on the evidence so far, if Mrs. Clinton’s main rival Bernie Sanders continues his surge in national popularity and gains the Democratic nomination, it seems unlikely that a lucrative career as a “Youtuber” will be an option for the former First Lady.





My Everday Natural Makeup Look!
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  So when I’m not too lazy to do my makeup, this is my go-to look!   After I wash and moisturize my face, I put in the POREfessional pro balm by benefit focusing on where my pores are larger than other areas, then I use my SmashBox Photo Finish foundation primer and I put that all over my face. Next, I use Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse in ligh 1 porcelain ivory and like it says it gives…

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