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Set Up An Evercom Account

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Evercom – currently known as Securus Technologies after a 2004 merger – allows family and friends to communicate with inmates imprisoned in correctional facilities. The company offers various types of accounts and payment methods to connect with an inmate. Mail and money transfer services are available in addition to standard phone calls. Setting up an account is relatively easy once you decide on the type of account you would like. Create the account by phone, email or through the Securus website.


Choose the Account Type

1. Open a Traditional Collect account if you want the phone charges to appear on your phone bill. The account automatically sets up when you receive and accept a phone call from an inmate. Your account number is your phone number. Each call deducts from your assigned spending limit and charges appear on your regular phone bill.

2. Create an Advanced Connect account if you want more control over how much you spend. You decide how much money to add to the account and the phone line is open as long as there is money in the account. Add multiple phone numbers to each account. Securus contacts you when the balance is low.

3. Use the Secure Instant Mail services if you want to stay in touch with an inmate without waiting for phone calls. Send messages or money through an online account. The facility will process it and deliver the mail directly to the inmate. Sign up at www.4inmates.com

4. Set up a Direct Bill account if you have a verified credit card and do not want to worry about reloading your account on a regular basis. You receive an itemized list of all calls at the end of each month up to your allowed credit limit. To ensure you do not miss a call, add multiple phone numbers to the account, including cell phones.

Create Account

5. Gather the necessary information for setting up an account. This includes your personal information such as name, address and phone number, name and address of correctional facility and inmate’s name and designated ID number.

6. Call the company at 800-844-6591, email them at customer_service@securustech.net or use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access the account set-up page at www.securustech.net. Other web browsers do not allow access to this page. When sending an e-mail, provide your area code and phone number.

7. Select the payment method. If not using the Traditional Collect account where calls bill to your phone bill, pay by phone, mail or Western Union. To pay by phone, use Visa, MasterCard or a personal checking account. Pay through the mail with a personal check, money order or cashier’s check. Payments through Western Union are also available by cash, Visa, MasterCard, debit card, money order or cashier’s check.

Tips Warnings

Keep your account and inmate information together for easy access. Document each call in case there are any discrepancies with billing.

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