Also referring to the Olicity slow dance and more:

  • Stephen said he would do it just top Grant’s dance with Emily in season 2.
  • (Not screencapped) A little girl and her mom asked when Oliver was going to get his live together and marry Felicity? Stephen said, “Maybe in season 6 ;)
  • “I hope we can get back to the comic version of Oliver in season 6, because he has very unique characteristics” @StephenAmell #FFPortland (Before anyone gets all up in arms about that. According to fans at HVFF, that was more jokey and he meant it in terms of Oliver’s light and humorous side.)
  • Stephen said he would love to continue seeing Oliver as a dad, and also see him teach William something. There are good William/Oliver scenes in 601.
  • According to @latinasmoak Two truths and a lie “ 1. single big bad 2. There will be a giant rift between Oliver & Team member (OTA) 3. GA secret revealed.
  • Come on Eileen lyrics under the cut

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Fellow CM writers and Readers

I am working on a sort of mini side project. Please fill out the following list thingy if you are free. The fics you mention can either be yours, favorite fics by other authors etc etc. 

  • Fic involving a reader who is a student
  • Fic involving a reader/character is sick or unwell  (cold,fever etc)
  • Fic where the reader/character has mental health issues (specify which one/ones) 
  • Fic involving death of a character
  • Saddest fic you have ever read
  • A fic that you read when you are sad to make you feel happy
  • The sexiest fic you have ever read
  • Fic surrounding masturbation 
  • Fic where the team/people accidentally find out that the character and reader are dating/together 
  • Love confession fic
  • Angstiest fic you have ever read 
  • A fic that turns you on
  • Domestic fic i:e surrounding married life, children etc
  • Wedding fics/Proposals
  • Sexual fantasy fic (a smut that you didn’t expect to be turned on by but were)
  • Fluffiest fic ever
  • Coming out fics (sexuality)
  • Fic involving LGTBQ+ characters
  • A fic series that you love
  • Most unique fic/series you have read
  • OTP fic 
  • Daughter!/Son! Reader fic
  • A fic that made you laugh out loud (or at least chuckle)
  • Most well written fic
  • Favorite Cm fic author (Only pick a max of 3)
  • A fic that defines your idea of romance

You don’t have to fill out every category but It would be nice if you did. Also I am looking for a wide variety of characters so don’t just send me a ton of Spencer requests, try and spice it up a bit.

Also if your a beginner/new writer don’t feel bad about self-promoting. I would be thrilled to read some new stuff!!

Also OC and ship fics are accepted!!

People who might be interested :

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Prompt! Please write something about unrequited love. The girl was too naive and foolish to believe he also have fallen in love with her too.

To think you once loved me
seems so foolish and naive
now any other than
my love
      is proven to be
nothing more
   than an      
       alternate reality
                      that existed
           inside of me.

How could I’ve been so blinded
by the opportunity to be
that I believed
in something that wasn’t, isn’t,
                    and will never be;

you never did feel what I felt
– goddammit – not
              what I feel.

Why must I constantly
remind myself nothing was real?

I love you, fuck I love you madly
and I don’t think there’ll ever
come an end to this

                                Not when
                     are the only one
who could ever release me.

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Is It? (Part 5)

Summary: Now you knew it was true. He was cheating on you and you were moving on. Now he wanna pop off about it?  Part Five to “Is it?”

Genre: Angst

Word Count:1341

AN: Chapter five is here!!! Two chapters on the same night! What?!? (Sorry, I’m tried lol) This
one is slightly shorter but it was originally combined with Chapter 4. I hope you enjoy it.

are not mine. Credit goes to the original owner.


You’d been at work thinking about your date all morning and you couldn’t help but quietly squeal in complete glee. You were surprised when afternoon rolled around and you still hadn’t gotten a text or call from Jihoon. You were thinking that maybe he’d finally given up and realized that things were over. It was looking like it was going to be a good day.

Until your assistant popped her head in. “Uhmm…hey”

“Hmm?” You answered without looking up from your computer

“Jihoon is here.” She said timidly

You fingers stopped moving across the keyboard. “I’m sorry, you
said what?”

She took a deep breath. “Jihoon…He’s here…”

You closed your eyes and rubbed the bridge of your nose. ‘So much
for a good day.’ You thought.

You didn’t even get a chance to tell her to send him out or to let
him back. He just said excuse me and let himself into your back office.

You didn’t stand up when he walked in and closed the door behind
him. You folded your arms and adopted that irritated smirk that your mama gave
when she knew she was about to catch you in a lie.

The two of you sat across from each other not saying anything for
a solid minute.

“Nothing to say?” He finally broke the silence.

“I’m honestly just trying to understand why you’re here.” You shot
back. You were in no mood for this.

“C Jamm told me he saw you out last night.” He leaned back in the
chair and folded his arms. You recognized this stance. He was settling in for a
fight. Good because you had plenty to say.

“He did. I don’t understand why you or him felt it was any of your
business.” You leaned back and crossed your legs. You let your arms remain on
the arm rest.

“It’s been two months and you already hopping onto the next dick?
I mean damn, I at least thought you woulda gave yo pussy a break.” He was serious.
His nostrils flared when he talked. He was really pissed off.

“I know good and damn well you not talkin. You! The same muh fucka
that was dickin down that bitch while I was at home waitin for yo ass.” You
immediately leaned forward in your chair.

“Were you fucking him when you were in California?” His voice was
barely above a whisper and was completely frigid. Some people would be frightened
by the tone but it only served to fuel your fire.

“No, Jihoon I was not! I’m not you! I understand what it means to
be a committed relationship. I wouldn’t hurt the person I claim to love like
that. You got a lot of nerve comin up in my shit questioning what I’m doing and
who I’m doing it with.” You were standing in front of your chair at this point.
Feet firmly planted shoulder width apart and leaning forward as you yelled. The
pent-up rage at what he’d done to you unleashing as he sat there.

“I did love you. Why do you think I keep calling and texting
trying to talk to yo ol stubborn ass? I want to make us right, again.” He
yelled back leaning forward himself.

You scoffed at that. “No, you didn’t love me. You think you loved
me when you lied to my face? You think you loved me when you pushed me to the
side for her? You think you loved me while you kissed her, held her, while you
were with her?” You roared you could feel your face burning in rage. You could
hear the blood pounding in your ears as you got everything off your chest.

“I loved you, Jihoon. I adored everything about you. I waited hoped,
prayed, cried and begged that I was wrong. I knew you wouldn’t do me like that.
Not you. You who I put above and before everybody else. I was faithful. Do you
think that temptation didn’t knock on my door? Of course, it did but I thought
we had something. I was good to you? Why would you do me like that?” You felt
the tears sting your eyes and grunted in frustration. You suffered from the
same thing a lot of people did, you cried when you were angry.

“Now you got the nerve to come here and ask me if I was fucking
around on you. No. No. and no some more. I would never make you question
yourself like that. I would never feed you lie after lie and try to make you
feel crazy for suspecting something. So, what you can do is get all the way the
fuck out my face.” You continued to scream at him. You’d crossed the desk and
now stood over him poking directly in his chest to punctuate your words.

“I don’t have to listen to this.” Was all he said as he pushed out
of the chair red faced and fuming.

“What? Mad because I’m telling the truth? Don’t bring your sorry
ah..” You’d’ followed him out into the main area and were brought up short.

“Oh, hoh hoh. I know you did not bring this bitch in here.” You
looked skyward and punched your now clenched fist into your open hand.

“Are you fucking kiddin me right now?” You looked at Jihoon with a
renewed flame of rage in your eyes. If it was possible smoke would be coming
out of your ears. He had the nerve to bring the woman that he’d let come
between you to your office to confront you about moving on.

knew that if you so much as glanced at her you were liable to beat the shit out
of both of them.

“How you bring your skeezer when you claim you trying to make us
work. You on that bullshit clearly!” You let out a humorless laugh. You
assistant immediately jumped into action pushing the girl out the door as
quickly as she could.

“I’m sorry. I really am. I don’t know why I didn’t think it’d ever
come to this. I honestly thought…” Jihoon looked at you in amazement. He
realized that the hurt he’d caused you manifested into pure rage. There was
nothing left for him to salvage and the best thing he could do was to let you
alone to heal. He shook his head “I’m sorry” He muttered.

“Get out.” You said with your eyes closed and teeth clenched and
he did.

You and your assistant stood there in the aftermath. You’d never
acted out like that at work. Your business was something near and dear to you.
You’d prided yourself on providing a comfortable and professional environment
in this building. That had been ruined today. You’d allowed one man to make you
come out your skin and show your whole ass. You were trying to formulate a way
to apologize for making her sit through that. The two of you had a close
working relationship and she was counted amongst those closest to you but still
this was work for the two of you.

She broke the strained silence with “Did you really just call that
girl a skeezer.” You could hear her choking back a laugh which intern made you
start to chuckle and soon enough the two of you were laughing hard at the

“I need a drink after this shit.” You said walking back into your
office. “Go ahead and wrap up. We’re going out.” You threw over your shoulder.

“Oxo, I’m glad you said it.” She answered back.

anonymous asked:

Why do you like Hartley Rathaway?

as far as show verse goes?? he’s an isolated abuse victim who doesn’t know how to handle things ever

comics? he’s a walking disaster with no sense of fashion and is a Soft. also an abuse victim and does his best


Remember the first time you got high?
What did it feel like?
Nothing like real life
To me, it didn’t feel right
Honestly, I’m still high
I say it didn’t feel right
Because it felt perfect
For the first time in life
I no longer felt worthless
Like I had finally found my purpose
I was so low that anything that brought me up
I was willing to worship
Giving my all to not feel so small
And although I felt 10 feet tall
I was unaware that the stars
Are a lot farther than that
And I don’t want to just reach the stars
I want to be a star
So when I realized getting high
Wasn’t getting me high enough
I started to fall
I fell so hard
It felt like I fell so far
I kept falling and falling and falling
Until I feel in love
And got high

Remember the first time you fell in love?
Honestly, I think it’s way better than drugs
It’s like getting a hug from a million clouds
While your sitting around enjoying the sounds
Of your favorite band
It’s like walking around with your feet in the sand
And a drink in your hand after putting some cash
Into an account that will never overdraft
It’s like.. man, it’s just tight
And it feels so right
Until you have nothing left
But a mind full of memories
And a hole in your chest
When things were at their best
It felt perfect
For awhile, I no longer felt worthless
I found my purpose
In a person I was willing to worship
Went from giving my all
To not feeling at all
Because even though I felt the connection was strong
I was unaware that people don’t always catch you
When you fall for them
And I fell so hard
I felt so scarred
I felt so sure
That nothing would heal me
That if I tried to love again
It’d probably kill me
And I started believing that
That was true
Until I messed around
And fell in love
With someone new
And this time
I don’t think I’ll ever
Come down

I remember the first time I met myself
Not the first time I saw my reflection
But the moment that I started to respect myself
The moment that I chose to accept myself
The moment I decided their hate would no longer affect my health
I finally started to really live life
I realized what I think manifests in real life
Do you know what it’s like to no longer hate yourself?
On a scale of 1 to 10, it used to be 0
But now 100 is what you rate yourself
That’s me, but that’s not how it used to be
But everything changed when I realized
I’m the only high I need
Once I started to love Me
I no longer felt worthless
I realized spreading love,
Happiness, and peace
Is my true purpose
I realized my Gift and my God
Are the only things
I need to worship
And if heaven had a height
I would be that tall
And I promise you’ll be alright
Even if you fall
I’m here to help
The best way to stay high
Is to become addicted
To yourself.

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warning sign to future generations by John Mortara

i am a landscape of thorns. a victim
of organ thieves. a jagged road saying
don’t you come here. it was never safe.
i am an antelope finally taken down
after years of persistence. a hunter
strolls up to me with the honor
of a knife. places it inside something
he did not earn. now you think
about all the traffic everywhere
and always. now stand under
an awning and wonder
if you could hold such rain
for the rest of your breathing.
someone painted a seahorse seeming
in the sky the way it brushed the side
of a rooftop. it might as well
be a dragon the way i’d let the entire
block burn. i am a broken box
they keep mistaking for a house.
the way bent walls look like doors ajar
if you’re not up close. now fold
highway maps and eat them
until you become a destination.
get so hot now that you melt
the earth beneath you. grow so cold
that every detour tastes like accusation.
the reason i was mountainface for so long
is because they named me too teardrop.
pressed myself down into stunted oak
for them. became a pile of thumbtacks
for each pair of lips that would ever
come near. i am a final battle
between wilted selves. a woman
with her hands tearing apart flowers
down the street. she dumps petals
onto her own doorstep because the day
is getting married to the fear.
i am nothing but a loud sigh
dragged through the dead city
of my own skull.

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