still watching ep 6 of haikyuu

to celebrate here is my summary of eps 1 - 4 in really bad scribbles

hinata’s shirt says number 10 but he always has to go number 2

anonymous asked:

I don't mean for you to take this the wrong way, but it seems like you almost don't care about this blog anymore. You keep springing new ideas and possible ideas and the ads and it just seems like you're bored with what you have, and maybe want to try and make a buck instead of do them because they're fun. Maybe if that's how you feel you should consider moving on and giving someone else the chance to run this blog. Just a thought really.

Ok. So when I started this blog I made a promise that it would be a safe place kinda blog where no matter what was said, the people responding would always respond in the most pleasant and polite way possible. Right now I am having a lot of trouble doing that. No promises that I will be polite. 

I love this blog with all of my heart. I don’t think there’s anything that I love more than this blog. It is my pride and joy. I literally tell everyone about it, even strangers. I love that at the end of a stressful day I can open up my computer and just calmly work on this blog for an hour or so and not add anymore stress to my day. 

I am not bored with this blog. Quite the opposite actually. I always want to do more and improve more and figure out what else I can give you all because I love this blog and I want to see it stay for a long time. I want to see it help hundreds of thousands of people who find comfort it its existence. I care too fucking much about this blog. 

It genuinely hurts me so much when people call me terrible names for trying to monetize this blog(which we don’t anymore so any ads you see are tumblrs not ours). People act like running this blog should be fulfilling enough on its own and that not doing a fuck ton of work for free automatically makes me a terrible person who is using and abusing the followers of this blog. 

Let me tell you something. I work my ass off. I go to a job that I hate and make just barely above minimum wage. I work less than 30 hours a week because corporate america would rather pay 4 workers to work 10 hours than one to do 40. I’ve been applying to jobs every single day for 6 months trying to find a second job. I do degrading odds and ends jobs just to make it by. I haven’t slept in months! I live in constant fear everyday that I won’t have enough money to pay my student loans for the month, which just increased from 300 dollars to 700 this month. Do you know what happens when I don’t pay my loans? I lose my family. I’m literally disowned. 

So I’m sorry if having ads on the blog inconvenienced you for a whole 3 seconds. I’m sorry I’m not trying hard enough or I’m trying too hard or I could be doing this one thing better or I’m selling out or I’m doing things that I can do within my legal right that just don’t sit right well with you. But I’m not sorry. Because I’m scared and this blog is one of the only things I have that keep me grounded and so much as alluding to the fact that I don’t deserve it anymore infuriates me. The amount of time and effort I’ve put into this blog and this is what I get? 

I know this is just one message in hundreds but the sour taste doesn’t leave your mouth once it’s there. 

I try so hard and if you think I’m not qualified to run my blog any longer then please make your own. 



I know that it was offered once before, but I felt that I still had something to learn in patrol. And I’m glad that I stayed, yeah. But if the opportunity ever presented itself again I… I just want you to know that it would be the best decison that you ever made. To have me be a part of your unity. That’s all.