“I came here with Lou and Tom a bunch of times,” Harry says quietly. “They’ve got friends nearby and Lou had always talked about raising Lux and whatever other babies they were going to have somewhere away from London, and one day I just…” Harry trails off, tries to explain the almost otherworldly calm that settled over him that day when he finally realized it was time to stop wandering.

“I just didn’t want to leave,” Harry finishes. He looks back at Louis and shrugs, smiling gently. A piece of hair falls out from the bun he’d tied it in after his shower, and Louis reaches out and tucks it behind Harry’s ear. “I didn’t want to leave, so one day I just…didn’t.”

every arrow that i aim is true

Before Owning a Bird I Agree to the Following Terms:

-I will do all the proper research necessary, not only on bird ownership, but on the particular species I intend to own. I will do more than just use a search engine. I will read, I will probe, I will ask questions. I will learn all the requirements. 

-I will provide the biggest cage I can afford that meets or exceeds the cage requirements for my bird’s species. 

-Within that cage I will provide proper toys, perches, and accessories. The cage will be placed in a safe, comfortable place within my home. 

-This cage will be cleaned often and not allowed to become unsanitary. 

-I will provide a proper diet for my bird. One that insures their continued health. I understand this may require food preparation, including bird-safe fruits and vegetables. I will provide fresh food and water daily. I will not allow food or water dishes to become unsanitary. 

-I will search out avian vets and provide vet care when necessary. 

-I understand that birds are long-lived. I will provide a loving, safe forever home for my bird as long as they live. I know that I may have this bird through different stages of my life and I agree to find ways to continue to care for my bird despite that.

-I will require those within my life including spouses, partners, parents, roommates, family, and guests to support me in my efforts for quality care for my bird. I will ask that they respect my bird. Those I invite into my life will understand that my bird and I are a package deal. 

-However, in the event that something unpredictable occurs that prevents me from providing proper care, (for example if I become ill) I will find my bird a new home that meets the same standards of care I have, or I will find a reputable rescue to surrender my bird to. I will not abandon my bird or leave it in unsafe care. 

-I understand that birds are smart, sensitive creatures that require enrichment in various forms. I will provide this via daily time outside of the cage, a multitude of toys both inside and out of the cage, and daily attention. I will research ways to stave off boredom for my bird. This can include force-free, positive reinforcement training.I will respect my bird and their intelligence. 

-I understand that birds communicate largely through the use of vocals. I know that birds, no matter the species, are not quiet animals. I know that an always silent bird is impossible. I know that different species have different noise levels. I will take this into consideration in my research. 

-I understand that birds are messy creatures. I know that messes will be made that I must clean, even outside the cage. This will include bird dander. This may require buying equipment like an air purifier. 

-I understand that birds can be destructive. I know that larger birds have bigger beaks capable of damaging housing and valuables. Even smaller birds may damage jewelry and clothing. I know that destruction of property left within the bird’s reach is my own fault. 

-I understand that I will get bitten. I know that my bird’s beak is one of the biggest ways they explore the world. I know that biting is also used to communicate. I will not take it personally when bitten. I will learn to read my birds body language to anticipate when a bite is likely. 

-I understand most species of birds are not truly domesticated. I will be sensitive to this fact. I will not try to correct behavioral problems with violence, yelling, or neglect. I will attempt to see things from my bird’s perspective. 

-I will unconditionally love my bird, even if they are not the perfect pet. Even if my bird never learns to talk, or perform tricks, I will love my bird. Even if my bird never takes to petting or becomes fully tame, I will love and care for my bird. My bird’s right to a good, safe home is not dependent on fulfillment of my expectations of what would make them a good pet. 

-I will not place my animals in unsafe situations for any reason. This includes placing my bird with any predators, even other pets, for any amount of time. This includes unsafely taking my bird outside without a harness or cage. I will learn of dangers to my bird, like Teflon, and I will ensure my bird is safely away from such things. 

-I will not disregard or minimize my bird’s importance due to any factor. Not even size or price. No bird is more important than another in my home. I understand that while some birds may have more lax requirements, this does not mean that quality care is sacrificed. I will not get a bird as simply a “starter bird” on my way to working up to a bigger bird. All are equally important. 

-I will always continue my education when it comes to birds and their care. I will carefully consider constructive criticisms and strive to provide the best care possible. I realize that I am all my bird has. I know that living does not mean thriving. My goal is for my bird to thrive, not merely live, and I will never stop learning when it comes to this endeavor. 

-I may make mistakes, especially as a new bird owner, but I will learn from my mistakes and I will not give up on myself or my bird. 

-I understand that this is just a list of the minimum requirements and I will do more research than simply agreeing to this list. I will not bring home a bird until I find myself able to agree to all points on this list. 

Fox Mulder. Athletic, but hilariously accident prone. Stands up for people being bullied because he knows what that feels like. Wants happy endings for monsters. Falls in love with the woman sent to spy on him because he enjoys and values being challenged and forced to show his work. Spent time trying to develop the perfect wish for peace on earth, but in the end granted one woman her freedom. Empathy made him a great profiler but was also the reason it made him too vulnerable to continue doing it. Used to look at the night sky and see conspiracies and UFOs and aliens monitoring him, but as the years passed he looked at the night sky and said, “Maybe the dead aren’t lost to us, but their souls live as starlight, traveling the universe in search of home.” FOX MULDER.

I had an interview at an almost completely vegan restaurant called Fresh in toronto yesterday!! everyone pray for me that I get the job please and thank you 

I applied for the prep cook position which is basically just chopping fruits and vegetables and making sauces and dressings! the hours are 6am-2pm and starting wage is like $12.75 an hour and I would get health benefits and free food while I’m working there and 70% off all juices like IT WOULD BE MY DREAM COME TRUE TO WORK THERE omg but she was also interviewing soooo many other people :(

no one cares prob but I feel like I haven’t made a text post on here in ages so yeah okay I hope everyone had a good day <3 

sext: I am starving and you are the city at night. I am all hands and hard edges–you are the safe way home. I am hungry. I am hungry. You left the door unlocked, the whole time.

I have always been a very determined furniture assembler because my parents raised us to be very hands-on. We spent the summers working with my dad and my step dad on their construction site. I always prided myself on being able to use tools. When Stacy and I moved to L.A. last year and we started from scratch with furniture, it’s like everything comes with the option to pay a guy named Bob to come over and put it together for you. We put together a couple things ourselves, and then I was like, “Fuck, no. I’m 34 years old. I can pay to have Bob come and do it.” I guess that’s when you know you’ve made it Chris, that’s when you know you’ve hit the top.
—  Sara Quin talking to Chris Walla (x)

She steps out in her new fitted kimono, the one that she spent a month’s savings on because she wanted for nothing else, and I feel the floor slip up from under me; I’m a floating bundle of nerves and my mind’s gone.
She is wonder and beauty and air and all the other fucking things in the world that I will never be deserving of.
There’s a suspicious glitter in her eyes, and I almost all but miss the worried tone on her breath as she shakily asks me how she looks.
And I want to tell her, I want to so badly tell her.
She’s the most gorgeous creature that’s ever existed. That she’s beautiful beyond compare, the heart of my life, the life of my life. But I’m incapable, I’m no monk, so I scoff instead, and lean against the wall, trying to remain cool and collected.
“Fine.” The lie falls out of my mouth; she’s perfect. 

But I think she knows.

I think she knows the truth.

If that smirk is any indication.