Birthday Projects List:

1) Soomilk: Advertisement on Instagram

2) Jackson fans from the Philippines: Advertisement in Mall of Asia, Manila

3) Jackson fans from India: Jackson is the first K-Pop idol to have a birthday advertisement there

4) Jackson Wang Bar: Advertisement in HK / Shenzen MTR Line / Video in Shanghai / Video in Changsha / Video at Hongdae Station

5) Shmily Jackson: Bus Stop Board in HK / APPCoffee Ringing in 101 cafesBus Stop board in Moog Kok, HKLEDs in Beijing and Shanghai / Public Benefit ActivityPre mapping Ad in Seoul Broadway Cinema

6) Honey Jackson: Birthday Advertisement on Youtube

7) King of King Jackson: Bus Advertisement in Seoul / 79 Adverts / LED at Hongdae / Welfare Project 

8) Jackson Track: Youtube Advertisement / Advertisements in Shanghai / Donation / Donation to HK Institute / Bus Advertisement in HK / Advertisements at Hongdae Station

9) I Am Your Jacky: Advertisement at Prima Hotel Bus Station

10) Stereomood & Sunkissed: Jackson’s Birthday Exhibition in Seoul

11) Jackson W. Thailand

12) Wangga: HK MTR, Prince Edward Station Advertisement

13) Sunshine: Advertisement in Seoul

14) LIMIT: Advertisement

15) Wonder Struck: Advertisement in Cheongdam

16) WannaWithW: Advertisements in Seoul

17) Topstarnews: Birthday Video

18) My Jackson China: Donation / Subway Support 1 2 / Cafes Ringing Support 

19) Fans from LA: Advertisement

i love that the promo pikachus sort of reflect ash’s personality in the specific series?

os hat pikachu is happy!! excited for adventure!! look at him jumping giddily, he’s having so much fun!!

ag hat is still happy o: but he’s calmed down a bit! not so jumpy anymore, but still a happy go lucky smile on his face~

ohh in sinnoh we’re getting more Serious™, he’s ready and determined to put on a fight. but still has that mischievous smirk going on to show a playful personality!!!

a relaxed bw hat pikapal! he looks like he’s having a good time after a pretty eventful journey

things are getting serious again!! this pikachu is ready for some action, look at that dynamic pose!! a strong boy

yayy we’re back to being super excited!! new hot region, new friends, this pikachu is ready for fun and adventure!! 

Sirius and Harry were in charge of candles.