I like to think that Efi is a big fan of Lucio and also looks up to him as a role model since he’s not just an international music icon but also a freedom fighter that literally led an uprising to free his city. All before the age of 30.

Bonus art:

Mandatory group pic after meeting your favourite celebrity!

“Your coach, hmm,” Viktor says, concentrating very hard on forming the words. “Is your coach taller than me?”

“Only when he’s wearing his skates,” Yuuri says. “He always gives me a demonstration when I ask for one.”

he’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds by @hereticgods
  • Yuuri: oh my GOD viktor. Do the goddamn dishes or I'll divorce you.
  • Viktor: ...well then.... i didn't see this coming but I guess this is it... We had a good run.. and I hope we can still be friends. You will always have a special place in my heart... Now will you be filing at the courthouse or do you want me to??