Okay… why is no one talking about this film, and can we please remedy that!?!?!?

I’m a sucker for the “accidentally fell asleep in the same bed” trope and when it happened on @archangelruind‘s fic anywhere i go, there you are, I just had to make a quick sketch of it. *heart eyes*


the genocide of the indigenous people of north america is not “annoying.” it is a horrific aspect of our history that should not be forgotten. acknowledging that it happened and honoring and respecting native americans is something that we all should be doing. it does not reduce people’s sense of gratitude or thankfulness on a day like today. this is not something that we should simply “forget and just enjoy the holiday.” it is a perfectly valid and important topic to address today whether it be on my instagram story or in my recent youtube video.

all further anon messages diminishing / denying / hating on this or disrespecting native americans can and will be blocked and deleted. thanks.