Mizobata Junpei made the big break list for the first half of 2011, he has starred in a film with Suda Masaki (that I want to watch) and I’m enjoying Detective Conan a lot more than I anticipated.

Part one of three;

1. Seito Shokun! (2007) 2. Dive! (2008) 3. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007) 4. BOSS (2009) 5. Buzzer Beat (2009)

So I just found out about the EGE Show 2013.. I would love to go to it but there’s the fact that I live in Barbados which is on the other side of the globe.. I mean, I would love to meet Yamamoto Yusuke but I probably never will because I’m a real international fan T_T For most people, international is like America or England and us Caribbean people just sit here.. going unnoticed cause we’re so small. For us, the best chance we have of meeting a celebrity we like to is pick our asses up and go to the country that they live/work in.. which is hardly ever possible. Well, American/English celebrities do sometimes come to Barbados for vacation but honestly most people don’t know until they’ve left. And I know Japanese celebrities would never come this far.. not when Hawaii is so close loool

Anyway, maybe I’ll get a chance to meet Yusuke [or some one] when I hopefully go to Japan for university..