If you’re white and your cosplaying an EAH or MH character PLEASE DON’T PAINT YOUR FACE OR BODY BLACK/BROWN for characters such as; Clawdeen, Catty, Howleen, Justine, Cedar, Clawdia, etc.            

By Anonymous

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but…

Isn’t it strange that after C.A. Cupid left Monster High, the romance in that school got thrown out of whack?

  • Lagoona and Gil have a strained relationship again. 
  • All the guys got paired up with some ghoul
  • Cleo and Deuce have… issues (because, really, I don’t know what to call the stuff happening by this point). 
  • And apparently Frankie has to date every new guy that walks through the door (even though technically Mattel still has her with Jackson […and Holt?]) 

Plus, ever since she entered Ever After High, she’s made the romance in that school a little crazy too? Like her helping Hopper. Do you realize if she hadn’t interfered, Hopper would’ve given up on Briar and there wouldn’t be a love triangle between him, her, and Ginger?  

The original molds weren’t as boldly happy (almost like manga), but you don’t have to pretend as much with a neutral smile than that goofy grin they are all supposed to have. There are a lot more scenarios they can fit with when they have their original molds.

By @frankandponysexcellentadventure