I kind of don’t like the box designs for the EAH dolls or the direction the doll designs are going in. Before, the boxes were like actual storybooks and the dolls really looked like they came straight from the show. Now it’s just water colors on the box and low quality dolls, which is a little disappointing. I love the series and the characters, but they really need to improve the design and make them how when they first came out (or close to it).

By @next-elsa-girl

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but…

Isn’t it strange that after C.A. Cupid left Monster High, the romance in that school got thrown out of whack?

  • Lagoona and Gil have a strained relationship again. 
  • All the guys got paired up with some ghoul
  • Cleo and Deuce have… issues (because, really, I don’t know what to call the stuff happening by this point). 
  • And apparently Frankie has to date every new guy that walks through the door (even though technically Mattel still has her with Jackson […and Holt?]) 

Plus, ever since she entered Ever After High, she’s made the romance in that school a little crazy too? Like her helping Hopper. Do you realize if she hadn’t interfered, Hopper would’ve given up on Briar and there wouldn’t be a love triangle between him, her, and Ginger?  

”Despite Apple x Darling possibly being canon, I still love (and will always love) Raven x Apple and till this day, I still think it should of been the one canon instead. Everyone talks about how “new and fresh” it is, but you know how much new and fresh Rapple is too? Apple’s villain of her story ended up being her destine lover? Also, at the end of the day, it’s Apple’s choice on who she wants to be with. Even if Darling is her prince(ss), that doesn’t mean she HAS to be with her. I just think Apple and Raven are more right for each other.”

If you’re white and your cosplaying an EAH or MH character PLEASE DON’T PAINT YOUR FACE OR BODY BLACK/BROWN for characters such as; Clawdeen, Catty, Howleen, Justine, Cedar, Clawdia, etc.            

By Anonymous

The original molds weren’t as boldly happy (almost like manga), but you don’t have to pretend as much with a neutral smile than that goofy grin they are all supposed to have. There are a lot more scenarios they can fit with when they have their original molds.

By @frankandponysexcellentadventure